Talking politics – A large portion of positive disruptive evolution is needed…

…for us as a world and society to upgrade into a focus of life creating and co-creation.

We have a major election soon in Denmark – and I am often asked to talk about my political standpoint. For the first time – maybe ever in my life – am I not home to vote. Below is not an exhaustive delivery of how I see politics, nor an answer to how we should run and structure our world. It is a midnight reflection in the mountains that I will some day write a big piece on with suggestions and encouragements to politicians around the world. (I already gently touched upon this topic in my book The Treasure: How to Change the World)

So talking about politics. With my global experience, I believe worldwide that it is time to change from a competition parties in between to a focus on ‘life creation’ and sustainable innovation with less budget on the administration behind it and more to the people.


Christel Rosenkilde Christensen Speaking at the conference  "Possibilities of Economic Growth amidst Challenges in making it Sustainable and Humane"
Christel Rosenkilde Christensen
Speaking at the conference
“Possibilities of Economic Growth amidst Challenges in
making it Sustainable and Humane”


In Denmark, we can with communal taxes get to pay up to 68% in tax not including all the hidden taxes – and as society we have been raised to believe that we have some of the highest standards of living. And yes, we have earned the title ‘the happiest people in the world’. Is happy and relatively content the same? We do have free schools, free social security, we are taken care of if we are unemployed and we support global NGO work more than most countries. We have a relatively low crime record and in general due to geographical positioning we don’t have any dangerous animals nor insects in our country. Yet at the same time, we are nurturing a society of people being programmed to stay at status quo, to never reach for the stars, never jeopardize the existing and as much as possible try to be anonymous.

With the high taxes you should think that we as society constantly would work to improve and heighten our standard of living and support entrepreneurs and encourage disruptive innovation and in general have the resources to be world leaders within most fields to create a better world now that we have the resources to look beyond own wants and needs.

Yet, Denmark like all other nations I know of have fallen into a trap of maintaining a political system that was build for an era of forming democracy and a more evolved organization of a society with – back then – new boxes that people could put themselves in and identify with creating a safety net that didnt exist before. Building a political system with different parties representing the people to come up with new ways benefitted the good of all and took take care of the interests of the people instead of just the land owners.

We have now well superseded that era – and now we need to lift us above political debate about who is right and wrong and pleasing what the voters want – and instead start to talk about what is needed for our societies to reach new heights of life creating innovation, equal opportunities to unfold our full capacity, comfort and for those who choose to work extra hard because they value luxury they can do that implementing new ways and sustainable structures supporting a greater good while doing what we do best and what makes us happy.

When I write equal opportunity i do not mean like in Denmark where we do not only have free education but we are also paid to go to study and can drop out any moment in time or go through university or business school with little or no effort not caring about results. I am not either talking about free health care like in Denmark where you can get a new set of lungs for free and start to smoke again as soon as possible with no consequences.

With equal opportunity I mean that the few people that are less resourceful in life due to physical or mental handicap should go through life with no risk of living nothing but a good life. That those who chose wrongly in school or life can get a second chance. That we when we are ill will be taken care of and taught how to maintain our regained health with an expectancy that we will then care for ourselves once given a second chance. I am talking about a world where no one is hungry, where everyone who is motivated can get education, where those who are willing to work for it can create abundance. But that we all have the opportunity to live out our full capacity and be happy. What ever that may mean to different people and cultures. And no it is not a naive and impossible thought. It is a choice, it is a responsibility, it is a project that none can do alone – we will need to work together across borders, across industries, across religions and beliefs.

I believe we need to think globally and as said earlier focus on life creation. When I for 2 years ago spoke to Steve Killelea – founder of The Global Peace Index he shared that we by focusing our expenditure on peace and prevention would be able to eradicate hunger worldwide with the cost of military preparation for potential worst case scenario and wars that will never happen. He also said that if we want peace we need to focus on peace – as I always say: where we focus our energy is what we will see more of.


Chapter Eight The Treasure: How to Change the World By Christel Rosenkilde Christensen
Chapter Eight
The Treasure: How to Change the World
By Christel Rosenkilde Christensen


We have to think globally and to start acting for life in all our thoughts, choices and actions – and when given an opportunity it has to be expected that we take responsibility for our actions and outcome. When we are being given life support in any thinkable way that we have to be expected to respect the cost and take responsibility in the investment the society or any other institution or private contributor have made in us. When we give support – we have to focus on empowerment instead of victimization of people. We can keep people trapped for ever and waste vast resources if not teaching people to use what they have been given. In Denmark as in many other countries there are no expectation to the greater middle class, no education/communication of the fact that EVERYONE MATTERS, that everyone can make a difference. Then people loose hope and motivation – as we do as individuals when we think don’t make a difference: “then we might as well do less and try and maximize what ever that is”.

I am not trying to put down the Danish way nor any global form of politics in general. I have deep respect for those who are willing to put their energy into this (in my opinion) obsolete system and try an improve it. I simply think that a portion of positive disruptive evolution is needed for us as a world and society can upgrade from survival, power struggle and pleasing a constant want – into a choice of living, striving, co-create and focus on the needs. Changing from merely using our gut-feeling that is using what we know worked and didnt work in the past and start using our intuition and tapping into new possibility and life creation.


I am sending you lot of energies for you to start thinking new ways, new structures and new possibilities – so that you can live your best life, co-create an extraordinary success, while making the world a better place.

Best of energies and goodnight from my midnight reflection in Aspen on my Treasure – Change the World Tour


Christel Rosenkilde Christensen  Energistic Evolutionary  Instigator™
Christel Rosenkilde Christensen
Energistic Evolutionary Instigator™

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