A case study: Conscious Top Performance in Sports

By Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

Do you sometimes wish that you could snap your fingers and remove your competitor from the field? Deep down, you know it doesn’t really work like that.


For every winner there needs to be a loser. It’s a symbiotic relationship. The more we focus on contribution instead of winning we start working miracles, and everybody benefits – like in any type of success and top performance. If both of you are giving it all you can, positive and confident this is who you truly are, where in the moment – it no longer matters who is number one. You can admire and respect the person or organisation with whom you are competing.


A business client of mine with a passion for sport asked if I could help a professional sportsman he sponsors. Sam was a brilliant player, yet he didn’t seem to be fulfilling his true potential, and was ranked only 13th in the world. My client was convinced that I could help Sam improve his game.


A marginal improvement can be enough to give you the edge to achieve your goals and dreams


In all fields of top performance, just a marginal improvement can be enough to give you the edge to achieve your goals and dreams. Sam was ambitious and talented. His trainers were always asking him to be tougher in his game, and he assumed that’s what he needed to do to achieve an improvement. But I told him I could help him up his game only if he was willing to let go of believing he had to be something he was not.


Tuning into and analysing his performance and person, I sensed the real problem was a misalignment between who he was and his game. He as a result was frustrated, and was blocked by his attitude on court, and his difficulty keeping his temper. Through my session with him it became apparent, that all his life he’d been told to suppress his natural friendliness and toughen up. From boyhood he was urged to be more aggressive, to be a fighter, to be relentless and unforgiving when playing. Now he could not control his outbursts of anger and would often shout at match umpires.


be the one in charge of the energies within yourself and around you and not the other way!


It was clear to me that he was highly intuitive and due to the misalignment revealed in the sessions he had become oversensitive to other people’s feelings and energies. I needed him to learn about energy management – to be the one in charge of the energies within him and around him and not the other way. My observations in his energy when competing showed, his attitude did not endear him to spectators on bad days and he wasn’t able to protect himself from their projected feelings. Unknowingly, he was in effect, as most performers are, battling the crowd as well as his opponent! He wanted to be loved by the crowd, wanted the umpires to be on his side, wanted to be seen for the nice and talented man he was. The ‘hostility’ of the spectators when abroad forced him off balance and destroyed his focus. His reaction was to send negative energy back and to think negatively about his opponent, wishing, as he put it, to ‘kill him.’ All this decreased his chances of success.


Balance is everything to a sportsman as everyone else and powerfully energy management is magic. I’m not just talking about their literal, physical balance, but also about the balance of mind and spirit. Sam needed to stay agile, focused and fluid in his body and mind if he was to play well. He could not afford to be knocked off balance. But this was exactly what was happening time and time again.


On the sports field or in business, thinking negative thoughts about an opponent will only bring negativity back to you


In Sam’s case, I wanted him to switch to positive and compassionate energy for himself and everyone else around him – which was his natural core. This would make him more agile, more aware and successful. He had to protect himself and filter out other people’s emotions, so that he could keep open his connection to the grid of universal energy. If you come from a place of calm, centered energy, then you can control the match rather than being forced to react defensively and negatively. Only when he used my guidance to remove these blockages and distractions would Sam be able to use his intuition effectively on court, and become healthily alert, balanced and strong.


After only a couple of sessions, Sam started to listen to his intuition instead of reacting to the crowd. I asked him to make sure he had time alone before a match to centre himself: to think calmly about what he wanted to achieve, and then to think good things about his opponent. I asked him to believe in the innate goodness of human beings, to believe that the line judges and umpires would be acting the best they could at all times from the perspective of their resources in the given moment – and so was he. So before his match, he chose to go out into the forest outside the arena. Here he allowed himself to be still and quiet, finding a space to create his own positive and now empowered energy field. The next step was to take that sense of internal peace and harmony with his surroundings onto the court. In this way he would set up a good and powerful energy flow, and ride the positive frequencies through the match.


Separation is an illusion. We are all connected


I assured Sam that thinking positively would affect the crowd too – they’d feel the warmth coming from him and even if they didn’t cheer for him, they’d recognize his ability and have respect and empathy, which would help support him. This would give him the best possible environment to play in.


On the sports field or in business, thinking negative thoughts about an opponent will only bring negativity back to you. The energy we transmit should always be positive, and in that way it will attract positive energy back. In his new spirit of generosity, at his next match Sam sent his own physiotherapist to help his opponent when he had an injury. He went on to play his best-ever match. He enjoyed himself. The crowd was behind him. And he won


After only two sessions with me, Sam’s world ranking shot up to number six in the world. He says, “When you play at the highest level, you need to be a friend to yourself. I have now learned the difference between being serious and being aggressive. I realize that nothing good comes out of aggression. I am more aware, and that has really helped me both in my performance on court and in life.”


Four years ago when I took maternity leave, Sam was number 2 in the world.

Illuminated thoughts,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen


Advisor for the conscious elite, expert in conscious top performance with clients in more than 28 countries world wide. Author, mother, and conscious visionary, leading the way for success in the new world emerging and ambassador for the importance of leaving a positive impact on the people we have the privilege to influence and leaving a strong foundation for future generations as a part of our journey


Enough is enough, we feel it and we see it.

