“Shining Star” – by a Sprouting Visionary

As the days go rolling by

You have to keep reaching for the sky

Let no one steer you off course

Cause you are your only energy source

Keep your soaring both near and far

Your light constantly shines

You are a shining star

– Written by Ada Vines, age 8

I was so inspired and impressed last night when a dear client in Australia sent me this poem written by her 8 year old daughter, Ada Vines.

You all know about my favorite spare time occupation, my program Sprouting Energies® – Energistic Leadership® for children and teenagers – supporting their awareness of own and other’s energy to develop and strengthen their self awareness, self-confidence and self-worth living a better, more positive and happy life – to be everything that they dream of and more – for them to become Sprouting Visionaries.

Let us all be reminded by this beautiful poem written by Ada Vines, to keep reaching for the sky and let no one steer us off course – allowing our light to shine to be a star.

Best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen


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