10 ways to live a purposeful and extraordinary life – bringing your uniqueness and contribution to the world

I’m often asked what I do to live such an extraordinary life and I am almost everyday told that I am lucky traveling on my 1 year “Treasure – Change the World Tour” contributing, empowering and reminding people I meet on the way that we can live an extraordinary life AND make the world a better place at the same time. Yes, I do feel privileged and I feel the magic everyday but I also allow the unexpected every second. Furthermore, I sold everything that I owned – even my bed and my bedroom lamp and I don’t know if I will start with nothing once I end my journey – but I have acted on my guidance and hope to contribute as much as possible on the way and already now I have learned, seen, experienced and met so many amazing people that I am way richer in my heart and soul. I have my journey – but living my life wouldn’t be the purpose for someone else. So what is your purpose? What is your dream? What is your contribution?


Christel Rosenkilde Christensen on her "Treasure - Change the  World Tour"
Christel Rosenkilde Christensen on her “Treasure – Change the World Tour”


Actually I meet people all the time that have everything to live an extraordinary life – in fact we all have. They are simply not conscious of the fact that their lives could be different or having the courage to go and make that change that will make a big difference and their lives and the world around them. I also meet many incredible people who has chosen to live and extraordinary life and to contribute.


Here from Melbourne on my “Treasure – Change the World Tour” I will share 10 of the many things I do myself and that you can do to live and feel extraordinary bringing your uniqueness to the world making a difference everyday:


1. Believe you CAN live an extraordinary life

“Your belief (conscious or subconscious) can give you power, but you have to accept that this carries responsibility, When you encounter a situation you project your beliefs and energies onto this event and interpret it based on your ideas. But your energy is about a journey. Focused attention provides a tremendous resource, treasure it – value it above rubies – the power to make a change, to make a difference…” – from my book The Treasure – how to change the world. (Energistic Leadership™ as an agent for visionary change.)

Believing expands your energy field and your are more inclined to sense your guidance and direction. Take responsibility for you own destiny and dare to believe!


2. Focus on opportunities

Look at what is possible – don’t focus on limitations and dead-ends. Start talking about what you can do – for yourself and others. If we only see limitations our lives never change. What am I good at, what are my skills, what can I offer to the world, who needs me, how can it be applied in a more beneficial way for myself, for the realization of my dreams, and how can it support more people? Your energy flows where your focus goes.


3. Create healthy routines in your life that gives your extra energy such as meditation, gentle and regular exercise, sleep more, eat consciously, stop the excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, coffee, hard sports such spinning/running or mix it with more gentle forms of exercise that increase your awareness of your body and unlocks your physical tensions. The above things only numb your senses and awareness. Not that you necessarily should stop to enjoy a good glass of wine or a good coffee yet be mindful of what your choices does to your energy. The healthier choices, the stronger the energy.


Christel Rosenkilde Christensen and her health practices on her "Treasure - change the world tour"

4. Choose to talk to and spend time with positive people

I have amazing friends – I feel I am more because of them. We have inspiring conversations, challenge one another and bring new perspectives to our lives. We laugh and we cry together. We also support each other to turn a negative into a positive and remind one another to aim high. Yet, I always know that I have a responsibility – a responsibility to keep it that way. Know that you have a responsibility to change conversation and energy – as long as you are participating in the conversation you are a part of feeding negative energy. You can always suggest a different direction of conversation.


If you have family suggest and remind each other to keep a positive and supportive language. Not said that we shouldn’t address less positive topics or feelings. Yet, be constructive, supportive and loving – don’t get carried away. Stay away from or spend less time with pessimists if your above efforts does not bring any change – they bring your focus in the wrong direction. Have you reassessed your friendships lately or assessed your chosen focus in your group of friends. Remember that by addressing it you have the opportunity to bring everybody higher. Positive focus strengthens your energy and makes your visualized outcome more likely to occur.


5. Dare to be different!

Bring in YOUR passion and do more of what YOU love. Anything you love to do adds to your positive energy pool. Let go of or change routines that drains you and do not try and fit in. Your difference and your weirdness are what you are supposed to bring in to this world –  your unique point of value to this world (what I call your UPVW). When being everything that you are your energies and focus are strong – and that combined with service and belief – there is no stopping for you to live your best life.