All around us; nature disasters, wars, trafficking, fake news, corruption, faulty decisions on so many levels that serves only the individual or a cause but not the good of all. Nor does it serve the good of our planet, nor our impact in our small part of the grander universe we are part of.

Yet, its as if the entire universe conspire to make rapid and radical disruption on planet earth. Change is coming whether we want it or not.


“I’ve been wondering

Am I the only one, to see it coming?

We’ve been doing it wrong

For so long”



(I chose to quote this song by the Danish singer, Christopher, who was represented in the danish solidarity concert and charity event a Saturday evening raising money to support Ukraine. His lyrics are relevant for everything that happens today.)


I know we are many people in our global community that think like this – so its no longer an ‘I’, it’s a ‘we’ have been wondering. We truly have done things wrong for too long. We have ignored what needed to be changed for too long.


The consequences of what we ignored for too long:

At the moment we see the consequences of what we ignored for too long. In my part of the world, Europe, being Danish, we have a war where an invasion from Russia is shaking up everyone showing us the consequences of what we ignored too long for own gain. The terrible floods we saw in Australia is climate change firsthand, a problem we as a global society have ignored for too long. In our private lives many people see things and relationship change with those with whom things were left unsaid and conflict of values unaddresed for too long and left ignored and now it creates massive shifts in relationships.


We know better than to ignore anything that should have been addressed. Privately, in business, in national and international politics, in all areas of life… we need to trust our intuition and not to be afraid of hurting other people in the process creating conflicts – as it only always gets worse when left ignored. We are all in the same storm – not the same boat, all our lives and situations are different. But we are all here on a journey of discovery and opportunity to heal and contribute. We have all left something ignored – what matters is that we step up now and make new and better choices…

We need to take responsibility for what we have ignored, what we have been doing wrong for so long


It is time to call for a deeper layer, which is beyond ourselves:

It is time to call for a deeper layer, which is beyond ourselves. We need to talk about the level of ethics and moral we wish to see in our world and our lives. Not being afraid of losing relationships in the process. We need to look at what protects life and what destroys life. If someone truly does not have the ability to care – only when own interests are cared for, then its time to make sure this person is given as little power as possible.

We need to ask ourselves for a deeper trust in our own intuition and our own innate discernment for what is right and do what is right – as individuals and as a people – one world.



We need to have the courage to care. True world leaders have the courage to care – in their thoughts, choices, actions. Look at people and leaders who have a need to put people down, keeping people in place, that leaves people with a feeling of walking on eggshells, that seem to care little for life in general, for people and who is influenced by their actions.


It time to demand consciousness in action:

It is time that we demand more from those in power – we cannot allow people in leadership that disregard science, equality, and the power of unity. It is time we demand more from ourselves. It time to demand consciousness in action.

Luckily, we see the younger generations show great courage and stand up for what they believe and we will see more and more of this in the future – and very well exposed on social media. It is pushing us the older generations to be come better versions of ourselves, to demand more of ourselves and our piers, and to not accept faulty and immoral behavior and actions due to bad excuses of having known each other for a long time. The future generations need our guidance and they need us to look to for guidance.

(A more in depth discussion of how we can inspire and assist and understand the new upcoming generation and how to stay relevant in an entirely new era and world in the age of Aquarius where unity and purpose is key after 2000 years under the influence of Pieces with institutional power structure: “Bridging the generation gap requires critical thinking”.– an interview by Toni Reilly, pioneer and founder of the new world psychology concept, SoulLife Psychology and Gen Z expert.)

Lets be better versions of ourselves in our lives and in our leadership so we can co-create a better world.

Even looking at the war in in Ukraine right now, I am impressed to see Russians to stand up against their president, I am impressed to see soldiers refusing to fight for Russia despite the severe risks and consequences they are facing, im impressed by the Ukrainian president showing the world what it means to stay and fight for what truly matters.


Change always and always will start within ourselves:

Change always and always will start within ourselves. Our personal power and discernment is strengthened when we start creating healthier choices and routines in our own lives… the more we expect from ourselves the bigger and more positive impact we have in our environment. We start to get a stronger clarity in what is right.

It can also start the other way around where we are inspired from the action of great influencers in our society whether politicians, sportspeople, business leaders, religious leaders or simply hearing a story from how the neighbor dealt with a challenge. Most often it’s a two ways street. Some of our power is what we expect and manage to do in our own lives and other times we get inspired by what conscious leaders do, or conscious actions people do that we didn’t expect. “If he can turn around and do this so can and will I”.

There is an urgent need for us all to step up and speak up – demand change, demand for conscious visionary leadership in all areas of our lives and in our world. There is no healthy future without conscious leadership. Time is now…


The universe conspires to create a cosmic rearragement:

The rearrangement from a more cosmic perspective is that we are living in a new era, the age of Aquarius where more idealistic perspectives are becoming a given and what we saw in earlier days in Age of Pieces where institutions and a power elite that was accepted and celebrated for what they had more than what they served with in their community is over. We admire and celebrate those who care and make an effort to make a difference.

(A thorough explanation of the shift from Age of Pieces to Age of Aquarius read this short linkedin article by Cathrine Chan: Our Transition from Age of Pieces to Aquarius and what it means for Business.

