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The Treasure World Leadersservices and events offered with Christel R. Christensen are shaped to offer game-changing inspiration and training for you thought-leaders and front runners of this world having the courage to make a positive difference whilst creating exceptional results living peaceful and happy lives. The Treasure World Leaders programs offers the life changing energy management tools encouraging and inspiring new ways within the scope of the conscious and evolutionary mindset and paradigm of the future Energistic World Leadership Excellence™.

Treasure World Leaders™ are defined as conscious visionaries who have committed to unleash, expand and live their out full capacity, contribute in the world around us whilst creating exceptional results. Being conscious about the ripple effect and impact of the energies we radiate caused by our thoughts, choices and actions. You may be executives, politicians, top athletes, visionary entrepreneurs, actors, artists, etc. It may be you who wish to take your success to a new and game-changing level and your life in a more meaningful and giving direction changing the world and voicing your true essence

The courses and events in the Treasure World Leadership Program have 4 categories:

  1. Energistic World Leaders Inspirational events – speeches, seminars and alike
  2. Energistic World Leadership Excellence certifying, educational, inspirational and skills training courses and programs – certifying programs that opens to the opportunity to enter the Treasure Global Leaders Network™.
  3. Extreme Energistic World Leaders inspiration, extreme consciousness expansion retreats and courses – here you expand and challenge your mind and consciousness more than anywhere in the world. Be brave and unfold a new world of leadership development that will change your life and the way you see the world forver.
  4. Individual World Leaders Retreats

The courses and events will always be adapted to the individual participants and organizations. The open courses are rated as below and in different categories to cater the needs of your choices. Also can any of the courses be adapted to your organizational, strategic and leadership development needs such as optimising your sales, innovation, etc.

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