Now is the time to be a role model of the future – increase your uniqueness and lower your defenses

A movie producer here in LA, California asked me in a meeting last week how I perceived the Chinese’ position to take over the US as a super power.

I believe that the U.S. has to trust their incredible uniqueness and lower their defenses and the same goes for China. Now it is time to be new role models of the future and start a constructive way to be leaders in each their regions and work together on a common global and more conscious value set – creating foundation for wiser decision making focusing on ‘acting for life’ co-creating a better world for all.

I answered of course from my perspective having stayed and/or studies in both countries and my work with my concept Energistic Leadership™. I obviously agree with our old prime minister and former head of UN, Anders Fogh Rasmussen in his Facebook post this mornings from his speech at the Seoul Forum 2015.


Anders Fogh Ex prime minister in DK and former head of th UN ... on China and US relationship
Anders Fogh
Ex prime minister in Denmark and former head of th UN
… on China and US relationship


I’m positive that the more willingness there is to understand, communicate and co-create the more powerful both nations will become.

That actually counts for everyone. In mainstream traditional business books everyone talks about competitor analysis, bench marking and beating your competitors copying, doing the same or something better of what other people are doing.


Focus on trust, opportunity and creating a competitive edge

I believe in the opposite. I believe in establishing an organization and management team where we focus on trust, opportunity and creating a competitive edge by using a more conscious value set, training the high level intuitive and sharp perception available in most people at that level – lowering the use of gut-feeling, power and struggle (in my work gut-feeling is a very different ability to intuition).

From my experiential research and observation from thousands of sessions with executives and top influencers – I see that focusing on what matters and a common understand that the more centered we are as individuals – the more insight we are to gain. No intuitive insight will ask you to look at the competitor, no intuitive insight will ask you to beat a competitor.


Intuitive Insights Brings Conscious Disruption

Intuitive insights are life creating, positive optimization, conscious disruptive innovations (not to disrupt the old but to create new…), purposeful and growing people, organizations and the world we live in. Intuitive insight show us our path and purpose. Excelling our uniqueness – our performance as individuals and/or as organizations. Intuition is a source of creating a sustainable, happy and successful future.

Let’s co-create, let’s work together, let’s bring our own uniqueness sharing our purpose to our planet the way we were meant to instead of trying to be better than someone else.

In my book “The Treasure: How to change the world” I give examples of cases from the business world and with top athletes I been working with advising how they can excel their performance by focusing on their own uniqueness and thereby eliminating competitors. In one of the cases my clients experience his own performance excel beyond anything he had ever dared to dream of when changing his ways applying Energistic Excellence™ into his practices assisting growing his earlier perceived competitors. That is my wish for us all.

I have had people – some close to me – copying my website, used my material as theirs, even patenting the name of my word in different languages without any reference to me. And yes, I have been hurt, sad, angry and disappointed. But I never looked back at what they did. I have looked forward and focusing even more on my own path and how I can be at best possible at service for my clients and the world I live and travel in.


New talents do something different

Being in Hollywood on my Treasure – Change the World Tour and seeing so many people wanting to succeed I have sent so much energy to people to acknowledge their own uniqueness instead of focusing so much on how they are going to be perceived. New talent is not doing something others did.

Have a fantastic day focusing on your own uniqueness and how you can bring more of that into the world – to be a co-creator of a better world.

Best of energies,


Christel Rosenkilde Christensen  Energistic Evolutionary  Instigator™
Christel Rosenkilde Christensen
Energistic Evolutionary Instigator™













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