How snow reminds us to ‘act for life’…

*** Here in the north in my home country Winter is a season of reflections and celebration. The darkness falls early in the afternoon and the stars are clearer and brighter above us than any other time of the year.  * In the frosty and sharp air ice covers the naked crowns of our treesContinue reading “How snow reminds us to ‘act for life’…”

“Shining Star” – by a Sprouting Visionary

As the days go rolling by You have to keep reaching for the sky Let no one steer you off course Cause you are your only energy source Keep your soaring both near and far Your light constantly shines You are a shining star – Written by Ada Vines, age 8 I was so inspired andContinue reading ““Shining Star” – by a Sprouting Visionary”

Dare to care to make it fair – hallelujah

“I felt that we should change the world, dare to care to make it fair. But you didn’t really care about people did you? Well it took a breath, a fourth and a fifth before we saw the major lift – a new world awakening Hallelujah. Our need to rule and build a wall, beforeContinue reading “Dare to care to make it fair – hallelujah”

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