What truly matters – also this time of year. I was in tears …

In December many are celebrating Christmas around the world. Yet all sort of national or international celebrations that include family and friends will always leave some feel alone or vulnerable. Lets make sure to make this coming month a loving, contributing and impactful month – remembering that is all about relations.

I would like to share an enlightning experience from an evening out in Hollywood on my “Treasure – Change the World Tour”. I was literally in tears. I had a conversation with my good friend about contribution.

This was my 9th month traveling with the intention to remind as many people as possible that we CAN change the world and our lives in a far more positive way than we could ever dare to imagine. I shared my work with true world leadership, awareness and the responsibility and the capacity we have transmitting our energy into the world impacting our relations through our thoughts, choices and actions.

(To see the capacity we have influencing energies from our thoughts, choices and actions see this short movie of 20 seconds from the California Science Museum in Los Angeles, US. Here I get to demonstrate how if trained and strong in our energies we can influence and manage the energies around us – with no limits in distance nor strength of impact if proper training.) Click here or on the picture to see this 20 seconds short movie.


Christel Rosenkilde Christensen influencing and managing energy physically at the California Science Museum
Christel Rosenkilde Christensen influencing and managing energy physically at the California Science Museum


I got caught up in other people’s energy.

On my tour alone I have experienced the most unbelievable and amazing things and met the most inspiring people through only following my intuition and wanting to do good. My energy was almost always strong and I had excess energy to share and contribute.

Yet, that specific night we had gone to a roof top terrace to relax and enjoy a glass a wine. I was soon in tears. Was I ever able to make the impact that I wished for so deeply?

On that specific roof top we experienced a series of cynical, self promoting people being focused on ‘likes’, bragging about their success and not caring about the world nor each other even though they were there as friends – or so it seemed on me to begin with as unaware of the shifts of my energies. That very night it got to me. I had sold all my belongings and spending them on contributing around the world to make a positive impact. Was it worth it? Would these people ever understand how important they were? Would they understand their capacity to change their lives and the world for the better?


“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Steve Jobs


Well of course it was and is worth it. Yet, that very night I had tapped into the energies of the people around me. If not aware this happens to us all the time. You suddenly get caught up in an emotion and we have a change of mood – that is the subtle subconscious way we often react to the energies of our surroundings. This evening I was tired, and let my guards down as I just met with a dear friend. I for a short while forgot about all the other people around us and blended with all energies around me. In reality, what I sensed from the young crowd of people desperate to succeed was insecurity, a need to be seen, be valued and to succeed. They didn’t have energy for anyone but themselves in their exhausting struggle to make it.

So mirroring their emotions in my energy I also did not notice much but my own despair, being tired after 9 months of spreading my message and suddenly out of the blue feeling that not before I had reached all the billions of people around the world was I truly a success. These are not my everyday thoughts – but that day I was exhausted and had subconsciously blended my energies with the people on the rooftop as you can see.

My friend, Toni Reilly from Australia who was synchronistically in LA at the same time as me, listened patiently and was extremely supportive and said “Its okay that you feel like this for one night Christel. Wake up tomorrow and you will feel better and you will once again feel inspired”. Caught up in the energies I didn’t even understand how clever it was of Toni to let me sob a little and receive care and understanding and during the night once again having regained my own energies – but it reassured me that I was ok.


The taxi driver or angel came to our rescue:

The next day we were in a taxi and I got to speak to the taxi driver. He was from the Ivory Coast in Africa. He was a philosophy teacher before he had to flee his country because of war and now lived in Hollywood, US. I told him that as a young girl choosing my studies I had thought of philosophy but had been afraid of loosing my mind working in a field with no answers and chose international business instead.

The driver promptly answered. “Philosophy does not drive you crazy, it is about what truly matters”. I was touched and asked him if I could pass on one message to the world in his opinion what should that be. He answered:


“… the philosophy about human beings. That what truly matters is reminding human beings that all they do is about human relations. It is about caring and taking care of each other.”

The taxi driver continued… if we every day for the people around us can turn on a small ray of light in their hearts through support, care and by listening in sad times – make someone feel valued and important. Then we have succeeded.

Tears again started running down my cheeks – this time of release and sense of purpose and love for humanity, my family, friends, and a love for life itself. I knew I was doing that for every step I took on my journey. Impact, contribution and love had been my inner mantra since the very beginning of the trip. Sharing my insight to impact, traveling to contributing as much as possible to the people I meet “high and low” – no judgment of who was high and who was low. Because I was impressed by every single person I met on my journey.


Every single person I met proved my trip worth it

Everyone I met touched me immensely – the man in the street who had a beautiful life philosophy, the young woman on the beach who had fought through her teen years and now a successful jewelry designer, the old woman on the bus who was a retired nurse and since then had supported families to dementia patients now 80, the movie producer who had made over 50 movies in his life who had forgot his impact int he world. I could go on – amazing people all over the world.

Look around you and realize that every single person you meet in worth it – make your life worth it. Even when they transmit an energy that gets to you. Then you know that you are out of balance. It is not about not being affected – it is about finding your way back to your center. Each and every person you meet on your way is a student and/or teacher. Your awareness and consciousness is key to thrive, excel and to contribute in your souls highest purpose. It is all about ‘love, contribution


Impact, Contribution and Love - by Christel Rosenkilde Christensen
Impact, Contribution and Love – by Christel Rosenkilde Christensen


Through my experience with the people on the rooftop I learned about the energies present in Hollywood – the immense pressure, the hardships trying to be seen and only succeeding with millions around the world see you – often many of them come from around the courtly and the world far from family and old friends. I also learned that I myself don’t need that – that I just need to impact people around me every single day – I know I do, even when not on my “Treasure Change the World Tour” – family, friends, clients who are world leaders in each of their ways.


All we do is essentially about human relations

That what truly matters is reminding human beings that all they do is about human relations. It is about caring and taking care of each other not only in the physical world but also being aware of our thoughts, choices and actions as they do impact other people – more than we know. The more we are centered and rested ourselves the better we can control our own energies avoiding to blend with other people’s energies or to impact others in a negative way.

Let us turn on a small ray of light in the hearts of those around us.  It is all about our human relations and once we understand that – we are capable of thriving, excelling and exceeding in a human and conscious manor – creating good for all.


Happy first of December.

Best of energies and rays of life to you my friends,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

– International trusted executive advisor, intuitive mentor for the elite in various industries, sports and education.

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