Treasure World Leaders


Treasure World Leaders™ nurtures and unleashes

new levels of greatness in leaders who create the future

Join the exceptional 3% of individuals and organizations who possess the courage to think, choose, and act differently. Those who are determined to create high-performance practices where well-being, outstanding results, and positive global impact go hand in hand.

When collaborating with Christel Rosenkilde Christensen, you will exceed expectations, while simultaneously fostering well-being throughout your organization and generating a transformative impact in the world.


Treasure World Leaders™  consist of leaders, organizations, entrepreneurs and elite performers

…who have chosen to work with Christel Rosenkilde Christensen, THE NEW WORLD ORACLE. As an acclaimed author, expert in conscious leadership and top performance, and successful intuitive advisor to progressive leaders in over 30 countries for nearly two decades, she has earned global recognition.

Established in 2007 by Christel Rosenkilde Christensen, Treasure World Leaders™ is an organization dedicated to providing life-altering insights and sustainable solutions, delivering a fast track to game-changing transformations. Our exclusive individual World Leaders Advice sessions and workshops focus on accelerating and expanding the mindset of you and your team, complemented by the limited availability of open education in Energistic World Leadership Practioner™. By consciously choosing to live an extraordinary and enlightened life, you are committed to achieving remarkable and sustainable results beyond traditional practices.


Treasure World Leaders™ introduces a paradigm of the future

based on the principles of Energistic Leadership Excellence™, pioneered by Christel R. Christensen in 2007. It encompasses a mindset and philosophy that expands your consciousness. By heightening awareness and sharpening intuition, you gain access to unlimited resources in our universe, enabling you to achieve future success. These phenomenal tools and insights empower you to manage your human energy and harness the energies present in the world around you, propelling you towards visionary, game-changing success, illuminated life excellence, and happiness.


You are already a world leader by continuing to read.


Choose to become a Treasure World Leader™ and collaborate with Christel R. Christensen to further elevate your success, pushing the boundaries within your field and uncovering the true purpose behind your leadership, all while co-creating a better world.

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen eagerly awaits the opportunity to change the world alongside you.



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