As the below picture tells us, astrologically the planets has not been aligned like now since Rome fell and since the founding day of America. this could indicate that a big structure is falling and a stronger unity is created through happenings around the 22 of february 2022. We can only cautiously predict that we see a cultural institution collapse or having its beginning of its collapse and other institutions strengthen their unity. I will leave this up to your interpretation for now…

May I make a strong point to the fact that this picture and its source are unknown – yet i still felt compelled to share to inspire to push ourselves for the radical disruption facing what we have ignored for too long stepping up asking us to new standards in morals.

Let us all step up and allow ourselves to be co-creators of a new and better world where consciousness is key and prerequisite for all sort of leadership.


Thank you for taking your time to read this intuitively guided note and for you to be a conscious visionary making the world a better place.


Illuminated thoughts and energies


Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

THE ILLUMINATOR – Conscious Top Performance & Leadership Expert and psychic advisor for the progressive conscious elite with clients in more than 28 countries around the World. Christel has promoted Conscious Leadership in almost two decades to improve lives, to enhance conscious top performance, and to ignite wisdom and a positive force for change in the individual and in us all for a better world  – now and for future generations. 


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Illuminated Guided Meditation for Healing and Empowerment for Ukrainians

I here offer the Ukrainian people a guided meditation for Healing, Empowerment and Strength to survive and fight for Freedom and Peace.


This is not only for the people in the war zones, but also for Ukrainians throughout the world to have a source of extra energy and healing in a time fo worry, survival and fighting for peace and freedom.

It is also a tool for all of you Ukrainians no matter where you are to be a catalyst for energy and empowerment for your loved ones and countrymen – ENERGY KNOWS NO DISTANCE and can travel across the world and make an impact. With this guided meditation you can send strength and support to people you are physically far from.

You matter, you can make a difference no matter where you are in the world – and you deserve to be supported, to feel taken care of and to be empowered for what ever your struggle is in this time of war forced upon you.

I wish you well from the bottom of my heart – we are a world that support you and wish the soonest recovery, healing, peace and freedom for you all.

You are welcome to share this with as many people whom you know could benefit from this guided meditation!!!

My most illuminated and empowering thoughts and energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

Conscious Leadership Expert and Psychic Adviser for the progressive conscious elite in more than 28 countries around the world


Two days ago, it was my birthday – and 3 weeks ago in a meditation, I was given a new article series to share THE TREASURE SCRIPTURES.


It is a privilege to share with you the first chapter, the first scripture, Conscious Visionary Action for your empowerment – (click on the below link):


It is reminder and empowerment for you conscious visionaries around the world for renewed energy, inspiration and a message that the time is now. Yet, to rise, you need to recharge, expand and apply your consciousness.

It is my gift to you on my special day that I share the attached document for you to read: The Treasure Scripture – Conscious Visionary Action.

An Audio Option:

On the first page right after the chapter begins – you will find a link to an audio file if you should prefer to listen. Still, remember to visit the last part of the chapter for links to more guidance and rejuvenating inspiration!

Lets create a ripple effect of Conscious Visionary Action and Empowerment.

You are most welcome to share The Treasure Scriptures with relevant conscious visionaries to remind them of their path, and for their empowerment as you all matter beyond words for the destiny of our children and future generations….

I know that for many of you it has been a challenging year and I am happy to have my Treasure Scriptures to share with you – for your next chapter and renewed energies to live, achieve and contribute in greatness. Remember this month is all about light and miracles – I hope something within my scripture will ignite light and miracles in your life.

My most illuminated thoughts, a merry Christmas and best wishes,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

THE ILLUMINATOR – Conscious Top Performance Expert and psychic advisor for the progressive conscious elite with clients in more than 28 countries around the World. Christel has promoted Conscious Leadership in almost two decades to improve lives, to enhance conscious top performance, and to ignite wisdom and a positive force for change in the individual and in us all for a better world  – now and for future generations. 




Traditional Business Perspectives Destroy Us – Aim Higher!

During my world tour back in 2014/15, Treasure Change the World Tour, I spoke to hundreds of people from all walks of life – truly life-changing for me to experience the wisdom, the capacity and the craving in most people to make positive change in the world. Yet, everywhere I went people would tell me ‘Christel, if I had just more time, I am working with all that I can but…’

Around the world people from all walks of life seem to feel as if they are trapped in their circumstance, constantly on a treadmill that is rolling slightly faster than they can run; or that people around them are not running fast enough to assist them to outlive their visions. Yet, it is a mere excuse for living an illusion. This is the difference between living traditional business and performance perspective and the other side, tapping into the bigger picture; tapping into the innate wisdom of the universe that will illuminate us and serve our higher purpose whilst creating exceptional results and achieving our dreams.

I know that many of you will be thinking:

‘Christel, we get this. But this is the world we live in, this is our reality. How do we change it?’ 

This is a valid question and where most of my clients start their journey.

We all know there is more, but how do we make it apply to our own lives and line of work? People are more familiar with setting and reaching target deadlines, Key Performance Indicators, Profit and Loss or pleasing shareholders’ expectations. For elite athletes, they simply wish to remain or become number one in the world, and for politicians or other more political driven areas, power and votes are strong traditional indicators for success. I see individuals and organisations that are obsessed with short-term targets and the damage they can do professionally and personally. Again, there is so much more towhee we can achieve when on the top of our game. We gain influence to change people and the world for the better…So, how can we change this old paradigm? 

