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THE NEW WORLD ORACLE, Advisor for progressive leaders, Conscious Leadership and Top Performance Expert for clients ins more than 28 countries around the world

M.Sc./MBA, RCE-EPTCE, B.A. –  CEO & Founder of Treasure World Leaders

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen is a leading visionary integrating conscious top performance, exceptional results,  illuminated insights and life excellence for World Leaders. She pioneered the field Energistic Leadership Excellence™ back in 2008 and is author of the book The Treasure: How to Change the World. Energistic Leadership™ as an agent for visionary change. In December 2021, Christel published the game-changing chapter Conscious Visionary Action, as a part of her new The Treasure Scriptures Series.

Illuminator and internationally trusted World Leader Advisor

Christel’s specialty is highlighting game-changing opportunity and nurturing excellence with, and for her clients. She is shedding light on blockages hidden to the human eye with her phenomenal transcending gifts of intuitive insights and ability to inspire, she intuitively pinpoints the essence and competently nurture excellence – no individual, or organization will be allowed mediocrity nor stagnation -then its only up to the individual with discipline and focused action to implement and apply the new paradigm to reach new dimension of life and performance.

As Christel states: most geniuses and top performers of our time suffer from exhaustion that shows in less conscious choices and uninspired innovation and actions. Leaders and top performing teams in all fields and industries benefit beyond words from refined nurture and specialized support and insight to re-surface and re-invent themselves and their work to create exceptional results and co-create a better world.

“Her magic is undeniable! Literally she can change weather, adjust temperature, manoeuvre energy, intuit the future… and in some cases she has been seen to move objects! She is stunning and graceful and she stream magical messages of hope” – Toni Reilly, Conscious Visionary – Australia

Creating conscious and game-changing results, life excellence and a positive impact

Christel is committed to support those who are ready and dare to make a postive difference – these are the people she refers to as true world leaders.  Christel assists and suggests individuals and organizations to think, choose and act according to unique purpose and capacity – bringing the ‘why’ of their existence into action. She  wishes to assists you and your organization to stand strong in your own uniqueness and bring the last marginals at play to stay and/or evolve to the leading edge within your field or industry – committed to making the world a better place and improving bottom lines for stakeholders, not just shareholders.

A positive impact with the energy we transmit

Christel introduced Energistic Leadership Excellence™ to market in 2008 – a visionary training program in increasing your awareness and managing your own energies – in all walks in life. It proved to be a highly successful paradigm for creating radical conscious change and results for those invested and disciplined, doing what we do best whilst making a positive impact with the energy we transmit – as a result of our thoughts, choices and actions – impacting the world as a given whilst creating game-changing results.

Christel herself is highly committed – she returned to Denmark at the end of 2015 following her personal mission to travel the world on her ‘Treasure – Change the World Tour’, to connect with people, organizations and societies encouraging a ‘call to action’, as a reminder to actively make the choice to act for life and share the message that we can change the world.

Christel is a phenomenal ally to have on your side as expert in human energy

with her combination of academia credentials, global business background, her intuitive insights and seeing and sensing energy since she was a small child. Having meditated and cultivated her intuitive ability for more than 25 years, she honed her intuitive capabilities and mediumistic insights and has always had the ability to influence the energy near and far. Using her phenomenal intuitive insights – she dissects, trouble shoots, see beyond what is visual for the human eye. She aligns and strengthens your energies to make a stronger impact in the world whilst given you the awareness for illuminated life excellence and happiness.

With her extraordinary insights she is an excellent impactful secret weapon in your leadership, innovations processes, negotiations, mediations and decision-making processes. With her guidance by your side you can create an optimum outcome in any situation, contributing to a happier life, successful ventures or a specific dream scenario.

Christel has facilitated thousands of sessions and workshops with her clients

assisting thought-leaders, influencers, executives, entrepreneurs, top athletes, actors, private individuals and organizations – to shine in their full capacity. She assists visionaries changing their mindset from linear thinking into a multi-dimentional “all”-knowing and “all”-influencing perspectives and skill set. Christel assists you using focused interconnected thinking and action to create a ripple effect with your heightened awareness and an increased consciousness in your decision-making, innovation and growth with the side effect of benefiting the world around us as much as bottom line and desired results. This is what she excels at, this is what she love – this is her passion!

A powerful mindset to achieve exceptional results igniting a ripple effect of positive change

Christel expands your consciousness in a caring yet intensive manner to release blockages and locked-down mindsets and heighten your frequency to have the opportunity to enable your ability to channel your energies into creating exponential change. You will have the opportunity to grow and achieve results from within, in turn, igniting a ripple effect of positive change more powerful than our minds will ever come to grasp in your life and in the world (an universe) around us – the likes of which you only dared to dream of.


