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New beginnings and choices for me, you and the world

Today is the first travel day of my “Treasure – Change the World Tour” – I left Copenhagen this morning happy and excited.   It was a tough choice to make in terms of traveling and leaving the security of income, leaving my dream home, and leaving my Danish friends and family behind. Yet, it […]

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How the energy that surrounds us has an impact on our lives and performance

Energy in places is strong and can have a great impact on our performance and well -being. We all know how it feels to walk into a room emanate of positive or negative energy or when we arrive to a place with a great setting. It can be an office with water view, a hotel […]

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 The upside of awareness of energies – positive change in your life, your organization and in the world 

Our ‘human energy’*, the energy we transmit through our thoughts, choices and actions is the only permanent energy resource we have. It is also the only energy source that on which we as individuals have 100% influence.   The impact of our energies on a daily basis is immense and nothing we do, say or […]

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Dear introvert and shy friend – what you need to know about the vulnerability of extraverts to feel better about yourself

The other day I spoke to a dear friend – he is shy, introvert – an amazing person that im happy to have had in my life always. He shared how awful it feels at parties when people after a while leaves for the toilet and don’t come back – no matter how hard he […]

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“Shining Star” – by a Sprouting Visionary

As the days go rolling by You have to keep reaching for the sky Let no one steer you off course Cause you are your only energy source Keep your soaring both near and far Your light constantly shines You are a shining star – Written by Ada Vines, age 8 I was so inspired and […]

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Quantum Entanglement vs Energistic Entanglement – a guide to a better life?

In my book The Treasure: How to change the world, I write about Energistic* Leadership® that I developed in 2007 and one of the challenges, Energistic Entanglement – which is when our energies that we we transmit through our thoughts, feelings, choices and actions are intertwined and leaving us entangled and less empowered and less capable of acting […]

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