Use what you got to impact & influence – genius or not!

I spent several days in the ‘Genius’ table in an Apple Store in LA – my computer had been down for several weeks and was now finally in the hands of an expert (even though I would love to think that I was the genius they referred to when asked to proceed to the Genius table to meet the young Daniel Villegas – after enjoying his professional, patient and kind service and successful assistance I must admit that he was probably the one they referred to by the title Genius;)


Sharing David’s expertise with Kristin Davis we had plenty of time to talk after a short session/reading that only confirmed how wonderful she is as a person and how many talents and facets she possesses. Sitting around waiting for our computers to be treated and cured Kristin shared her passion creating awareness of the potential extinction of elephants as a patron for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust saving the lives of hundreds of elephants in Kenya alone. She told me that within 10 years the elephants could be extinct if we do not stop the industrialized killing for the sake of money over life. Be aware that if there is no demand, the locals would not kill these precious animals to earn money to survive and thrive.


Kristin Davis and Christel Rosenkilde Christensen


I was very inspired to hear how she used not only her fame from amongst others the Sex and the City television series and movies (giving a new spark to the friendships of millions of women around the world – friendships that make us laugh, connect to our souls and grand us the strength to continue to make a difference no matter what life brings us) but also Kristin’s skills and scarce time to make a difference like many of her colleagues. Most of you probably saw my post on Facebook about about Matt Damon and his participation in the Ice Bucket Challenge on Facebook for ASL creating awareness and find solutions for his passion to find solutions for the more than 750 million people on our planet living without access to clean water being the co-creater of the organization

Matt Damon’s Ice Bucket Challenge with a twist of awareness (click on the picture):

Matt Damon - water bucket challenge


We do not need to be famous to make a difference – in future posts I will share some examples of some exceptional projects helping people around the world created by inspiring people I have met on the first part of my Treasure – Change the World Tour,  amongst other a project in Africa and in Haiti supported by two strong woman from Cleveland and Ojai, California. There are so many people who use their time and resources to do good, to care and create a positive change for those in need around the world. I would like to be a catalyst for awareness of the positive efforts to support the projects but also to inspire and to ignite a spark in everyone to connect with our soul purpose – why are we here, why are we good at what we are good at and how can we apply that to co-create a better world. This is amongst others what I do for a living to support this process for individuals and for organizations – it is my passion and my life to empower, remind and to facilitate an energy for this initiation.


The first meeting and introduction Kristin Davis had with an elephant she was warned/reminded – take a deep breath, the elephant looks straight into your soul. So powerful. The elephants are moreover known for the qualities of being co-operative spirits, wise, reliable, stable, patient, conducting themselves with grace and respecting their surroundings and honoring its like and strangers. All virtues that would only make our world a better place if these were taught in schools and trainings in all cultures and expected as a given from people around us – that would create harmony, co-creation and we would support each other instead of fight our differences.

Elephants Kristin Davis "Treasure - Change the World Tour"


I believe in working for the good of all only creates excess wealth and health for everyone involved. Several of the case studies in my book The Treasure, shows financial benefits from focusing on healthy growth and sustainability for our entire stakeholder chain and that this will leverage the wealth in all levels in our society, our organizations and our lives only creating more opportunities and positive results for everyone. Negative focus on competition, scarcity and short term gains will only create a ripple effect of less for all. Competing and taking from others instead of creating new and unique ways will in the end only create erosion of capital, human and natural resources and life leading everyone into an emotional and physical space of survival, fear and war. Lets follow the example of people who prioritize time and resources to make a positive difference. Sometimes all we need is to smile at a stranger – other times we need to make a turn around in our lives and/or our organization and create those new ways.


We can only gain – when choosing ‘to act for life’ – my humble call to action for today.


Have a wonderful day.

Best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

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