A day of world peace – Meditating with Deepak Chopra

Friday 8th of August was a day of inner & world peace for me. I met several wonderful people having many peaceful moments and a great meditation in the company of Deepak Chopra.

I started the day at breakfast by meeting a research professor from the Bahai Chair for World Peace – University of Maryland – dedicated to advancing interdisciplinary study and discourse on Peace – what a purposeful job and life.

Later I went to the Global Peace Meditation for Peace meditating with Deepak Chopra and more than 100.000 people having connected online from around the world for this event. Gabrielle Bernstein facilitated the Q&A and Grammy winner, India Arie sang and played wonderfully and set a great energy for us to start our meditation.


Deepak Chopra World Peace Meditation


The intention of the meditation was to create a global impact of a critical mass of people ready for a more peace world with peaceful solutions. It was so touching and as the music started it was as if the energy of a 100.000 angels where in that room. Tears were flowing down my cheeks, we were asked to close our eyes and think of what peace was to us. I saw everyone I loved and cared for laughing, smiling being at peace, then the circle extended to the world and seeing all places in crisis of any kind, hunger, war, political conflicts etc where people where smiling, laughing, being in peace and having all their needs met, and then I was in my own body in my heart, feeling and seeing an immense light at felt love on all levels in every cell of my body, feeling connected, being connected to everyone at this planet, not borders, no nationalities, no religions, no separation. Just humanity at peace. So beautiful and such a strong feeling.

Try for a minute to do the same thing: Close your eyes, take deep breaths and as your body starts to relax and let go visualize what peace is to you. Create that feeling of peace – be in peace for a couple of minutes and take that feeling with you into your day.

At the event I met a wonderful woman, Stephanie Angelona Harding, 6 months pregnant, happily in love, having quit her VP position in a big company just few months ago following her heart. She wishes to make a difference, having started her own company here in Toronto, Mind Savvy with the slogan: “Know your mind, transform your life” with a formula for the lost productivity due to stress costing business billions a year.


photo 3

Just before leaving for a coffee with Stephanie and a young and upcoming singer and performer, I met with Sujon Datta from LA, California, the grandnephew of Paramahansa Yogananda – the father of Yoga. Then Stephanie so kindly drow me to a beautiful area of Toronto near Ashbridge Bay and beach park by the Lake Ontario. Here I had a nice walk along the lake – having an organic juice with natural remedies such as Chaga having healing and strengthening qualities.

Lake Ontario


I was at peace feeling blessed and ready for my trip already having met several inspiring people on my first day on my “Treasure – Change the World Tour”.

Take care and be at peace.

Best of energies,


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