Enough is enough, we feel it and we see it.

All around us; nature disasters, wars, trafficking, fake news, corruption, faulty decisions on so many levels that serves only the individual or a cause but not the good of all. Nor does it serve the good of our planet, nor our impact in our small part of the grander universe we are part of.

Yet, its as if the entire universe conspire to make rapid and radical disruption on planet earth. Change is coming whether we want it or not.


“I’ve been wondering

Am I the only one, to see it coming?

We’ve been doing it wrong

For so long”



(I chose to quote this song by the Danish singer, Christopher, who was represented in the danish solidarity concert and charity event a Saturday evening raising money to support Ukraine. His lyrics are relevant for everything that happens today.)


I know we are many people in our global community that think like this – so its no longer an ‘I’, it’s a ‘we’ have been wondering. We truly have done things wrong for too long. We have ignored what needed to be changed for too long.


The consequences of what we ignored for too long:

At the moment we see the consequences of what we ignored for too long. In my part of the world, Europe, being Danish, we have a war where an invasion from Russia is shaking up everyone showing us the consequences of what we ignored too long for own gain. The terrible floods we saw in Australia is climate change firsthand, a problem we as a global society have ignored for too long. In our private lives many people see things and relationship change with those with whom things were left unsaid and conflict of values unaddresed for too long and left ignored and now it creates massive shifts in relationships.


We know better than to ignore anything that should have been addressed. Privately, in business, in national and international politics, in all areas of life… we need to trust our intuition and not to be afraid of hurting other people in the process creating conflicts – as it only always gets worse when left ignored. We are all in the same storm – not the same boat, all our lives and situations are different. But we are all here on a journey of discovery and opportunity to heal and contribute. We have all left something ignored – what matters is that we step up now and make new and better choices…

We need to take responsibility for what we have ignored, what we have been doing wrong for so long


It is time to call for a deeper layer, which is beyond ourselves:

It is time to call for a deeper layer, which is beyond ourselves. We need to talk about the level of ethics and moral we wish to see in our world and our lives. Not being afraid of losing relationships in the process. We need to look at what protects life and what destroys life. If someone truly does not have the ability to care – only when own interests are cared for, then its time to make sure this person is given as little power as possible.

We need to ask ourselves for a deeper trust in our own intuition and our own innate discernment for what is right and do what is right – as individuals and as a people – one world.



We need to have the courage to care. True world leaders have the courage to care – in their thoughts, choices, actions. Look at people and leaders who have a need to put people down, keeping people in place, that leaves people with a feeling of walking on eggshells, that seem to care little for life in general, for people and who is influenced by their actions.


It time to demand consciousness in action:

It is time that we demand more from those in power – we cannot allow people in leadership that disregard science, equality, and the power of unity. It is time we demand more from ourselves. It time to demand consciousness in action.

Luckily, we see the younger generations show great courage and stand up for what they believe and we will see more and more of this in the future – and very well exposed on social media. It is pushing us the older generations to be come better versions of ourselves, to demand more of ourselves and our piers, and to not accept faulty and immoral behavior and actions due to bad excuses of having known each other for a long time. The future generations need our guidance and they need us to look to for guidance.

(A more in depth discussion of how we can inspire and assist and understand the new upcoming generation and how to stay relevant in an entirely new era and world in the age of Aquarius where unity and purpose is key after 2000 years under the influence of Pieces with institutional power structure: “Bridging the generation gap requires critical thinking”.– an interview by Toni Reilly, pioneer and founder of the new world psychology concept, SoulLife Psychology and Gen Z expert.)

Lets be better versions of ourselves in our lives and in our leadership so we can co-create a better world.

Even looking at the war in in Ukraine right now, I am impressed to see Russians to stand up against their president, I am impressed to see soldiers refusing to fight for Russia despite the severe risks and consequences they are facing, im impressed by the Ukrainian president showing the world what it means to stay and fight for what truly matters.


Change always and always will start within ourselves:

Change always and always will start within ourselves. Our personal power and discernment is strengthened when we start creating healthier choices and routines in our own lives… the more we expect from ourselves the bigger and more positive impact we have in our environment. We start to get a stronger clarity in what is right.

It can also start the other way around where we are inspired from the action of great influencers in our society whether politicians, sportspeople, business leaders, religious leaders or simply hearing a story from how the neighbor dealt with a challenge. Most often it’s a two ways street. Some of our power is what we expect and manage to do in our own lives and other times we get inspired by what conscious leaders do, or conscious actions people do that we didn’t expect. “If he can turn around and do this so can and will I”.

There is an urgent need for us all to step up and speak up – demand change, demand for conscious visionary leadership in all areas of our lives and in our world. There is no healthy future without conscious leadership. Time is now…


The universe conspires to create a cosmic rearragement:

The rearrangement from a more cosmic perspective is that we are living in a new era, the age of Aquarius where more idealistic perspectives are becoming a given and what we saw in earlier days in Age of Pieces where institutions and a power elite that was accepted and celebrated for what they had more than what they served with in their community is over. We admire and celebrate those who care and make an effort to make a difference.

(A thorough explanation of the shift from Age of Pieces to Age of Aquarius read this short linkedin article by Cathrine Chan: Our Transition from Age of Pieces to Aquarius and what it means for Business.

As the below picture tells us, astrologically the planets has not been aligned like now since Rome fell and since the founding day of America. this could indicate that a big structure is falling and a stronger unity is created through happenings around the 22 of february 2022. We can only cautiously predict that we see a cultural institution collapse or having its beginning of its collapse and other institutions strengthen their unity. I will leave this up to your interpretation for now…

May I make a strong point to the fact that this picture and its source are unknown – yet i still felt compelled to share to inspire to push ourselves for the radical disruption facing what we have ignored for too long stepping up asking us to new standards in morals.

Let us all step up and allow ourselves to be co-creators of a new and better world where consciousness is key and prerequisite for all sort of leadership.


Thank you for taking your time to read this intuitively guided note and for you to be a conscious visionary making the world a better place.


Illuminated thoughts and energies


Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

THE ILLUMINATOR – Conscious Top Performance & Leadership Expert and psychic advisor for the progressive conscious elite with clients in more than 28 countries around the World. Christel has promoted Conscious Leadership in almost two decades to improve lives, to enhance conscious top performance, and to ignite wisdom and a positive force for change in the individual and in us all for a better world  – now and for future generations. 


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