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Welcome to the realm of The New World Oracle, where Christel Rosenkilde Christensen reigns as a trusted advisor for visionary leaders, an expert in conscious leadership and top performance. With a clientele spanning over 28 countries worldwide, Christel has become the best-kept secret for those seeking exceptional results and illuminated insights.

With a formidable educational background including an M.Sc./MBA, RCE-EPTCE, B.A., Christel is the CEO and Founder of Treasure World Leaders, a pioneering organization focused on integrating conscious top performance and life excellence for world leaders. In 2008, she introduced Energistic Leadership Excellence™, a groundbreaking approach to visionary change. Her book, “The Treasure: How to Change the World,” illuminates the power of Energistic Leadership™, with the latest addition to her repertoire being the game-changing chapter, “Conscious Visionary Action,” published in December 2021 as part of The Treasure Scriptures Series.


As an illuminator and internationally trusted advisor

As an illuminator and internationally trusted advisor to world leaders, Christel possesses a unique ability to unveil hidden blockages and inspire excellence among her clients. With her extraordinary gifts of intuitive insights, she discerns the core essence and nurtures excellence with unwavering competence. Under her guidance, mediocrity and stagnation become unacceptable, paving the way for individuals and organizations to reach new dimensions of life and performance through disciplined action.

Christel recognizes that even the most brilliant minds and top performers often suffer from exhaustion, resulting in less conscious choices and uninspired innovation. Leaders and top-performing teams across various fields and industries benefit immensely from her refined nurturing and specialized support. By re-surfacing and reinventing themselves, they can achieve exceptional results and co-create a better world.


Her magic is undeniable!

Toni Reilly, a Conscious Visionary from Australia, aptly describes Christel’s impact: “Her magic is undeniable! Literally, she can change weather, adjust temperature, maneuver energy, and intuit the future… and in some cases, she has been seen to move objects! She is stunning and graceful, and she streams magical messages of hope.”

Christel’s commitment lies in supporting those ready to make a positive difference, the true world leaders. Through personalized guidance, she empowers individuals and organizations to align their thoughts, choices, and actions with their unique purpose and capacity. Her aim is to help you stand strong in your own uniqueness, pushing the boundaries to reach the leading edge within your field or industry. By improving bottom lines for stakeholders and not just shareholders, Christel’s approach generates a positive impact that resonates beyond mere profit.


Visionary Training Programs

At the heart of Christel’s philosophy lies the concept of Energistic Leadership Excellence™, which she introduced to the market in 2008. This visionary training program focuses on increasing awareness and managing personal energies in all aspects of life. It has proven highly successful in creating radical conscious change and results for those who invest in disciplined action. By harnessing the energy we transmit through our thoughts, choices, and actions, we can impact the world while achieving game-changing results.

Christel’s journey has taken her around the globe, connecting with people, organizations, and societies on her ‘Treasure – Change the World Tour.’ Her personal mission, accomplished by the end of 2015, aimed to inspire active choices for life and spread the message that we have the power to change the world.


Christel is an exceptional ally to have by your side

Christel is an exceptional ally to have by your side, as she possesses expertise in human energy. She combines her academic credentials and global business background with her innate intuitive insights, which she has been cultivating since childhood. With over 25 years of experience in meditation and intuitive development, she has honed her abilities to troubleshoot, dissect, and perceive beyond what is visible to the human eye. Christel aligns and strengthens your energies, empowering you to make a profound impact in the world while gaining awareness for a life of excellence and happiness.


Her extraordinary insights make her an invaluable secret weapon

Her extraordinary insights make her an invaluable secret weapon in leadership, innovation processes, negotiations, mediations, and decision-making. With her guidance, you can achieve optimal outcomes in any situation, leading to a happier life, successful ventures, or the realization of specific dreams.

Christel has facilitated tens thousands of sessions and workshops, working with thought leaders, influencers, executives, entrepreneurs, top athletes, actors, private individuals, and organizations. She assists visionaries in shifting their mindset from linear thinking to a multi-dimensional perspective, enabling them to tap into their “all-knowing” and “all-influencing” potential. By employing focused interconnected thinking and action, Christel helps create a ripple effect of heightened awareness and consciousness in decision-making, innovation, and growth. The side effect of this approach is not only benefiting the bottom line and desired results but also positively impacting the world around us. This is Christel’s area of expertise and her passion.

To achieve exceptional results and ignite a ripple effect of positive change, Christel expands your consciousness in a caring yet intensive manner. She helps release blockages and limited mindsets, elevating your frequency and empowering you to channel your energies into creating exponential change. This internal growth sets in motion a ripple effect of positive change that surpasses the boundaries of our comprehension, both in your life and the world at large, creating the extraordinary transformations you’ve always dreamed of.


Testimonials, case studies, and appreciation:

Tim McGavin, a prominent world leader, describes Christel as a visionary, following in the footsteps of Mandela, and leading positive change for individuals and the world – one of the  Treasure World Leaders

A few cases optimizing your sales with her unique elite energy management sessions:

Motivating Your Sales Team 3rd Quarter to Excel

Energy, intuition and sealing the deal

Clients express their gratitude for Christel’s exhilarating sessions and workshops, acknowledging her accurate insights and the profound impact she has on their lives and businesses. They credit her for inspiring positive thinking, empowering them to walk their own path and effect significant changes. The transformative experiences they’ve had include liberation from fear, an enhanced perspective on life, and the ability to create exceptional results.

Clients also attest to Christel’s role as an executive coach, highlighting the focus she brings to their lives and her ability to guide them back to their intuition and passion. They recognize the value of leveraging energy and intuition as a competitive advantage, ultimately leading to sustainable solutions and increased passion in the world and within organizations.

Others share stories of personal and professional breakthroughs achieved through their work with Christel. They express gratitude for the new possibilities that have unfolded, including meeting soulmates, career advancements, and successful business deals. Christel’s sessions have brought peace, motivation, and inspiration, fostering growth and change.

Christel’s exclusive courses are described as incredible and transformative experiences. Participants express gratitude for the renewed energy and the practical integration of energy and intuition into their business practices. They credit her teachings for enabling them to tap into unlimited energies and create miracles, ultimately leading to a better life.

In conclusion, Christel’s unique abilities, combined with her extensive experience and compassionate approach, have made her a highly regarded expert in human energy. Through her guidance and insights, individuals and organizations have achieved exceptional results, experienced personal and professional transformations, and gained a deeper understanding of the limitless possibilities available to them.

“Einstein says that the only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at the same time. Let’s make our time count and  do what we do best whilst making a positive difference. As he also says that energy is everything. Well, energy is key. Im Energistic Strategist I can assist you to create the best version of you and your organization – your world – so you can do what you do best and change the world, ripple by ripple. Thank you for taking an interest and  being a part of my world assisting me to make a difference.”

 – Christel Rosenkilde Christensen


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