The traditional perspective is a means to an end, people believe that working towards the bigger picture requires extra energy, extra time or extra effort which most do not have the energy for. It is the conventional way of driving competition, whether in politics, business or any other industry. Yet, it is a change in perspective that is required, the tools to tap into our innate resources, the trust that it does matter, the courage to care, the will to listen and to take guided action to illuminate us. It does not require more energy – on the contrary – you will be more energised, more joyful, feel a sense of fulfilment, a heightened sense of flow and achievement being a vessel of something greater than ourselves no matter our faith and beliefs.

As leaders in our areas of expertise we are required to lead the way, to show an example, to show that in unity and caring we can make the greatest difference with what we do best; true leadership. Anything else is pure greed, selfishness, egoistic reach for artificial admiration. Research done by the Institute of Economics and Peace proves that leveraging the standard of living of the less fortunate part of the society makes a higher standard for the more fortunate. If what we do makes no positive difference in the world for everyone involved, then what are we truly here for, how do our lives make sense? By having a leading position, we have the privilege to always set the correct course of direction. The way I see it, there is no excuse.

There is an urgent need in this world to replace the old paradigm of greed and instead, welcome visionary change to create a positive impact as we go about our daily business and thrive for greatness. This way we are supporting the society we live in and still earning an acceptable or even exceptional return on investment. In quantum physics, equals attract equals, so by investing in life, we will always attract solutions to expand our life force by creating growth with new and innovative solutions. There is a choice and an opportunity to act differently from how we previously did. 

As an example, when I advise on financial investments, I always emphasise an Energistic Alignment (on of my energistic alignment tools for achieving balance and power between vision, actions and results) when choosing how to invest. Who the investors are, their values, whom they want to influence, why they want to invest? What are they hoping to get out of it on a short- and long-term level? Most of the time, I see a mismatch. The investors would love a return on their investment but are unaware of the deficit on the social side of the investment – not even having started to talk about the energetic ripple effect transmitting into the world around them creating their reality and return on investment. 

As a society, we consume 1.5 times as much as our planet can produce: we need to find different solutions to create a balance. The future of investments will be in organisations that have a product that will have a positive impact on peoples’ living conditions. Do we have an Energistic Alignment – a balance and flow of energies – from our values to our choice of investment to the impact we are able to make, and back to our bank account? Is there a balance in investments that will support social development and find innovative solutions? Usually, when I ask this question, individuals and organisations say they have a deep-felt wish to make a difference but are not aware of the impact of their investments. One piece of encouragement I give is to invest at least in primary production or new world systems and technology supporting humanity and our most healthy future instead of pure speculation. 

Our awareness and level of consciousness is the key to development and growth. Individuals are doing the best they can, unconsciously aware of how they are draining and hurting themselves and others, decreasing their ability for long term success and a thriving planet and positive impact on our universe. This lack of understanding is then perceived as a failure, which reverts individuals back to traditional business ways and mediocrity. When we allow ourselves to let go of the traditional way of seeing the world, connecting and being a vessel for that of which is greater than ourselves being at service for the greater good – we will see ourselves create change and see extraordinary results within a short time. The new paradigm has already been acquired by a large group of the younger generations, such as being a part of something greater with contribution and purpose. This strengthened connectedness between our visions, strategies and that of the less fortunate in our world, will soon be the new normal as it is already showing a greater payoff.

We must let go of old paradigms of fitting life into the neat traditional frames and boxes.

We must believe that with conscious thought processes, with choices serving a greater purpose and with conscious use of focused energy – we can move mountains, we can change the world and as individuals, we will have the capacity to create unbelievable results and a magical life for ourselves and those who surround us.

My most illuminating thoughts

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

NB: This article is an edited article i wrote and published on linkedin back in 2018.


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Christel Rosenkilde Christensen will provide a safe, intensifying space for you to enhance and sharpen your consciousness for your leadership and next step forward. You will gain tools, insights and experience an upgrade in your energy and thought process to create new grounds for your unique journey and contribution. Breaks in the webinar and a nurturing energy will increase your benefit and experience.

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A LIFE CHANGING 3 HOURS WEBINAR 30TH JULY 2021 3-6 PM (CET – European standard time )


I look forward to illuminating and empowering you and your leadership for your next chapter.

My most illuminating energies

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen


When working with clients, it is important for me to be a sharp intuitive facilitator, a caring yet honest advisor, putting their opportunity for impact and their greater good first. My goal in life is to create awareness of the greater capacity that we each individually hold once unleashing our essence and tapping into our highest vision and opportunity for impact.

Awareness is the key to ground-breaking results that create both a stronger bottom line for yourself and the stakeholder chain within which we operate. You matter more than you think, you have a greater capacity for unbelievable results, and you are worth so much more than you presently allow yourself to believe. I would like to help you realise this.

The first step is this realisation and to remember your innate abilities: it is this awareness which gives us back our power. We create our own realities through our thoughts. These thoughts are like seeds that are planted in our energistic systems and as we feed them energy, they grow and manifest out into the universe by rippling into the world around us.

I would like to be part of helping you to ‘plant a seed’ that would help each of you envision a new open mindset, assisting you to connect to a higher vibration. Where we can build new conscious thoughts that leapfrog your original thought process, reaching new levels of achievement and impact. By using these unique and illuminated visionary effects, we can unblock pathways to create exceptional results that will unleash change into the world and create a positive impact for those around us. As Gandhi said, “be the change you wish to see and experience,” whether in your personal life, your work life or to unveil a deeper search for your unique illuminated capabilities.