 Tim McGavin a Treasure World Leader


Excelling your sales with energy excellence awareness:

Motivating Your Sales Team 3rd Quarter to Excel

Energy, intuition and sealing the deal


– Christel is a visionary following the footsteps of Mandela, a front-runner for positive change – for individuals and the world.

– Thank you Christel for an exhilarating and exciting session and workshop. I am flying. You saw straight through me and my business partner, you were spot on and it went straight to our hearts. Im now back on my wings and will now continue to follow my calling and for the first time in my life and many years as owner and partner I will truly walk my own path. Great changes are happening in my life and in my company now. I have never met a more amazing and inspiring person – you have got me thinking more positive than I have done in a long time

– Meeting Christel was a turning point in my life. Fear has left me and has been replaced with love, for me and life itself. It is incredibly liberating – and enriching – my life has reach a new level wherefrom the view of the rest of my life is beautiful. There are no words for my gratitude – her help, wisdom, insight and empahty has empowered me – thank you Christel for receiving me with an open mind and heart and for seing me.

– Having used Christel as executive coach both for me and our executives, and seeing the results she create with top executives in my network gives me strength. She has given me focus to be my own “energy manager”. I have been guided back to my intuition and the passion from where I create exceptional results, when close to loosing it due to pressure from the surroundings. Her important contribution transform many lives and she assists people to make their own energy and intuition a strong competitive edge. In a universal and human context this will get more passion into the world and into our organizations…to find the sustainable solutions that nobody else has been able to find = Treasure no 1, will be possible to find for more and more people.

– So much has happened in my life since I started working with Christel – at work and in my personal life. I met my soulmate and advanced in my career, I even succeeded in selling my house.

– I succeeded beyond imagination in my meeting today with now a new client for my company after our session – also did my personal agenda get settled. I am now in peace – thank you Christel.

– I am really grateful for our sessions in the management group with Christel and look forward to our coming process. Cant wait to come back later this year, and share even more about the changes and growth you supported us to achieve. I am more motivated than ever to reach our new targets in the end of the year and have now plenty of new inspiration to how. 

– Christel has introduced me to a world I did not know existed. It has brought great meaning and transformation into my life and my company.

– Thanks a million for an incredible course this weekend. It has given me renewed energy and helped me to positively implement my understanding of energy and intuition into my business practices to create new and different results.

– After working with Christel things has changed. I no longer use my personal energy but tap into the unlimited energies available to me and I can create miracles. I am so grateful for everything that I learned – I now live a better life. 

– It felt like years of entrapment suddenly over and now my mind and body realize that EVERYTHING is possible.

– It has been a pleasure to be in one of your exclusive courses for a weekend Christel. It is a great gift you presented us sharing your special universe you create. Thank you for your care and nurture while gently leading me outside of my comfort zone. I am grateful that you grounded me with great respect with your rare ability to be so gracefully present and at the same time sensing our physical boundaries. How can anyone possibly describe your magic!


1. Individual Energistic Advice®: individual sessions for exceptional personal or organizational development and change. Energistic and intuitive guidance to breaking the barriers and to expand your capacity as individual reaching new levels of awareness and  lead a better life creating a ripple effect of positive change.

2. Speeches, workshops or adapted training in your organization and management group in “Energistic Leadership Excellence® ” for your organization and teams to reach new levels of conscious peak performance and life excellence. 

3. Master Class in “Energistic Visionary Leadership and Impact Performance®”: Open courses for career and business people who wish to boost their business and careers through the mastery of energy to transmit and attract visionary change and growth.

4. Energy Extreme® courses: for you intuitive individuals who wish to take your level up or a side a nudge, individuals who wish to break boundaries, shine in a new way, experience to what extend you manage your energies and  that there are no limits to how far you can  can draw upon your intuitive capabilities once you allow personal development to reach new heights. This course we lay aside all rational – we only work with our intuition, our expanded consciousness, and different altered states of awareness to go beyond our comfort zone to find new magic in our lives. (These open courses you need to apply to attend to. The courses can also be arranged for your teams to expand your perspectives and achieve heightened creativity and innovation in all functions in your organization or teams.)

“Einstein says that the only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at the same time. Let’s make our time count and  do what we do best whilst making a positive difference. As he also says that energy is everything. Well, energy is key. Im Energistic Strategist I can assist you to create the best version of you and your organization – your world – so you can do what you do best and change the world, ripple by ripple. Thank you for taking an interest and  being a part of my world assisting me to make a difference.”

 – Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

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