When working with clients, it is important for me to be a sharp intuitive facilitator, a caring yet honest advisor, putting their opportunity for impact and their greater good first. My goal in life is to create awareness of the greater capacity that we each individually hold once unleashing our essence and tapping into our highest vision and opportunity for impact.

Awareness is the key to ground-breaking results that create both a stronger bottom line for yourself and the stakeholder chain within which we operate. You matter more than you think, you have a greater capacity for unbelievable results, and you are worth so much more than you presently allow yourself to believe. I would like to help you realise this.

The first step is this realisation and to remember your innate abilities: it is this awareness which gives us back our power. We create our own realities through our thoughts. These thoughts are like seeds that are planted in our energistic systems and as we feed them energy, they grow and manifest out into the universe by rippling into the world around us.

I would like to be part of helping you to ‘plant a seed’ that would help each of you envision a new open mindset, assisting you to connect to a higher vibration. Where we can build new conscious thoughts that leapfrog your original thought process, reaching new levels of achievement and impact. By using these unique and illuminated visionary effects, we can unblock pathways to create exceptional results that will unleash change into the world and create a positive impact for those around us. As Gandhi said, “be the change you wish to see and experience,” whether in your personal life, your work life or to unveil a deeper search for your unique illuminated capabilities.

Each day I experience unbelievable results through my incredible clients who have embraced this powerful mindset into their innovative practices. There are no limits as to how you apply this mindset in your leadership – only opportunities.

Most people have a lack of belief that they as individuals matter on a larger scale. Even the most visionary people I have had the pleasure of working with, that have devoted their life to game-changing leadership, can forget momentarily or just simply forget – period – how much they matter. They fail to acknowledge that with their level of influence the smallest margins of transformation will result in great change. They forget how considerable their responsibility is and the importance to show how inspired action can create influence; we have an immense capacity beyond tradition once unleashed to do so.

Every day we are changing our own lives and of those around us. It is up to us whether it is positive or negative depending on our thoughts, choices and actions. If exposed in the media, as many of my clients are, due to their leading industry roles, we need to be aware of the responsibility we hold and the impact we create. We need to become aware of the energy we exude into the world of millions around the globe watching and recognise the power of caring for the greater good, sharing our compassionate reflections instead of judgement, blaming and participating in drama.

Our smile, words, thoughts, and actions as individuals seem so insignificant in the bigger scale – but as Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Our great capacity to connect to our innate resources to sense the world and the people around us can be clouded by our own stress, only as an instinctive reaction to a ‘cave man’s crude actions to survive’ triggered by the impulsive actions from others. This unconsciously creates circumstances that push us around and hide away our unique energy, instead of allowing us to create space and energy that could produce a lasting impact. By working with what you feel good about and when in tune with your purpose, you release and heal blocked emotions that prevents your optimum health, wealth and performance, allowing impactful energy to flow through you; illumination.

I’m happy to say that it really couldn’t be simpler to make a start today. It all begins by realising how much you matter. Once we truly realise our purpose and tap into our innate powers, unlimited energy, and connection to that which is so much greater than ourselves, our capacity becomes unlimited and there is no stopping what we wish to achieve.

Start by breathing deeply. Then you are already more back on track than you dare to believe… proper breathing is the first step to open up to the greatness of life and allowing your full capacity to shine. Your breath is an unbelievable catalyst for your energy and your powers of awareness. An act as simple as stepping back to breathe is the first step to a place of higher perception, connectedness, lucidity, and effectiveness.

No matter who you are it is my fervent hope that you embrace your capacity, your responsibility and understand your unique position in this world to make a difference. There will not be a more urgent time in your lifetime to wake up and realise that it is in your thoughts, your choices and your actions that you open up the next chapter of your greatness. Our world needs you.

Hopefully, I will have helped plant a small seed for you today, to understand your greatness and the impact you can create. Please breathe with me and you will start to see the unbelievable change it can make in your contribution to any task, whether negotiation or simple communication. I may not have initiated the unbelievable, but each breath may guide you to experience a part of life that you have forgotten to embrace, a place of magic from where everything becomes possible, and new solutions are illuminated and created.

My best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

Illuminator and world leader advisor

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Published by Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen M.Sc./MBA, RCE-EPTCE, B.A. International Energistic Executive Advisor, Visionary CEO & Founder of Treasure World Leaders™ Author of the book 'The Treasure: How to Change the World. Energistic Leaderhip as an agent for visionary change. As Energistic Executive Advisor and expert in Energistic Leadership Excellence and Impact Performance for individual and in organizations – it is my mission to travel the world on my 'Treasure - Change the World Tour', to connect with people, organizations and societies for a 'call to action' to actively make a choice to act for life. We are all alike in the sense that we can make a difference if we choose to - by aligning and strengthening our energies to make a strong impact in the world. The concepts I developed and and introduced to market in 2008 - Energistic Leadership Excellence and Impact Performance - is a suggestion how to making results above and beyond, doing what we do best whilst making a positive impact with the energy we transmit as a result of our thoughts, choices and actions. I have assisted hundreds of thought-leaders, influencers, executives, top performers, private individuals and organizations to shine in their full capacity with focused action to create a ripple effect of inspired action, heightened awareness and an increased consciousness in decision-making, innovation and growth benefiting the world around us as much as our bottom line and desired results. This is what I am good at, this is what I love – this is my passion! Using a combination of my global business background, strong academic background and my spiritual development and psychic abilities I guide people in a caring manor to release their blockages to move forward creating change, growth and results from within creating a ripple effect of change they have only dared to dream of. 1. Individual Energistic Advice - right hand to top performers assisting on personal or organizational conscious excellence 2. Speeches, workshops or adapted trainings in Energistic Leadership and Impact performance for your organization and teams 3. Open courses for individuals (Your Energy is Key )and business people (Master Class in Energistic Leadership and Impact Performance) You are welcome to contact me - your connection is treasured.

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