Each day I experience unbelievable results through my incredible clients who have embraced this powerful mindset into their innovative practices. There are no limits as to how you apply this mindset in your leadership – only opportunities.

Most people have a lack of belief that they as individuals matter on a larger scale. Even the most visionary people I have had the pleasure of working with, that have devoted their life to game-changing leadership, can forget momentarily or just simply forget – period – how much they matter. They fail to acknowledge that with their level of influence the smallest margins of transformation will result in great change. They forget how considerable their responsibility is and the importance to show how inspired action can create influence; we have an immense capacity beyond tradition once unleashed to do so.

Every day we are changing our own lives and of those around us. It is up to us whether it is positive or negative depending on our thoughts, choices and actions. If exposed in the media, as many of my clients are, due to their leading industry roles, we need to be aware of the responsibility we hold and the impact we create. We need to become aware of the energy we exude into the world of millions around the globe watching and recognise the power of caring for the greater good, sharing our compassionate reflections instead of judgement, blaming and participating in drama.

Our smile, words, thoughts, and actions as individuals seem so insignificant in the bigger scale – but as Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Our great capacity to connect to our innate resources to sense the world and the people around us can be clouded by our own stress, only as an instinctive reaction to a ‘cave man’s crude actions to survive’ triggered by the impulsive actions from others. This unconsciously creates circumstances that push us around and hide away our unique energy, instead of allowing us to create space and energy that could produce a lasting impact. By working with what you feel good about and when in tune with your purpose, you release and heal blocked emotions that prevents your optimum health, wealth and performance, allowing impactful energy to flow through you; illumination.

I’m happy to say that it really couldn’t be simpler to make a start today. It all begins by realising how much you matter. Once we truly realise our purpose and tap into our innate powers, unlimited energy, and connection to that which is so much greater than ourselves, our capacity becomes unlimited and there is no stopping what we wish to achieve.

Start by breathing deeply. Then you are already more back on track than you dare to believe… proper breathing is the first step to open up to the greatness of life and allowing your full capacity to shine. Your breath is an unbelievable catalyst for your energy and your powers of awareness. An act as simple as stepping back to breathe is the first step to a place of higher perception, connectedness, lucidity, and effectiveness.

No matter who you are it is my fervent hope that you embrace your capacity, your responsibility and understand your unique position in this world to make a difference. There will not be a more urgent time in your lifetime to wake up and realise that it is in your thoughts, your choices and your actions that you open up the next chapter of your greatness. Our world needs you.

Hopefully, I will have helped plant a small seed for you today, to understand your greatness and the impact you can create. Please breathe with me and you will start to see the unbelievable change it can make in your contribution to any task, whether negotiation or simple communication. I may not have initiated the unbelievable, but each breath may guide you to experience a part of life that you have forgotten to embrace, a place of magic from where everything becomes possible, and new solutions are illuminated and created.

My best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

Illuminator and world leader advisor

Christel Profile Picture 2018







World Compassion Project – global meditation for a united co-creation


Coming back to Denmark after my Treasure – Change the World Tour I had a coffee with an inspiring new friend, Anja Steensig Holmbäck. Inspirator, facilitator and renown television and radio host. She has now embarked on a new journey enlightening and empowering those who are ready in multiple projects. Amongst others, World Compassion Project (WCP).

Sooner than I knew of it I had said yes support her new idea and global change project in the board of WCP and was already brainstorming. My role: input with my intuitive insight, concept and strategy.


Anja Steensig Holmbäck & Christel Christensen
Anja Steensig Holmbäck & Christel Christensen


Walking away from the meeting I was smiling as Anja within the short time of our meeting also had me convinced to support the project further by co-hosting the coming events. Some things in life just feels right to support. How could o not do it with the situation we see with the situation in Syria, the refugees, the earth quake in nepal, and later now the terrible losses of innocent people to the ISIS terror attacks around the world. Well, you can do the same thing if you wish form a postive angle to be an influencer to a more compassionate world – do like me. Join us online – without you we are one person short of making a difference. Anja’s  first event of her project is this coming Saturday 12.12. at 12pm. It will globally streamed so all you do is to turn on your computer, lean back and we will guide you trough an hour of co-creating more compassion in our selves and in the world around us.


A compassionate and inspiring board:

Little did I know as the first member on board, that Anja would gather such diversity in her board as she did. A former Member of Parliament, minister of gender equality, integration and social affairs, Manu Sareen. Television journalist, press and communication expert, Søren Hedman, a VP of one of Denmark’s large engineering companies, Tina Moe and a manager from a large foundation supporting social projects, Susanne Dahl. I love working with people with different backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, ways and different network. I am particularly moved when it is people with compassion as a driver in their lives – and these people I have enjoyed meeting. The kinds of people you with to get to know better. Susanne I have yet to meet as I was traveling around the meetings she was present. But no doubt she is equally amazing as the others.


World Compassion Project CP board members


Without compassion we have nothing

Through my global work and my recent “Treasure – Change the World Tour” the last 16 months traveling to contribute, to serve and inspire the people I met on the way – one important thing that I realized was that compassion is key to everything. Otherwise we will feel entrapped in the boarders of our own individual lives. Disconnected to the world around us. Compassion is the foundation for how we positively connect to others – how our own energy is influenced by others, the way we approach the world and how we are met by others. And one clear observation was that almost next to no one were used to meeting little of it from strangers.

