Dare to care to make it fair – hallelujah

“I felt that we should change the world, dare to care to make it fair. But you didn’t really care about people did you? Well it took a breath, a fourth and a fifth before we saw the major lift – a new world awakening Hallelujah.

Our need to rule and build a wall, before we did all hear the call. The power and our fear overthrew us. We fooled ourselves created a war, inside ourselves and fought our kin – until our souls cried out Hallelujah.

Maybe there is hope for us – a treasure of light, of peace, of love. A choice of life – conscious contribution. A fire that sparks, starts from within. An energy on angel wings. Its a mended and united Hallelujah.”

An inspired poem I wrote after listening to Andrew Cohen’s song Hallelujah at the ‘God Goes Deeper’ event by Majken Matzau & Co last Friday.

Best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen


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