2015 Energistic Predictions and Guidance: Choose wisely – then live life as if your happiness was depending on it

2015 Energistic Predictions and Guidance:

Choose wisely – then live life as if your happiness was depending on it…

As tradition bids, I welcome you to my 2015 Energistic Predictions and Guidance. The goal is to share my insights on tendencies and how to best harvest the energies of the up-coming year… And no, the title is not a joke – we have to start realizing that it is our own choices and actions that make our happiness, that of our own, of our loved ones and of the people co-existing with us on our planet.


Christel Crystal Global 2015 Predictions and Guidance


What would be your ’cause’?

If you had all the resources in the world, were told that the more you did for other people, the more success you would have and ultimately the more money you would generate – what would your ‘chosen cause’ be?

I am asking you because I have seen this happen again and again with my clients. The stronger clarity they have got on their purpose, the easier they channel useful and invigorating energy and the stronger the focus on the essentials – ultimately creating greater achievements and results. When looking into the energies of 2015 purpose, values and contribution become more crucial than ever.

From a societal perspective, we will this year see people more than ever stand up for what they believe in. Which have the risk to and already resulted in stronger polarization, more focused choices according to values, and actions to achieve a wanted outcome. There is a bottle neck of energy after years of great change, financial market crash, Arabic spring, more open markets – and due to change people haven’t quite yet seen the result of all their hard efforts hence the degree of patience and understanding is rather low. Our resilience is under pressure. The present case in France with 12 journalists killed for standing strong on their beliefs that provocation is a matter of freedom of speech has not only cost lives but marked an entire country and has touched millions around the world. I believe it is time that we stand together across religions, cultures and countries about shared needs to be respected, to feel compassion and to offer information to increase understanding of differences. Freedom of speech is not only a human right. It is also a responsibility. In the schoolyard in Denmark, provoking other children’s trigger points are called mocking and taken quite serious – it is not celebrated to be the use of freedom of speech. Lets have the courage to care and use our freedom of speech constructively – the same way we teach our children then we can achieve results out of this world.

From a personal leadership perspective, the energies of this year will exert pressure on our values and personal integrity. It will divide waters as some will react to fear and manipulate forces of greed, exercise strong control and try to dominate where as others are moved and touched by the disasters and loss around the globe and start to open up, to start questioning the status quo and create new standards for own life, happiness and for how they choose to live their life, buyer behavior will change in a more value based and ideological pattern. The new and progressively forward marching tendency worth to mention is that people will start to regard others as ‘outsiders’ if considering themselves successful only due to bottom line with no meaningful nor contributing purpose in life and may even put employees, the community or the environment at risk. People will to a much greater extent considering the good of all and being at service. Yet, to act on new measures we need energy, we need to build our resilience.

From an organizational perspective; the shifting paradigm and the need for purpose in life will create a pressure on brands, employee engagement, attracting the best employees, clients choosing from a more aware standpoint in the purchasing process and so forth organizations has a lot to loose. It is not new, yet the degree of awareness is becoming more apparent due to the last decade of constantly trying to create more transparent structures. Yet, still many organizations are lowering living standards and the health of their employees and the community, and the wealth of our planet – whether it is the inability to create a stress-free, motivational and a meaningful work environment, or it is from a planetary and societal perspective where the community around factories and the natural environment is endangered – there is a lot to be done taking integration of a more positive impact of our resources at hand serious and the integration of Corporate Social Responsibility into strategies of companies, governmental institutions and political decision making processes world wide.

There are already great initiatives around the world of meaningful businesses and channeled abundance into the communities. So we do have alternative bench marks for successful and meaningful business. Being representative for 3rd year in a row at the conference Zermatt Summit – Humanizing Globalization, I meet and are presented to many people and projects world wide as the case I mentioned in my blog last year about Danone and the Ana Bella Social School for Women Empowerment empowering women to leave abusive relationship, create a new foundation by becoming the most engaged sales people creating exceptional bottom line results for Danone. Why not start to act now, especially when it can contribute to your bottom line. The outsiders of our future I believe will be those who put purpose and service secondary – as individuals or as an organization. It is now… we need to act for life.

…And the great news is that it is ‘you’ as individuals that can make the change. It all starts from within. Awareness and energy is key to make game-changing choices.


Short cuts – tapping into infinite resources:

I know, we are all tired after the past years of financial worries, lots of change, fear, trying to gain control etc. I wish I could take everyone under my wings, teach you jow to manage your energies and build your resilience as I do with my valued clients, yet I will try to my best ability to contribute by sharing useful insights with added value to your personal awareness and organizational strategies – and leave you replenished with energy and new inspiration.

I often see exhaustion – especially when first introduced to a new executive group facilitating a workshop. When I tell them that they can achieve higher goals and a higher level of personal happiness and at the same time making the world a better place they often look at me with despair and resentment for a short moment then when they hear that I can offer them a ‘short cut’ they listen. Let me tell you something nice – we do not need to do more, the energies, the tendencies and trends in our society are creating a pull. You simply need to do the right things, change perspective, work with awareness and create a rise in personal and organizational consciousness and you will automatically and invigoratingly start to do things differently. You and your organization cant help but to change, but to contribute, but to create larger numbers at that.

…And there are short cuts, yet deeply profound ones with wisdom and game-changing solutions. When learning to tap into to the energy and information available to us within and around us, and subsequently realize that we are co-creating our results from the mere energy we transmit through our thoughts, choices and actions – then change happens by itself. For millenniums, we have listened to our intuition, listened to an inner voice or sought the advice of ‘wise women’ to please our curiosity and inspiration that showed us new and different ways. We have tapped into something greater than own ego and instinct of survival. It may be slightly intangible talking about energy. Yet, once you learn to distinguish between three forces of energy or abilities we are all born with: gut-feeling, that of our instinct, intuition, our inner GPS to the energy around us combined with our deep-rooted wisdom and the third skill, what I work with Energistic Clarity – a capacity to see beyond the limitation of our minds, tap into the field of possibilities and game-changing solutions – often to be found when verifying emotional blockages, distorted perspectives or mismatch and misalignment of strategy, people and purpose.


