My first blog-post and how to deal with ‘nervous perfectionism’ in the cause of contribution

Dear all,

Welcome to my new blog – a blog where I intent to share my experiences, insights and perspective of the world, my life and my mission spreading ‘The Treasure’ and my concept ‘Energistic Leadership & Impact Performance®’ that I have built and shared since 2008 – to share how our awareness of energies and our ability to manage them – CAN change our world.

Nervous perfectionism has prevented me from allowing a flow of insight being shared in a blog and probably also from doing some other things in life. However, as from today I am taking the plunge and I promise you the blog and its content will only be improved, changed, and develop as time goes.

What I always do when I am nervous about doing something and in few occasions allow my perfectionism to slow me down or almost take my power – then I take some extra deep breaths and I change my focus to being at service and on contribution… for each breath my ego slowly fades to the background, my energies expand and I am able to blend and connect my energies to a higher level of inspirational energies constantly available to us – guiding me to provide the insights I am meant to provide in any given situation. In the end, I always perceive contribution more important than being perfect… Being perfect and striving to be the best we can be are fundamentally two different energies – where I try to always make an effort to do the latter.

I hope you will be inspired and that some of my content can be a treasure in your world.

Best of energies,




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