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Treasure – Pay It Forward Initiative™

is an opportunity for  Treasure World Leaders’ clients to offer an Energistic World Leadership Excellence™ workshop to their preferred recipient: charity/NGO/school/hospital or alike.

For each 30.000 GBP invested in Treasure services Christel R. Christensen offers an online workshop or Illuminated Guidance and Coaching tailor made to the specific needs of the beneficiaries.

After her Treasure – Change the World Tour Christel could not see herself stopping her projects supporting and empowering those in need to make the world better place.

Treasure Pay It Forward Initiative

After reading the book Start Something that Matters by Blake Mycoskie – founder of Toms Shoes and One for One. She knew that she wanted to contribute by giving back for her clients charities.

More information will come on Christel’s heart and passion with her Treasure – Pay It Forward Initiative. Yet in the meantime you are welcome to write for more information on:




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