Uniqueness and ability to contribute: 

When you learn to separate and utilize the three together or separately you are able to navigate with a stronger agility and adaptability to market as an individual and as a large organization. You have a stronger connectivity to the need of your employees, your organization, your market and the global needs and obstacles so that you can act more timely to market, avoid pitfalls and build sound and healthy businesses – striving and contributing. Also, are you able to built, re-create and uphold an energy and a strong resilience to anything exterior and focus on your uniqueness and ability to contribute, be at service and have your needs met, in your private life and in our daily work.

The later centuries, we have tried to uniform education, government and almost to ridicule ‘to have a feeling’, many have gone to university, business schools and or other streamlined form of education – learned to benchmark and work according to certain acknowledged principles. As a generalization, obviously not representative of our world, many have become uniform to the extent that even our children have become afraid of being different and to even think that there is no box. People have become numb to the feeling of what is right for themselves and for the world we live in and therefore feel a misconceived need to follow a stream-lined so-called path of success to have a steering point in life. A steering-point, a success, that destroys our planet, where some people win at the costs of others, build organizations that protect those who were strong enough to participate leaving others out to deal with their own suffering… That is to me, more than counter-intuitive, it is down right wrong.

Treasure Globe Boardroom Table


A stronger pull from within to make a difference:

The global consciousness is rising and changing – so it is time to choose side and direction. We are constantly challenged to stay true to our values. If not doing so the physical health for example, can be our personal whistle-blower, for others stress will strike, conflicts and discontinuations of contracts might occur. However, either made by self or external forces, any kind of pain or discomfort might actually be a blessing in disguise highlighting what doesn’t work for you and it is time to take drastic measures changing what you do, how you do it and with whom you choose to do it with. We need to realize that we as individuals are able to create, co-create and co-exist – we are able to drive positive change. We need not even make an extra effort but to listen, to choose and to act.

We have all the resources at hand. All we need is to tap into an infinite source of energy. You as an individual are a channel of the infinite resources that it takes to make a difference – blessed be organizations having whole pools of people if guided and trained will capitalize abundantly of the infinite resources. To tap into this energy we will need to prioritize to practice these skills that creates a competitive edge, that supports us in finding wise and possible solutions, that creates a deep sense of purpose, passion and happiness and a sense of pride, belonging and strong motivation for your employees.

We can no longer deny the fact that our clients and employees are changing their preferences and demands and we as leaders has a great responsibility not only for the green figures of the bottom-line but to inspire, to navigate a purposeful and meaningful direction. We will all experiences a stronger pull from within to make a difference and to be remembered for doing good – don’t get me wrong – financial success is also an important factor, with large numbers on a bottom-we can serve a bigger purpose. Yet it is the purpose that is important creating bottom line is simply an urgency to create a higher degree of safety and contribution. The how and why is what makes us happy.


Serve to grow (growth is a totally different discussion):

It is now! “Are you working for the right company?” was today’s question at a post on twitter by the World Economic Forum. Governments and large-scale corporations might not listen to facts and experts but when clients and employees are becoming aware and choosing from a more transparent and clearer picture they are choosing side of their values and ideal. It is time to listen, time to detach from our pre-conceived ideas about the how, the now and the future. It is time to connect to a field of unlimited information, guidance and energy to get the right things done.

We have to be courageous once we start to listen. Sometimes the guidance does not fit according to society, traditional business ideas, nor with what your colleagues and friends expect you to do or say to fit into the group-energy you have built over the years.


So why am I writing this in my 2015 predictions? Because this is what I see – that aligned and purposeful energy is rewarded. That all the meaningful seeds planted the past 7 years will sprout and come to its fruition. Below you have 7 easy action steps to wiser choices that makes happiness apparent, bottom line stronger and prepares you to make new choices that benefit the good of all.


  1. Prioritize quiet time, time for reflection, meditation – for yourself and your teams minimum 10 minutes every day
  2. Set your priorities – happiness, purpose and pride are key to great passion and motivation (Your choices are crucial whether personal or corporate – be aware that of the ripple affecting the people you love no matter what you do or where you are in the world)
  3. Align your priorities with your actions
  4. Be courageous and make choices that matters – we cannot always agree but we can make a difference
  5. Make ‘care’ an emphasis in all discussions and negotiations – acknowledge that people are as tired as you are
  6. Sleep, eat, and exercise in healthy measures. To little or too much of anything creates an imbalance.
  7. Breathe – it surpasses any measure of personal balance and sharpness of decisions days of struggling, thinking, and trying to control any outcome. Once you breathe deeply, you will be able to listen to your intuition that guides you to live and make wise choices


If you should wish a 2015 assessment of your strategy, leadership or project, or wish to go deeper with any of the topics in the above text and give yourself and/or your team a unique way to start the year, revise your strategy and develop the important skills to leverage your energies, your resilience and the energies of 2015 please write or call me – I would love to work with you, globally and locally.


Ways to enhance your organization, impact, and happiness with me in the new year:



Happy New Year – living as our happiness was depending on it.



Best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

Energistic Insignia Facilitator

– International trusted executive advisor, teacher and intuitive mentor for the elite in various industries, sports and education. Speaker & author of the book: The Treasure: How to Change the World on Energistic Leadership as an agent for visionary change


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