Click one the below picture to see the most meaningful speech from Vox.com about making a difference “Being Weird, Being Different” at the Oscars when Oprah hands over the Academy Award to Graham Moore, the writer of the Imitation Game:

Graham Moore "Stay Weird . Stay Different."
Graham Moore
“Stay Weird . Stay Different.”

The above picture is a screenshot from when reading the Huffington Post last night.


6. Dream, go crazy and remember to have fun.

Use your imagination and have fun – suddenly reality and imagination will meet Eg. Create a vision board and change it every 2nd year. Focus on your ideal life as if you had no limitations. You actually don’t have any limitations only beliefs – but your dream board will help you to release your psychological and energetic blockages and false perceptions of reality. False perceptions and negative beliefs lower your energy frequency, you feel more drained and tired, and have a harder time to manifest your goals. The more personal awareness you have the more authentic choices and the higher energy frequency – which you need to thrive and to achieve your goals.


7. Find solutions and start to invest in your new life.

Stop focusing of what you think you cannot afford. What if you stopped using money on mediocre things and started investing your money in your dreams and passions. For some people it means to use some of ones savings, for some it means to sell things you don’t need, for others it means to stop spending money on what is not needed, for others it is daring to seek the people for advice, for a new job, seeking people who have the money to invest in your ideas and dreams. But for all people we should at least ask ourselves every 2nd year whether what we have now is yesterday’s dream? If our life is not aligned to our dreams and visions the energy we emanate is sending mixed signals. Aligning your energies makes your message and energy clear to the point and you attract people and opportunities that are aligned with your purpose.


8. Be inspired

Find people you admire, read about them, contact them and meet them if possible, follow them, study them. Read about a new science that intrigues you, a new line of business, new technologies. Read about something new outside of your normal field of work or interest. I myself spend 1 day a week, meeting interesting people, reading magazines and books, watching TedTalks, a museum visit or anything else inspiring  that is outside ‘my box’. It fills me up, it makes my world bigger and adds new ways to look at life and expand my perspective. Not least does inspiration ignite my passion, make my resilience and energy stronger and I ‘run longer on the mile’.


Below some examples of people we all know who’s work has inspired me on my trip; ObamaOprah, & Mandela – not to forget all the other people I have met so far on my “Treasure – Change the World Tour”:

Barrack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Nelson Mandela
Barrack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Nelson Mandela


9. Ask yourself, “how can I contribute? How can I use my passion to change the world?”

I always ask myself this in various situations during my day. Any action to be at service brings good to someone else and once you feel you made a difference you can’t stop. It feels amazing to do good in the world. When I work with my clients be it organization, athletes, entrepreneurs, actors or alike I always work with optimizing their ultimate capacity, performance and how they can contribute simultaneously – with no exception. In my mind – capacity equals responsibility and responsibility empowers. So if you want to be empowered – take responsibility and belief that you can live an extraordinary life and make a difference at the same time. Contribution is the highest form of co-creation when I talk about energy – when you wish something good for other people, choose to do it and act on it you are creating an alignment of good, a connection of soul purpose, your gift – your treasure given to share to this earthy realm, and the need of others – integrating that into your daily activities will create more energy and than it is possibly human to comprehend. Those of you who have experienced this will understand and know that there is hardly more giving energy to be a part of.


10. Breathe – no I’m not kidding!

Have your checked your breathing during your day? Are you in your head and short breathing to your chest only. Allow life, allow your feelings to guide you, allow your body and mind to be fully energized by allowing maximum intake of oxygen. It also makes our thoughts and intentions a part of our own lives. We automatically listen to our own needs – so that we not only work, create and contribute to something outside of us. We are born to live, we are able to thrive, we owe it to ourselves and the world to life the most extraordinary life on our life journey. When we breathe properly we have a deeper connection to our intuition knowing what is right for self and others (See my blog on Intuition vs Gutt-feeling for greater results and contribution). With a positive thought, wish, dream in mind –  take a deep breath and you can make more magic in your life than with a whole life of planning. Breathe and allow yourself to bring your unique contribution to the World.


“There is no passion in playing it small – settling for a life that is anything less than you are capable in living”

– Nelson Mandela, a quote from the book The Treasure: How to change the world.


Change your life – Change the World

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