What truly matters – also this time of year. I was in tears …

In December many are celebrating Christmas around the world. Yet all sort of national or international celebrations that include family and friends will always leave some feel alone or vulnerable. Lets make sure to make this coming month a loving, contributing and impactful month – remembering that is all about relations. I would like to share […]

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10 ways to live a purposeful and extraordinary life – bringing your uniqueness and contribution to the world

I’m often asked what I do to live such an extraordinary life and I am almost everyday told that I am lucky traveling on my 1 year “Treasure – Change the World Tour” contributing, empowering and reminding people I meet on the way that we can live an extraordinary life AND make the world a […]

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The Star Walk in Hollywood – reflections on what is real success?

  One afternoon I was taking a walk in Hollywood on the Star Walk – “Walk of Fame”. I was impressed by the successes behind the names engraved in the sidewalk. At the same time along the walk, many struggling artists was trying to catch our attention with their various gifts – whether they were […]

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 The upside of awareness of energies – positive change in your life, your organization and in the world 

Our ‘human energy’*, the energy we transmit through our thoughts, choices and actions is the only permanent energy resource we have. It is also the only energy source that on which we as individuals have 100% influence.   The impact of our energies on a daily basis is immense and nothing we do, say or […]

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Dare to care to make it fair – hallelujah

“I felt that we should change the world, dare to care to make it fair. But you didn’t really care about people did you? Well it took a breath, a fourth and a fifth before we saw the major lift – a new world awakening Hallelujah. Our need to rule and build a wall, before […]

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My first blog-post and how to deal with ‘nervous perfectionism’ in the cause of contribution

Dear all, Welcome to my new blog – a blog where I intent to share my experiences, insights and perspective of the world, my life and my mission spreading ‘The Treasure’ and my concept ‘Energistic Leadership & Impact Performance®’ that I have built and shared since 2008 – to share how our awareness of energies […]

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