Remember Joy No Matter What

Last Monday evening, I spoke on a conference call in an inspirational global network for women – for mutual empowerment to fulfill their dreams in life and in their carreers.

I was invited to talk about my “Treasure – Change the World Tour”, my experiences and choices in life that brought great transformation, and the work I do with individuals and companies with Energistic Leadership and Impact Performance™.


One of the thing that moved me speaking to these women in the particular group was that they emphasized joy as an important part of our journey. On my tour I have been so blessed that friends from around the world has joined me – so while speaking, doing sessions, meeting with various interesting people – I at the same time synchronistically get to spend time with good friends.


The Guitar Man in Central Parc NYC

How joyful is that to have left my home, my country, to travel the world with one message – that we CAN change the world, to empower people and to remind people that is it worth it. Trusting my intuition and guidance and hoping that my trip will be sponsored and believing in this project is worth it. AND suddenly being surrounded by wonderful people but new and old friend that all now have a place in my heart. Friendships and having fun is an incredible creator energy providing a strong ripple effect our lives – it leaves you to feel that you can walk on water knowing that there are always someone there for you. What a support carried to me – beyond what I ever foresaw. I can’t wait to look back at this journey to re-experience the joyful moments having donated a year of my life to encouraging positive change in our world.

Thank you – to all of you supporting my trip, family, friends, sponsors, private people donating to support my trip.

Have a nice evening.
Best of Energies,

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