Do you confuse important with urgent? How to build resilience and positive impact in our lives and the world.

Our choices and how we manage our lives – are determining our energy levels and our quality of life. Our level of awareness when it comes to  our personal responsibility is facilitating our degree of judgement of what truly matters – the impact of our choices. Our level of consciousness is creating a deep-felt connection to meaning of life and creates an urgency to positively impact our lives and the world for the better. If both levels are high I can guarantee great results in life – and a deep felt peace and happiness.
Yet, in our daily lives many try to please and service the urgencies of others and do everything possible to survive the external pressures of our world. To build our resilience for ‘stormy weathers’ it all depends where we focus our energies. Is what I focus on important? Does it matter to the greater picture, our goals and dreams? A big mistake I see many make in their lives is to confuse what is important, what is urgent and what is prioritized.
One rule of thumb:
Breathe! Never make someone important to you feel unimportant – being busy with urgencies is just a bad excuse for not prioritizing appropriately.  We all have responsibilities and to do lists…
Align your energies for resilience in stormy weather

Align your energies for resilience in stormy weather

I believe many people go through life being too busy forgetting the important things in life. Some show appreciation nor prioritizing what is important because of urgent matters. I feel sorry for the industries or group of people where it has become celebrated to ‘be busy’. We are only in touch with our core and our values when able to breathe, when able to feel our own need and sense the need of others and the world around us.
“98% of the world’s population is using 98% of their time on things that do not matter.”
– Neal Donald Walsh from the movie E-Motion
Check next time you deal with an urgency, whether it is as important as urgent. Does it matter… and even more importantly are you stressing over urgencies not even your own? Our energies levels changes in life and many successful people experience being drained – not because of age as many believe, but because values and dreams are changing – for many on a subconscious level. New and different components are often needed to be fulfilled to feel happy and to reach new levels of impact and happiness. Suddenly old important urgencies have lost their meaning. If not aware we continue to focus on priorities that is no longer relevant and drains the life energy out of us and waste our time and that of others’. Make sure you have re-assessed what is important to you, for your work and for the world around you – starting to live a life that matters to you.
I hope we will start to see more people and organizations prioritizing what is important and rather than what they perceive urgent.
Best of energies
Christel Rosenkilde Christensen
Suggestion for strong personal relience:
Here and now:
Take a deep breath
Do you confuse important with urgent? What is important to my happiness and feeling successful? What matters to the greater scheme of things in your life? What are your greater scheme? What are your dreams? What makes you happy now?
What I can do for you:
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