Treasure World Leaders


Treasure World Leaders™ 

The future World Leaders – the 3% of this world’s population and organizations possessing the courage to think, choose and act differently. You who have the will and courage to create new ways of high performing practices where well-being, big results and a positive impact in the world go hand in hand.

Working with Christel Rosenkilde Christensen, you will  achieve results above expectations – and simultaneously committing to wellbeing throughout your organization and generating a positive impact in this world.

Treasure World Leaders are you people, organizations and partners who will choose to be working with Christel Rosenkilde Christensen, THE NEW WORLD ORACLE, author, conscious leadership and top performance expert, and successful intuitive advisor for progressive leaders in more than 28 countries for nearly 2 decades.

Treasure World Leaders™ 

is an organization established by Christel Rosenkilde Christensen in 2008. An organisation assisting you with a life altering and fast track to game-changing insights and sustainable solutions. You are the focus of attention in the exclusive individual World Leaders Advice sessions and workshops accelerating and expanding the mindset of you and your team, and the limited open education in Energistic World Leadership Prationer. It is for your who have made a conscious decision to make a constant effort to live an extraordinary and illuminated life – creating sustainable results beyond tradition.

Treasure World Leaders™ 

is suggesting a paradigm of the future based on the principles of Energistic Leadership Excellence™, pioneered by Christel R. Christensen back in 2007. It is a mindset, and a philosophy to expand your consciousness. By heightening your awareness and sharpen your intuition you will be able to tap into unlimited resources in our universe to achieve future succes. It is phenomenal tools and insights to manage your human energy, and the energies in the world around you, to assist your visionary, game-changing success, illuminated life excellence and happiness.

You are a world leader 

when you are still reading. Choose to become a Treasure World Leader working with Christel R. Christensen, with even greater succes expanding your leading edge within your field unwrapping the true reason for your leadership whilst being a co-creator of a better world.

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen is looking forward to change the World with you.

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