My sole intention of the tour was to contribute. To meet people from a compassionate place of accept of where ever they were in their  lives rights there and then – to empower and offer my free and unbiased insights to how they could lead a better life with a greater impact in the world we live in. It was a rewarding journey of true compassion – both giving and receiving as many reached out under ways once they had overcome the first suspicion with a spoken or unspoken question – where is the catch?! There were non. I expected nothing back and people experienced true energy expansion and clarity of what they were worth, what they needed and how they could use who they were for the good of something bigger than themselves.

Yet, truely without compassion we have nothing (well for the lucky ones in our world material wealth and/or attention). We have created a world that takes focus away from the good of humanity and onto shareholder value, bottom line and ‘what’s in it for me’. again an entrapment. Earlier days we would do something because we knew we were servicing some people’s needs. Now its about either creating a need, getting a vote, seize a monetary opportunity so we can earn even more money, win even greater wins – little important if it serves a healthy sustainable goal and purpose for the planet and/or the human race around us. (This is obviously an exaggerated  generalisation as I know and know of thousands who make a great difference in their families, communities and the world we live in  – including a lot of amazing people I met on my tour.)

From my experience it was not the lack of will to make a difference that made people so caught up in their own worlds. On the contrary! Yet, most had the answer “but I need to support my family”, “business just doesn’t work that way”, “my board would think I have gone mad if I talked like that”, “if that was our focus then we would not win”, “if I had had the energy I would do more for others”…


Making a difference CAN be energizing

And thats exactly it. We forget the fact that we have to have energy to be able to change something. And sometimes it actually can be easier than we think… to step out of the hamster wheel, stop doing business as usual. We have to realize we have free will of thought and we have a free source energy available at our choices. We CAN get the energy to care first for ourselves, then others and as a bi-product we then get even more energy.

Yet, we need to realize that it is a choice. First, as an individual, then as a structure, then later as a norm. That is where you matter! It all starts with you – your thoughts, your choices, your actions.

What is so great with the initiative created by Anja is that is it designed to give you the energy to first have compassion with yourself, then others that we perceive are in need and last but not least through our connectivity as a human race through the energy we transmit and the energy we are impacted by through the thoughts, choices and actions of others.


Start now – you matter more than you know:
Give yourself a few minutes and get started. Close your eyes, start breathing, and do this exercise for yourselves.

1. Once even taking the first deep breath in a meditation you feel your energy returning. Then as you undisturbed continue this deep breathing and relaxation you even start to feel how you truly feel and replenish your energies accordingly.

2. Then, continuing breathing you are replenished with energy and you are capable of thinking of who you would like to send a compassionate thought to – in your own life and then in the world we live in.

3. Continuing breathing in a deeper state of mind you now imagine to connect in your heart to all the people in the world with a compassionate intention in this world. Feeling that not only does your own energy level rise but so do theirs.

Hence together you are co-creating a stronger and much more compassionate world. REPLENISHING yourself with energy – no excuses.

You matter, you CAN make a difference and be energized at the same time.

Don’t give up – it takes 42 days to change a habit:
Now start to make this visualization daily and you will see that you not only get energized, you start thinking differently and you start to create new way – more compassionate ways. For yourself, your loved ones and the world you live in.

I cannot wait to hear about all the things that now will change and happen for the better in your life. And remember – it takes 42 days to change a habit so keep going dear friend.


“A human being is a part of the whole, called by us Universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest-a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to be free from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature in its beauty”.

– Albert Einstein

World Compassion Project - WCP - Einstein


Let’s show the world that we care:

I’m here with you – you can return to this article and know that I sending you my supporting energies. And as you see above in the description of the board there is a broad specter of support and energy put into the World Compassion Project that will be felt and co-created on Saturday and at future events in the scope WCP – for you and for a more compassionate world.

Join, sign up and support our event online on this Saturday 12.12. At 12pm CET. (Melbourne 10pm, NYC 6am)
You will at our event be guided through dialogues about compassion, it’s benefits and you will experience energizing and most compassion-filled meditations.

I look forwarding to connecting with you now, Saturday, and in the future.


Let’s show the world that we care!

Best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

Christel Christensen

 – Illuminator, internationally trusted Executive Advisor, pioneer of the field Energetic Leadership Excellence

Speaker & author of the book: The treasure – How to Change the World 

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What truly matters – also this time of year. I was in tears …

In December many are celebrating Christmas around the world. Yet all sort of national or international celebrations that include family and friends will always leave some feel alone or vulnerable. Lets make sure to make this coming month a loving, contributing and impactful month – remembering that is all about relations.

I would like to share an enlightning experience from an evening out in Hollywood on my “Treasure – Change the World Tour”. I was literally in tears. I had a conversation with my good friend about contribution.

This was my 9th month traveling with the intention to remind as many people as possible that we CAN change the world and our lives in a far more positive way than we could ever dare to imagine. I shared my work with true world leadership, awareness and the responsibility and the capacity we have transmitting our energy into the world impacting our relations through our thoughts, choices and actions.

(To see the capacity we have influencing energies from our thoughts, choices and actions see this short movie of 20 seconds from the California Science Museum in Los Angeles, US. Here I get to demonstrate how if trained and strong in our energies we can influence and manage the energies around us – with no limits in distance nor strength of impact if proper training.) Click here or on the picture to see this 20 seconds short movie.


