Are there no humanitarian organizations that have a mandate stronger than ignorant politicians?

What is going on in the world??

There are people suffering and in need – and what do we do about it?
We say we dont have room for more people?
I dont hear anyone yet putting up tents in their own backyards for these suffering people. I know very few people who cant afford inviting in a couple of people extra at their dinner table.
For the salary of our politicians we could feed millions of refugees.
What is wrong in our world?
Are we beating up people who are desperate in need of our help?
What if next time for some reason it is us?
Does the number scare you?
Do we need to change our lives to help?
Is it change that frightens you?
Are you allowing your insecurities stand in the way to help people in need?

Here is an example of the inhuman political fight against refugees entering our countries:

Syrian Refugees in Macadonia -


Change is scary – its out of our comfort zone! Yet I tell you that change is the only constant in life – so dont fall for an illusion that status quo is safe and need to protected, because then you are up for a surprise when things just change but outside of your influence.

I promise you the refugees are more scared than you – and they have a reason to be scared. First they run for their lives, try to save their families. Then they are met by forces beating them down, refuse to help. How would you feel with your family on the run and be met like this?

Are there no humanitarian organization that have a mandate stronger than ignorant politicians and power hungry military?

What is wrong with the world?!

My plea to our world leaders – choose to be human! Choose to be true world leaders.

Not helping is being the perpetrators. It is as bad as when Hitler was on power. He decided that some people had the right to live and others had to die.

What are we thinking? What is wrong with the world?
This is a humanitarian catastrophe – it is a downfall of civilization.

Most hopeful energies for the world to change for the better,
Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen Energistic Evolutionary Instigator™

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