Apple stores are magical and protectors of lifelines – ‘support, kindness and sense of urgency’ is what the world needs

I have visited my share of Apple stores around the world till now on my “Treasure – Change the World Tour” I have a Mac Air – a lighter version practical for my travels – it is old and worn now after many years of daily use of mails, picture editing, recordings of meditations, social media, skype, writings of blogs and even my book “The Treasure: How to change the World” has been created on this computer – no ‘a’ nor ‘s’ visible on its keyboard anymore, its memory is starting to fill up – yet it is serving its magical purpose of continuous communication in all its forms, shapes and colors.


Every time I have been in an Apple store I have been met with extreme kindness, willingness to support, and a sense of urgency. I believe that those are keywords in all areas of life – well maybe even magical qualities to any purposeful relations. For many of us in a global world our computers and internet are our lifelines – our way to communicate, to stay in touch, to be inspired, to inspire. So to be met with a sense of urgency and willingness to be support and with kind understanding of the stress induced by the fear of loosing that lifeline is incredible.  The energy that is created in that meeting of need and fear and kindness and support is invaluable. It carries great impact – a true treasure.


Writing my blog about my visit in My Mac - Federation Square, Melbourne

Writing my blog about my visit in My Mac – Federation Square, Melbourne


The apple store is also magical in the sense that I always meet interesting people whilst waiting and most often walk put inspired  and with a feeling of everything is possible and have revelations in hours after my visit – as mentioned in a prior post (Use what you’ve got to impact and influence – Genius or not!), I met Kristin Davis from Sex and the City in the Apple store of LA where she shared how she had chosen to make a conscious difference through charity work not least how she has inspired women around the world in her acting career. Later I had dinner with an inspiring designer who introduced me to her godfather – movie producer making a movie that is to change the world… At this very moment writing this blog I have a magazine about Nelson Mandela for my continuous inspiration next to me – he did if any have the qualities of wanting support with a strong vision for people and nation, a kindness encouraging inclusion and sense of urgency to act – even more magic around this very story.


Talking to Kristin Davis about her charity for wild life and her impact on women around the world

Talking to Kristin Davis about her charity for wild life and her impact on women around the world


This time around, I visited the Apple Store: My Mac Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia. Here, I received the same amazing service like everywhere else in the world. Waiting in line I got to speak to a man from Sri Lanka, who has a long career with learning and development in various organizations and countries around the world – amongst others one of the biggest airlines in the world. One of the many interesting perspectives he shared from his work and his beliefs – was that he believed that if you succeed in supporting and focusing on people’s happiness you have loyal co-workers. You could see in his eyes how making people happy was a passion and mission for him – whilst creating exceptional results for the organizations he is working for – knowing that the two goes hand in hand.


Leaving the Apple store happy with my computer working to it’s T again – despite its age – I ended up in front of the St Paul Cathedral just next door to revise my next step into the beautiful sunny day. Not knowing that I would later step into the church to admire its architecture and to spend a moment in peace and reflection – walking straight into a healing service – invited to sit down and participate. I have never been in an English catholic service before – I did attend a few catholic services when I for many years ago studied and worked in France yet again a totally different experience.


A beautiful visit in St Paul Cathedral in Melbourne

A beautiful visit in St Paul Cathedral in Melbourne


I myself am born Christian protestant – yet through my work and travels I have had many meetings with people from most religions in the world that of which has given me a deep respect for all religions and beliefs. I am of the personal belief that religion is a cultural interpretation of the same source of energy we all feel – some stronger than others – when we in silence take a deep breath and connect to the energy within and the universal energies available to us around us. Wherefrom we are able to make anything happen. Therefore, I also feel a strong connectedness and peace in all sacred places where energy has been build over the years through contemplation, prayer, meditation and connection.


Participating in the healing service was a beautiful experience – how divine to observe the support offered, the kindness and the sense of urgency meeting each person present with the same welcoming and embracing energy, visitors such as myself or any member of the congregation with healing and support – meeting every concern with the same care and sense of urgency. Exiting the church I had a short exchange with the priest at service. He without knowing my mission said he was inspired to tell me to remember my light and impact in this world, to continue to believe and radiate my energy into the world, believe in my mission and to reach high and far – I in return gave him my card reminding him what a great difference he makes in this world, how much it matters with his caring work for the people who enter his church. He shed a tear of recognition and happiness – I guess we all need a word of encouragement working hard to be at service from each of our place in the world – when was the last time you either received or gave word of support to or from the people around you?


Being able in any organization, family and friendship – to build a strong energy of support, kindness and sense of urgency – I am sure will support great achievements no matter where in the world – a ripple effect of good creating a greater change than we may be able to understand. I had a magical day positive affected by the energies of the support –  feeling happy, supported, taken care of with the urgencies I was hoping for – and not least inspired by conversations… just as the last time I visited an Apple store.



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