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Coming back to Denmark after my Treasure – Change the World Tour I had a coffee with an inspiring new friend, Anja Steensig Holmbäck. Inspirator, facilitator and renown television and radio host. She has now embarked on a new journey enlightening and empowering those who are ready in multiple projects. Amongst others, World Compassion Project (WCP).

Sooner than I knew of it I had said yes support her new idea and global change project in the board of WCP and was already brainstorming. My role: input with my intuitive insight, concept and strategy.


Anja Steensig Holmbäck & Christel Christensen
Anja Steensig Holmbäck & Christel Christensen


Walking away from the meeting I was smiling as Anja within the short time of our meeting also had me convinced to support the project further by co-hosting the coming events. Some things in life just feels right to support. How could o not do it with the situation we see with the situation in Syria, the refugees, the earth quake in nepal, and later now the terrible losses of innocent people to the ISIS terror attacks around the world. Well, you can do the same thing if you wish form a postive angle to be an influencer to a more compassionate world – do like me. Join us online – without you we are one person short of making a difference. Anja’s  first event of her project is this coming Saturday 12.12. at 12pm. It will globally streamed so all you do is to turn on your computer, lean back and we will guide you trough an hour of co-creating more compassion in our selves and in the world around us.


A compassionate and inspiring board:

Little did I know as the first member on board, that Anja would gather such diversity in her board as she did. A former Member of Parliament, minister of gender equality, integration and social affairs, Manu Sareen. Television journalist, press and communication expert, Søren Hedman, a VP of one of Denmark’s large engineering companies, Tina Moe and a manager from a large foundation supporting social projects, Susanne Dahl. I love working with people with different backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, ways and different network. I am particularly moved when it is people with compassion as a driver in their lives – and these people I have enjoyed meeting. The kinds of people you with to get to know better. Susanne I have yet to meet as I was traveling around the meetings she was present. But no doubt she is equally amazing as the others.


World Compassion Project CP board members


Without compassion we have nothing

Through my global work and my recent “Treasure – Change the World Tour” the last 16 months traveling to contribute, to serve and inspire the people I met on the way – one important thing that I realized was that compassion is key to everything. Otherwise we will feel entrapped in the boarders of our own individual lives. Disconnected to the world around us. Compassion is the foundation for how we positively connect to others – how our own energy is influenced by others, the way we approach the world and how we are met by others. And one clear observation was that almost next to no one were used to meeting little of it from strangers.

My sole intention of the tour was to contribute. To meet people from a compassionate place of accept of where ever they were in their  lives rights there and then – to empower and offer my free and unbiased insights to how they could lead a better life with a greater impact in the world we live in. It was a rewarding journey of true compassion – both giving and receiving as many reached out under ways once they had overcome the first suspicion with a spoken or unspoken question – where is the catch?! There were non. I expected nothing back and people experienced true energy expansion and clarity of what they were worth, what they needed and how they could use who they were for the good of something bigger than themselves.

Yet, truely without compassion we have nothing (well for the lucky ones in our world material wealth and/or attention). We have created a world that takes focus away from the good of humanity and onto shareholder value, bottom line and ‘what’s in it for me’. again an entrapment. Earlier days we would do something because we knew we were servicing some people’s needs. Now its about either creating a need, getting a vote, seize a monetary opportunity so we can earn even more money, win even greater wins – little important if it serves a healthy sustainable goal and purpose for the planet and/or the human race around us. (This is obviously an exaggerated  generalisation as I know and know of thousands who make a great difference in their families, communities and the world we live in  – including a lot of amazing people I met on my tour.)

From my experience it was not the lack of will to make a difference that made people so caught up in their own worlds. On the contrary! Yet, most had the answer “but I need to support my family”, “business just doesn’t work that way”, “my board would think I have gone mad if I talked like that”, “if that was our focus then we would not win”, “if I had had the energy I would do more for others”…


Making a difference CAN be energizing

And thats exactly it. We forget the fact that we have to have energy to be able to change something. And sometimes it actually can be easier than we think… to step out of the hamster wheel, stop doing business as usual. We have to realize we have free will of thought and we have a free source energy available at our choices. We CAN get the energy to care first for ourselves, then others and as a bi-product we then get even more energy.

Yet, we need to realize that it is a choice. First, as an individual, then as a structure, then later as a norm. That is where you matter! It all starts with you – your thoughts, your choices, your actions.

What is so great with the initiative created by Anja is that is it designed to give you the energy to first have compassion with yourself, then others that we perceive are in need and last but not least through our connectivity as a human race through the energy we transmit and the energy we are impacted by through the thoughts, choices and actions of others.


Start now – you matter more than you know:
Give yourself a few minutes and get started. Close your eyes, start breathing, and do this exercise for yourselves.

1. Once even taking the first deep breath in a meditation you feel your energy returning. Then as you undisturbed continue this deep breathing and relaxation you even start to feel how you truly feel and replenish your energies accordingly.

2. Then, continuing breathing you are replenished with energy and you are capable of thinking of who you would like to send a compassionate thought to – in your own life and then in the world we live in.

3. Continuing breathing in a deeper state of mind you now imagine to connect in your heart to all the people in the world with a compassionate intention in this world. Feeling that not only does your own energy level rise but so do theirs.

Hence together you are co-creating a stronger and much more compassionate world. REPLENISHING yourself with energy – no excuses.

You matter, you CAN make a difference and be energized at the same time.

Don’t give up – it takes 42 days to change a habit:
Now start to make this visualization daily and you will see that you not only get energized, you start thinking differently and you start to create new way – more compassionate ways. For yourself, your loved ones and the world you live in.

I cannot wait to hear about all the things that now will change and happen for the better in your life. And remember – it takes 42 days to change a habit so keep going dear friend.


“A human being is a part of the whole, called by us Universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest-a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to be free from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature in its beauty”.

– Albert Einstein

World Compassion Project - WCP - Einstein


Let’s show the world that we care:

I’m here with you – you can return to this article and know that I sending you my supporting energies. And as you see above in the description of the board there is a broad specter of support and energy put into the World Compassion Project that will be felt and co-created on Saturday and at future events in the scope WCP – for you and for a more compassionate world.

Join, sign up and support our event online on this Saturday 12.12. At 12pm CET. (Melbourne 10pm, NYC 6am)
You will at our event be guided through dialogues about compassion, it’s benefits and you will experience energizing and most compassion-filled meditations.

I look forwarding to connecting with you now, Saturday, and in the future.


Let’s show the world that we care!

Best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

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