How the energy that surrounds us has an impact on our lives and performance

Energy in places is strong and can have a great impact on our performance and well -being. We all know how it feels to walk into a room emanate of positive or negative energy or when we arrive to a place with a great setting. It can be an office with water view, a hotel in the mountains or a breath taking building. It makes us feel good, it does make an impact and it is most certainly worthwhile being aware of this undervalued fact. It all matters in terms of our personal well being, our motivation but also our organizational performance and our inspiration and ability to tap into creative energies that helps us to create long term sustainable solutions for ourselves and the world we live in.


When I travel I always try and stay at places that enhances the purpose of my trip. For holidays I choose peaceful settings and for business I look for energies of comfort, authority and mindfulness. For my “Treasure – How to Change the World Tour” I am looking to stay at high quality and energy places having considered the environment and the social environment in their strategies. I will share my experiences here on my blog with you to give you examples. Also will I share my experiences about high-energy places and meetings with people making a difference and transmitting and energy of positive influence and change in our world.


Most hotels make an effort to set a certain exceptional ambiance with decorations, sounds, smells, flowers and so forth. In our private lives we clean, scrub, decorate and redecorate when we move into a new place to create a certain energy and look that we call our own. The same efforts are worth it in our organizational lives.


The Dolder Grand is an good example of a hotel with an exceptional energy all around… service, quality, situated in a beautiful location in the mountains overlooking a lake, well thought of decorations, with thought of the environment, and their spa products inspired by nature and the intrinsic energy found in all things, produced by people who wish to make a positive impact on people and the world.



As individuals we have to be aware of a such energy and to choose to be at high-energy places – not necessarily 5 start hotels, or change the energy – and we CAN change the energy:

“The energy of the place you find yourself in has enormous influence on the way you work there. We have to acknowledge the energy that surrounds us has an impact on our lives and performance – and we are not victims of what energy we allow ourselves to work in and, in most cases, we are able to change and optimize that energy in existing facility: no matter how good it is, we can always improve and prepare the energies to support our highest purpose in life and work.”

The Treasure: How to Change the World

Sometimes it is not the cleaning, nor the decoration that helps. We can change the energy in places with redirection, resetting and intention. We also use the different energies in different places to support our goals and purpose. I myself try to make an effort to be in specific energies for different needs. For reflections I will make sure to be alone – the view over the ocean to me provides the energy of unlimited inspiration and inspired input. When having to answer emails and communicate in writing sitting in a nice café with people coming in and out, chatting away and some having deep conversation is a great enhancer for my productivity. When brainstorming either by myself or with others I make sure to have some lounge music with a beat in the background and/or sitting in a room with different art on the walls and if possible an open view. For researching the energy of a library is the best.


Paying a visit to the New York Public Library the energy emanated of inspiration and knowledge. What a treasure! It was great inspiration walking in the energies of thoughts and insights that had come into writing by thousands of great soul. I enjoyed blending with the energies and felt the expansion of awareness and consciousness and inspiration instantly came to me and I felt like staying and putting my thoughts into writing or sitting down and reading one of the many books.


 NYPL Studyhall NYPL 'Basement'

A CEO sitting in his big office never leaving his chair will never be as effective as somebody who changes his ways – walking around in the company sensing the energies, taking some time by himself with his note book, etc. In general everybody would benefit from taking some time to figure out what, where and how we work best, when and in what energies. When that is said one can impact the energies in a certain place. See below my signature for some simple reminders and advice regarding energy in places.


I am looking forward to traveling the world and experience all sorts of energies. I will keep you posted on my up coming trip.


Have a fantastic weekend.

Best of energies

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen





Places have energy:

Where do your live, where is your office, where do you choose go in holiday. Does the energy of the place support your purpose, your vision and the type of performance and results you wish to create?


Things have an energy frequency:

Be aware what your things do to you. Do your energy frequencies improve or do they drop? Sell and throw out if they do not serve your energy.


You can change the energy:

Changing energy is more difficult. Here you have to be good at managing your own energy – both in terms of strength of your energy (being built through meditation) and the focus of your energies (built through visualization and practice). From a science based perspective you can read more about Extended Mind Theory by Andy Clark and David Chalmers (1998)

When both are strong you can start by attuning your energies and visualizing a certain energy being built in the room and by repeating this several time you can build a new energy in places, buildings, rooms and offices. The stronger your energies are the quicker and more strong your energy work manifests. I have done lots of this type of work for clients over the years with great results. I have a case study in my book The Treasure: How to Change the World.

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