Two days ago, it was my birthday – and 3 weeks ago in a meditation, I was given a new article series to share THE TREASURE SCRIPTURES.


It is a privilege to share with you the first chapter, the first scripture, Conscious Visionary Action for your empowerment – (click on the below link):


It is reminder and empowerment for you conscious visionaries around the world for renewed energy, inspiration and a message that the time is now. Yet, to rise, you need to recharge, expand and apply your consciousness.

It is my gift to you on my special day that I share the attached document for you to read: The Treasure Scripture – Conscious Visionary Action.

An Audio Option:

On the first page right after the chapter begins – you will find a link to an audio file if you should prefer to listen. Still, remember to visit the last part of the chapter for links to more guidance and rejuvenating inspiration!

Lets create a ripple effect of Conscious Visionary Action and Empowerment.

You are most welcome to share The Treasure Scriptures with relevant conscious visionaries to remind them of their path, and for their empowerment as you all matter beyond words for the destiny of our children and future generations….

I know that for many of you it has been a challenging year and I am happy to have my Treasure Scriptures to share with you – for your next chapter and renewed energies to live, achieve and contribute in greatness. Remember this month is all about light and miracles – I hope something within my scripture will ignite light and miracles in your life.

My most illuminated thoughts, a merry Christmas and best wishes,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

THE ILLUMINATOR – Conscious Top Performance Expert and psychic advisor for the progressive conscious elite with clients in more than 28 countries around the World. Christel has promoted Conscious Leadership in almost two decades to improve lives, to enhance conscious top performance, and to ignite wisdom and a positive force for change in the individual and in us all for a better world  – now and for future generations. 




Published by Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen M.Sc./MBA, RCE-EPTCE, B.A. International Energistic Executive Advisor, Visionary CEO & Founder of Treasure World Leaders™ Author of the book 'The Treasure: How to Change the World. Energistic Leaderhip as an agent for visionary change. As Energistic Executive Advisor and expert in Energistic Leadership Excellence and Impact Performance for individual and in organizations – it is my mission to travel the world on my 'Treasure - Change the World Tour', to connect with people, organizations and societies for a 'call to action' to actively make a choice to act for life. We are all alike in the sense that we can make a difference if we choose to - by aligning and strengthening our energies to make a strong impact in the world. The concepts I developed and and introduced to market in 2008 - Energistic Leadership Excellence and Impact Performance - is a suggestion how to making results above and beyond, doing what we do best whilst making a positive impact with the energy we transmit as a result of our thoughts, choices and actions. I have assisted hundreds of thought-leaders, influencers, executives, top performers, private individuals and organizations to shine in their full capacity with focused action to create a ripple effect of inspired action, heightened awareness and an increased consciousness in decision-making, innovation and growth benefiting the world around us as much as our bottom line and desired results. This is what I am good at, this is what I love – this is my passion! Using a combination of my global business background, strong academic background and my spiritual development and psychic abilities I guide people in a caring manor to release their blockages to move forward creating change, growth and results from within creating a ripple effect of change they have only dared to dream of. 1. Individual Energistic Advice - right hand to top performers assisting on personal or organizational conscious excellence 2. Speeches, workshops or adapted trainings in Energistic Leadership and Impact performance for your organization and teams 3. Open courses for individuals (Your Energy is Key )and business people (Master Class in Energistic Leadership and Impact Performance) You are welcome to contact me - your connection is treasured.

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