International Women’s Day: “Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.”

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.”

– Hillary Clinton


In the celebration of International Women’s Day I will urge us to take a look at Hillary Clinton’s quote – a macroeconomic perspective. Every man and woman should be advocating for equal opportunity. We all have different qualities – all combined men and women – we would have a world of not only equal rights but also equal opportunity. We would have unlimited resources to find valuable solutions whilst creating a better world – also from a humanitarian point of view.


Christel Rosenkilde Christensen  on her "Treasure - Change the  World Tour"
Christel Rosenkilde Christensen
on her “Treasure – Change the World Tour”


In an ideal world there would be no talk about inequality:

Imagine a world where each and every individual was safe, empowered and had the opportunity to shine, to be happy, and live their full potential. Everyone would be able to contribute to the society we live in, being allowed to make a difference. In that ideal world, there would be no talk about inequality nor equality – we would all be equal and only see it as a given – all equally unique and special, deserving to be living the best of our capabilities in this life time.


Are we afraid of new ways?

For those men and women out there avoiding to facilitate equal opportunities for women – get off your chair! Are you afraid? Afraid of loosing momentum, afraid of competition, afraid of the new ways that would naturally be created from people accessing not only their opportunities but also living their full capacity? Be mindful – there would be created vast and new opportunities for everyone – also for you. If we as individuals are encouraged and supported in our uniqueness we are not even looking to live someone else’s life nor opportunities – we will walk our own path – living our dreams and purpose.


Women Changing the World: 

In Scandinavia the equal rights discussion is about getting women into 50% of boards and management positions to get a more healthy and a balanced representative of talents and difference of perspective. Coming from this part of the world I feel privileged and know that having had the freedom to grow up in a country where there is little difference between men and women, where  women sen have a minimum of 6 month paid maternity leave (in Sweden up to 3 years)and  compared to other places in the world left me with choice, opportunity and great capacity to follow my dreams not even a single second thinking being a woman could be a disadvantage.  Yet what I always say is that with capacity comes responsibility.


…and the list is long for impressive women and great visionaries that take action and make an impact – not even having had the same equal opportunities growing up. We all know women that changed the world like nobel prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi from Burma fighting and giving up her life for democracy, Melinda Gates business woman and philanthropist dedicated to helping all people lead healthy, productive lives, Oprah amongst others bringing a higher awareness through her television program OWN around the world and building schools for young women in South Africa, and Malala Yousafzai a Pakistani schoolgirl who stood up to the Taliban for her right to education. Ceri Parker, editor from the World Economic Forum has written an article about less known yet extremely expressive and impactful women in the world: 15 women changing the world in 2015 .


Inspirational women changing the world - Oprah, Malala, Aung San Suu Kyi, Melinda Gates
Inspirational women changing the world – Oprah, Malala, Aung San Suu Kyi, Melinda Gates


End the Right to Rape:

Fighting for more women in the boards and executive rooms may be important – yet on a day like this, International Women’s Day there are more prominent issues to be addressed. Now being in Australia on my Treasure – Change the World Tour I would like to put emphasis on the focus of the Australian chapter of ‘International Women’s Day’ – to End the Right to Rape. Their  mission is to gather enough signatures taking the petition to the UN Headquarters in New York for the global gathering of the Commission on the Status of Women in a bid to pressure all governments around the world to take action to end the right to rape, ‪#‎endtherighttorape.



It is a global urgency, according to the 1/3 of women around the world has been sexually assaulted, 50% of the assault is on girls younger than 16, and 73% of countries around the world do not acknowledge rape of women in marriages as a crime by the legal system. Sexual assault is some of the most demeaning a person can ever experience.


Withdrawal of the energy field due to assaults prevents living a full life:

According to my work and concept Energistic Leadership™, a person suffering an assault, in this case the woman sexually assaulted, withdraws her energy field up close or even withdraws her energy beneath her skin. For some people they will be survival mode for the rest of their lives feeling other people around them to be aware of any perceived or real danger – unable or less able to feel own emotions. Ideally, the energy field should be an arm’s length from her body to feel own emotions and sense what is right and wrong in her surroundings. With her energy withdrawn the woman will find it hard to healthily relate to other people and situations in a caring and open manor – a skill that is generically considered as a woman’s most deep-rooted qualities. If not aware or getting help this can be excruciating for any person’s life and well-being making it impossible for that person to live her full potential. The world has for each person abused and assaulted lost a great capacity and the woman will have a hard time to live anything close to a happy life.


We need to educate and act – I can not even start to think what rape would do to a woman, no sense of security, the devaluation, the devastation and what is does to a woman for the rest of her life.



International Women's Day 2015
International Women’s Day 2015


A coming together of the feminine and the masculine – evolved and conscious development:

As a society, we need to recognize the differences between men and women, the different qualities and talents. Furthermore, we need to realize that women can occupy almost the same position as any man – yet if she is authentic and true to her own uniqueness she will do it differently. As a generalization, women are more aware of the emotional and psychological sides of challenges which will highlight different needs when finding solutions not only the functional and structural sides of things. Not said that women cannot think in structures and functions and visa versa.


Therefore, I believe that in this century we will not see feminism rise – we will see a coming together of the masculine and the feminine.  A knowing will evolve that only with both men and woman side by side we will be achieve a more evolved and conscious world. A world where we are creating healthy and meaningful growth with less destruction and ego, with more focus on organic and purposeful development and innovation.


We need our men to teach their sons to respect, nurture and empower women and never abuse and suppress them. We need women to teach their daughters to respect men, nurture and care for them so that their vulnerability can grow into strength instead of ego and aggression covering up insecurity. Together this will create a safe environment, possibilities, freedom of choice and voice for women all over the world. Thus it allows their uniqueness to unfold into great strength capacity and the ability to create conscious change in our world.


“The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization

but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights”

–  Gloria Steinem 


Remember that we are all unique living beings that should have equal opportunities to shine and to make a difference. For us who already live a privileged life – let’s take action, let’s act for life, let’s make it happen!


Have a wonderful day co-creating a ripple effect of positive change taking action spreading awareness.

Change your life – Change the World

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen  Owner & Energistic Insignia Expert Advisor™     World class trusted executive advisor, facilitator & Energistic Excellence Mentor™ for the elite in various industries, politics, sports and education.  - today’s challenge, tomorrow’s miracle…  Speaker & author of the book: The Treasure: How to Change the World on Energistic Leadership as an agent for visionary change

Best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

Energistic Insignia Expert™

– International trusted executive advisor, intuitive mentor for the elite in various industries, sports and visionary entrepreneurs. Pioneered Energistic Leadership™ in 2007. Speaker & author of the book: The Treasure: How to Change the World on Energistic Leadership™ as an agent for visionary change

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