Two days ago, it was my birthday – and 3 weeks ago in a meditation, I was given a new article series to share THE TREASURE SCRIPTURES. CONSCIOUS VISIONARY ACTION: It is a privilege to share with you the first chapter, the first scripture, Conscious Visionary Action for your empowerment – (click on the belowContinue reading “THE TREASURE SCRIPTURES – CONSCIOUS VISIONARY ACTION”

World Compassion Project – global meditation for a united co-creation

  Coming back to Denmark after my Treasure – Change the World Tour I had a coffee with an inspiring new friend, Anja Steensig Holmbäck. Inspirator, facilitator and renown television and radio host. She has now embarked on a new journey enlightening and empowering those who are ready in multiple projects. Amongst others, World CompassionContinue reading “World Compassion Project – global meditation for a united co-creation”

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