Traditional Business Perspectives Destroy Us – Aim Higher!

During my world tour back in 2014/15, Treasure Change the World Tour, I spoke to hundreds of people from all walks of life – truly life-changing for me to experience the wisdom, the capacity and the craving in most people to make positive change in the world. Yet, everywhere I went people would tell me ‘Christel, if I had just more time, I am working with all that I can but…’

Around the world people from all walks of life seem to feel as if they are trapped in their circumstance, constantly on a treadmill that is rolling slightly faster than they can run; or that people around them are not running fast enough to assist them to outlive their visions. Yet, it is a mere excuse for living an illusion. This is the difference between living traditional business and performance perspective and the other side, tapping into the bigger picture; tapping into the innate wisdom of the universe that will illuminate us and serve our higher purpose whilst creating exceptional results and achieving our dreams.

I know that many of you will be thinking:

‘Christel, we get this. But this is the world we live in, this is our reality. How do we change it?’ 

This is a valid question and where most of my clients start their journey.

We all know there is more, but how do we make it apply to our own lives and line of work? People are more familiar with setting and reaching target deadlines, Key Performance Indicators, Profit and Loss or pleasing shareholders’ expectations. For elite athletes, they simply wish to remain or become number one in the world, and for politicians or other more political driven areas, power and votes are strong traditional indicators for success. I see individuals and organisations that are obsessed with short-term targets and the damage they can do professionally and personally. Again, there is so much more towhee we can achieve when on the top of our game. We gain influence to change people and the world for the better…So, how can we change this old paradigm? 

The traditional perspective is a means to an end, people believe that working towards the bigger picture requires extra energy, extra time or extra effort which most do not have the energy for. It is the conventional way of driving competition, whether in politics, business or any other industry. Yet, it is a change in perspective that is required, the tools to tap into our innate resources, the trust that it does matter, the courage to care, the will to listen and to take guided action to illuminate us. It does not require more energy – on the contrary – you will be more energised, more joyful, feel a sense of fulfilment, a heightened sense of flow and achievement being a vessel of something greater than ourselves no matter our faith and beliefs.

As leaders in our areas of expertise we are required to lead the way, to show an example, to show that in unity and caring we can make the greatest difference with what we do best; true leadership. Anything else is pure greed, selfishness, egoistic reach for artificial admiration. Research done by the Institute of Economics and Peace proves that leveraging the standard of living of the less fortunate part of the society makes a higher standard for the more fortunate. If what we do makes no positive difference in the world for everyone involved, then what are we truly here for, how do our lives make sense? By having a leading position, we have the privilege to always set the correct course of direction. The way I see it, there is no excuse.

There is an urgent need in this world to replace the old paradigm of greed and instead, welcome visionary change to create a positive impact as we go about our daily business and thrive for greatness. This way we are supporting the society we live in and still earning an acceptable or even exceptional return on investment. In quantum physics, equals attract equals, so by investing in life, we will always attract solutions to expand our life force by creating growth with new and innovative solutions. There is a choice and an opportunity to act differently from how we previously did. 

As an example, when I advise on financial investments, I always emphasise an Energistic Alignment (on of my energistic alignment tools for achieving balance and power between vision, actions and results) when choosing how to invest. Who the investors are, their values, whom they want to influence, why they want to invest? What are they hoping to get out of it on a short- and long-term level? Most of the time, I see a mismatch. The investors would love a return on their investment but are unaware of the deficit on the social side of the investment – not even having started to talk about the energetic ripple effect transmitting into the world around them creating their reality and return on investment. 

As a society, we consume 1.5 times as much as our planet can produce: we need to find different solutions to create a balance. The future of investments will be in organisations that have a product that will have a positive impact on peoples’ living conditions. Do we have an Energistic Alignment – a balance and flow of energies – from our values to our choice of investment to the impact we are able to make, and back to our bank account? Is there a balance in investments that will support social development and find innovative solutions? Usually, when I ask this question, individuals and organisations say they have a deep-felt wish to make a difference but are not aware of the impact of their investments. One piece of encouragement I give is to invest at least in primary production or new world systems and technology supporting humanity and our most healthy future instead of pure speculation. 

Our awareness and level of consciousness is the key to development and growth. Individuals are doing the best they can, unconsciously aware of how they are draining and hurting themselves and others, decreasing their ability for long term success and a thriving planet and positive impact on our universe. This lack of understanding is then perceived as a failure, which reverts individuals back to traditional business ways and mediocrity. When we allow ourselves to let go of the traditional way of seeing the world, connecting and being a vessel for that of which is greater than ourselves being at service for the greater good – we will see ourselves create change and see extraordinary results within a short time. The new paradigm has already been acquired by a large group of the younger generations, such as being a part of something greater with contribution and purpose. This strengthened connectedness between our visions, strategies and that of the less fortunate in our world, will soon be the new normal as it is already showing a greater payoff.

We must let go of old paradigms of fitting life into the neat traditional frames and boxes.

We must believe that with conscious thought processes, with choices serving a greater purpose and with conscious use of focused energy – we can move mountains, we can change the world and as individuals, we will have the capacity to create unbelievable results and a magical life for ourselves and those who surround us.

My most illuminating thoughts

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

NB: This article is an edited article i wrote and published on linkedin back in 2018.

Published by Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen M.Sc./MBA, RCE-EPTCE, B.A. International Energistic Executive Advisor, Visionary CEO & Founder of Treasure World Leaders™ Author of the book 'The Treasure: How to Change the World. Energistic Leaderhip as an agent for visionary change. As Energistic Executive Advisor and expert in Energistic Leadership Excellence and Impact Performance for individual and in organizations – it is my mission to travel the world on my 'Treasure - Change the World Tour', to connect with people, organizations and societies for a 'call to action' to actively make a choice to act for life. We are all alike in the sense that we can make a difference if we choose to - by aligning and strengthening our energies to make a strong impact in the world. The concepts I developed and and introduced to market in 2008 - Energistic Leadership Excellence and Impact Performance - is a suggestion how to making results above and beyond, doing what we do best whilst making a positive impact with the energy we transmit as a result of our thoughts, choices and actions. I have assisted hundreds of thought-leaders, influencers, executives, top performers, private individuals and organizations to shine in their full capacity with focused action to create a ripple effect of inspired action, heightened awareness and an increased consciousness in decision-making, innovation and growth benefiting the world around us as much as our bottom line and desired results. This is what I am good at, this is what I love – this is my passion! Using a combination of my global business background, strong academic background and my spiritual development and psychic abilities I guide people in a caring manor to release their blockages to move forward creating change, growth and results from within creating a ripple effect of change they have only dared to dream of. 1. Individual Energistic Advice - right hand to top performers assisting on personal or organizational conscious excellence 2. Speeches, workshops or adapted trainings in Energistic Leadership and Impact performance for your organization and teams 3. Open courses for individuals (Your Energy is Key )and business people (Master Class in Energistic Leadership and Impact Performance) You are welcome to contact me - your connection is treasured.

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