Christel Rosenkilde Christensen influencing and managing energy physically at the California Science Museum
Christel Rosenkilde Christensen influencing and managing energy physically at the California Science Museum


I got caught up in other people’s energy.

On my tour alone I have experienced the most unbelievable and amazing things and met the most inspiring people through only following my intuition and wanting to do good. My energy was almost always strong and I had excess energy to share and contribute.

Yet, that specific night we had gone to a roof top terrace to relax and enjoy a glass a wine. I was soon in tears. Was I ever able to make the impact that I wished for so deeply?

On that specific roof top we experienced a series of cynical, self promoting people being focused on ‘likes’, bragging about their success and not caring about the world nor each other even though they were there as friends – or so it seemed on me to begin with as unaware of the shifts of my energies. That very night it got to me. I had sold all my belongings and spending them on contributing around the world to make a positive impact. Was it worth it? Would these people ever understand how important they were? Would they understand their capacity to change their lives and the world for the better?


“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Steve Jobs


Well of course it was and is worth it. Yet, that very night I had tapped into the energies of the people around me. If not aware this happens to us all the time. You suddenly get caught up in an emotion and we have a change of mood – that is the subtle subconscious way we often react to the energies of our surroundings. This evening I was tired, and let my guards down as I just met with a dear friend. I for a short while forgot about all the other people around us and blended with all energies around me. In reality, what I sensed from the young crowd of people desperate to succeed was insecurity, a need to be seen, be valued and to succeed. They didn’t have energy for anyone but themselves in their exhausting struggle to make it.

So mirroring their emotions in my energy I also did not notice much but my own despair, being tired after 9 months of spreading my message and suddenly out of the blue feeling that not before I had reached all the billions of people around the world was I truly a success. These are not my everyday thoughts – but that day I was exhausted and had subconsciously blended my energies with the people on the rooftop as you can see.

My friend, Toni Reilly from Australia who was synchronistically in LA at the same time as me, listened patiently and was extremely supportive and said “Its okay that you feel like this for one night Christel. Wake up tomorrow and you will feel better and you will once again feel inspired”. Caught up in the energies I didn’t even understand how clever it was of Toni to let me sob a little and receive care and understanding and during the night once again having regained my own energies – but it reassured me that I was ok.


The taxi driver or angel came to our rescue:

The next day we were in a taxi and I got to speak to the taxi driver. He was from the Ivory Coast in Africa. He was a philosophy teacher before he had to flee his country because of war and now lived in Hollywood, US. I told him that as a young girl choosing my studies I had thought of philosophy but had been afraid of loosing my mind working in a field with no answers and chose international business instead.

The driver promptly answered. “Philosophy does not drive you crazy, it is about what truly matters”. I was touched and asked him if I could pass on one message to the world in his opinion what should that be. He answered:


“… the philosophy about human beings. That what truly matters is reminding human beings that all they do is about human relations. It is about caring and taking care of each other.”

The taxi driver continued… if we every day for the people around us can turn on a small ray of light in their hearts through support, care and by listening in sad times – make someone feel valued and important. Then we have succeeded.

Tears again started running down my cheeks – this time of release and sense of purpose and love for humanity, my family, friends, and a love for life itself. I knew I was doing that for every step I took on my journey. Impact, contribution and love had been my inner mantra since the very beginning of the trip. Sharing my insight to impact, traveling to contributing as much as possible to the people I meet “high and low” – no judgment of who was high and who was low. Because I was impressed by every single person I met on my journey.


Every single person I met proved my trip worth it

Everyone I met touched me immensely – the man in the street who had a beautiful life philosophy, the young woman on the beach who had fought through her teen years and now a successful jewelry designer, the old woman on the bus who was a retired nurse and since then had supported families to dementia patients now 80, the movie producer who had made over 50 movies in his life who had forgot his impact int he world. I could go on – amazing people all over the world.

Look around you and realize that every single person you meet in worth it – make your life worth it. Even when they transmit an energy that gets to you. Then you know that you are out of balance. It is not about not being affected – it is about finding your way back to your center. Each and every person you meet on your way is a student and/or teacher. Your awareness and consciousness is key to thrive, excel and to contribute in your souls highest purpose. It is all about ‘love, contribution


Impact, Contribution and Love - by Christel Rosenkilde Christensen
Impact, Contribution and Love – by Christel Rosenkilde Christensen


Through my experience with the people on the rooftop I learned about the energies present in Hollywood – the immense pressure, the hardships trying to be seen and only succeeding with millions around the world see you – often many of them come from around the courtly and the world far from family and old friends. I also learned that I myself don’t need that – that I just need to impact people around me every single day – I know I do, even when not on my “Treasure Change the World Tour” – family, friends, clients who are world leaders in each of their ways.


All we do is essentially about human relations

That what truly matters is reminding human beings that all they do is about human relations. It is about caring and taking care of each other not only in the physical world but also being aware of our thoughts, choices and actions as they do impact other people – more than we know. The more we are centered and rested ourselves the better we can control our own energies avoiding to blend with other people’s energies or to impact others in a negative way.

Let us turn on a small ray of light in the hearts of those around us.  It is all about our human relations and once we understand that – we are capable of thriving, excelling and exceeding in a human and conscious manor – creating good for all.


