World Compassion Project – global meditation for a united co-creation

  Coming back to Denmark after my Treasure – Change the World Tour I had a coffee with an inspiring new friend, Anja Steensig Holmbäck. Inspirator, facilitator and renown television and radio host. She has now embarked on a new journey enlightening and empowering those who are ready in multiple projects. Amongst others, World Compassion […]

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Do you confuse important with urgent? How to build resilience and positive impact in our lives and the world.

Our choices and how we manage our lives – are determining our energy levels and our quality of life. Our level of awareness when it comes to  our personal responsibility is facilitating our degree of judgement of what truly matters – the impact of our choices. Our level of consciousness is creating a deep-felt connection […]

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Courage to Dare – a choice and opportunity to make a difference and to ‘act for life’

After having spent a week back in Denmark after my attendance at the “Zermatt Summit – Humanizing Globalization” I have the whole time had the conference in the back of my mind, processing all the inspiring impressions. This year the theme of the conference was ‘Courage to Dare’.   Christoffer Wasserman – Founder of the Zermatt […]

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