Happy first of December.

Best of energies and rays of life to you my friends,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

– International trusted executive advisor, intuitive mentor for the elite in various industries, sports and education.

Speaker & author of the book: The Treasure: How to Change the World 

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Treasure – Change the World Tour: How your World Leadership is a responsibility

After 1 year traveling the world I once again offer my services and advice. I can’t wait to start working with you all again around the world. My “Treasure – Change the World Tour” showed to be not only a journey of contribution – I have also personally gained unbelievable experiences that I will with time share on my blog, in a book or smaller articles.


It is said that if you change the perspective of 22.000 people around the planet you will leave a permanent change in the world. That was my mission.


By randomly/synchronistically meeting people from all sorts of life such as CEO’s, professors, the homeless man on the street, company owners, house wife, children, actors, politicians, journalists, etc. and amongst others were invited to speak in different networks, being taken in on advice on a hollywood production, etc. I now know and am grateful to have created a ripple effect touching millions.


3 minutes of an interview by renown television and radio host Anja Steensig about my Treasure - Change the World Tour
3 minutes of an interview by renown television and radio host Anja Steensig about my Treasure – Change the World Tour

Click on the picture or here to see the interview


It was an amazing journey offering my insights that I in my daily life offer my clients to everybody I met on my journey – spending anything from 5 minutes to 30 minutes with each person. Reminding people that we CAN change our lives, organisations and world for the better – and our human energy is our biggest and only permanent energy resource we have. If we are aware and consciously apply that awareness into all of life’s practices its a capacity and catalyst to create exceptional lives, results, and a better world is beyond our imagination.


Making each person center of my attention and intuiting their uniqueness and possible contribution to this world but also to the making of a better life of their own – people’s energy changed. Whether they make a visual change now or later in life – we all need to be ready for the change and new journey we embark on. I can only hope that each person make the transition as soon as possible as life is short and the opportunity for a greater life and impact is possible.


Yet, seeing people’s eyes starting to shine, many had tears in their eyes of sheer relief, seeing people straightening their back and regaining faith in their own impact, that they matter, and that there is so much more to life than we allow ourselves to see was an amazing and humbling experience every time – changing me and how I see life too.


It is crucial for a better world and a brighter future that we do remember that we matter, that our thoughts, choices, and actions matter. That we can make changes in our lives that makes life better if we let go of fear and follow our hearts – so many people live their life in fear. That was a common theme on my tour: FEAR VS LOVE. FEAR VS TRUST. FEAR VS COURAGE. Whether it was business, acting, charity, family, friendship, politics – what prevented people from achieving the ultimate capacity and living exceptional lives, being happy, living the full extend of their dreams, was fear and exhaustion.


In the western world we have created a fear based society, our systems make individuals think that they dont matter in the bigger schemes of things and we have created organisational structures and tax system exhausting our people and we think that ‘being busy’ is a good thing rather than recognising that with a relaxed mind we gain access to a more conscious channel of information.

Combining skills, experience, and a higher awareness will assist us in creating new ways far more optimal, financially viable,  sustainable, and enriching for people, organizations and for our planet. Why wait?!


I myself had to lean into the trust of my intuition. I had commited to travel this year with open tickets, no plans, allowing my intuition to guide me and creating a flow of energy meeting the right people, at the right time, at the right places. Amongst others, did I stayed with private individuals kindly opening their homes for me sharing their stories and perspectives on life. I also only had the privilege meeting people who impressed me, people who made a difference, people who had a beautiful insight… I can after traveling meeting ‘randomly’ people from all over the world say that there are such great willingness to make a difference, an extreme kindness, and so much love.


Having traveled now for one year spending time in the most amazing places in nature, met the most inspiring people and experienced syncronicities beyond words – not at any moment in time did I feel unsafe, threatened, nor anything but a constant gratitude and amazement and a deep sense of love and purpose. More than ever I know that it is time to take action or continue taking action. We live in a beautiful world, with great people, vast potential and so many people are doing great work – lets keep up the good work yet daring to opening our hearts, unleashing full capacity, and allowing ourselves to shine.


Let’s create an environment around us and within ourselves to facilitate the willingness of people to make a difference into capacity and resources to live and lead true World Leadership. It is not only a possibility, a potential and a capacity. It is also a responsibility!

How can you change your way of thinking for new ways in your life, your work, your organization and your world? Start with you and then see the ripple effect of positive change. When change present itself dont freeze in fear, step outside your comfort zone and allow for new ways.


I can’t wait to assist you with your change – may it be inspiration, personal transformation in your leadership, your executive group, your organization, your performance or your political party.


My commitment is to make a positive change in this world – through my thoughts, my choices and actions – yet mainly through the people I assist like you who has everything it takes. True world leadership to me starts with each and one of us. 

Let’s act for life.


I will from today take in bookings for speeches and workshops on implementing World Leadership into your organisation, the impact on our human energy and our great unused capacity co-create exceptional results and positive change in the world at the same time. All with inspiring cases from my tour and work the past 8 years with the tool Energistic Leadership Excellence™ to inspire new ways and perspectives.


Best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

– International trusted executive advisor, teacher and intuitive mentor for the elite in various industries, sports and education. Speaker & author of the book: The Treasure: How to Change the World on Energistic Leadership as an agent for visionary change

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