How to change your results and our world for the better – separate your Gutt-feeling and Intuition now!

World Economic Forum was twitting an article today “Why we need a global view on human behavior” about the importance of understanding global human behavior and the different reasons and actions from gutt-feeling and intuition depending on cultural background. And yes, cultural differences and the importance to understand these are important when working in a global world to resolve conflict and to achieve any positive results in negations, in business, and in any given matter of performance and personal leadership is crucial.


However, I argue that we would have a better world if we could all separate our gutt-feeling and intuition – we would also achieve positive results beyond our imagination in any given challenge world-wide and surpass cultural differences be it personal, organizational or in global political matter.


Our entanglement of our Gutt-Feeling and Intuition surpass any cultural differences and challenges in personal and organizational leadership. Hence the importance of separation the two very different things and the reason for why we sometimes despite incredible track records of success and extensive experience in any given field make mistakes and enter conflict that could be avoid because Gutt-feeling is based on past experience and Intuition is based on present and future solutions for the good of mankind – whether we talk about decision-making, negotiation, innovation, leadership or simple reactions in personal relationships.


This groundbreaking information and tools to overcome this challenge, I apply in my advice and executive mentoring in my daily  work with executives and top performers around the world and first found and developed in my research development of Energistic Personal & Organizational Leadership back in 2007 (also mentioned in my book “The Treasure: How to Change the World”).


Now that I have committed 1 year of my life to travel on my “Treasure – Change the World Tour” to remind and empower people ‘high or low’ that we have the capacity and responsibility to can change the world for the better, I see proof to this everywhere I go talking to everyone from the man in the street, to world famous actors, executives, politicians or the lady in the cash register in the local bank. Everyone is burden by this entanglement and therefore also have little energy nor ability to handle the actions it takes to create that positive change, because Gutt-Feeling is preventing people from having any trust in self nor others others to create sustainable positive change.


I argue that both Gutt-feeling and Intuition are essential parts of our natural given gps to avoid same mistakes or crisis to happen and to find new and better ways. It is our gps using our 5 senses we have used through the space of time capturing the energies around us and within us transmitted through our own and other people’s thoughts, choices and actions to make wise short term and longterm decisions securing our survival and creating life. One, our inner warning system that works through our emotions and past experiences hence our Gutt-feeling and the other, through an inner innovation system assessing of best possible outcome and good of all parties involved from a global best case and care for our evolution, hence our intuition.

(If curious the research of quantum physics and time space and space time is relevant to understand that energy does not know time nor distance hence the great importance and global impact even of our everyday thoughts and local actions.)


Briefly, I will below mention a few and not exhaustive list of my distinctions of the two concepts Gutt-feeling and Intuition. Note that it is never wrong to use either or, yet the awareness of the differences and learning when to use what is both urgent and crucial in todays globally inter-related, inter-depent and fast paced environment.



  • Emotions
  • Instinctual focus on survival
  • Triggered by fear
  • Short-term actions
  • Activated when experiencing perceived danger interpreted from past experiences and cultural predispositions
  • Control of external environment
  • Triggered by emotions



  • Senses
  • Creation of life
  • Developing trust to self and surroundings
  • Long-term solutions
  • Focus on the present and the future
  • Positive impact on external environment through our inner choice (based on the good of both own interests and the external environment)
  • Openness and ability to think outside the box
  • Our 6th sense yet felt through our 5 physical senses to impact the outer environment



As the above bullet points indicate both Gutt-Feeling and Intuition are important tools to manage our own lives and that of our society and organizations. The awareness of the difference and the ability to use both is crucial. Because the constant unaware and entangled use of both confuses and drains even the best of us and creates internal and outer conflicts in crucial decision-making and leave us feeling drained and in some cases exhausted to the extent of inability to make any wise short term let alone no wise longterm decisions.


I am often used as confidential mediator and observer in important meetings, negotiations and processes to distinguish between the two because the more emotional engaged we are and the crucial importance of the outcome the harder the distinction between the two it is. It is a natural reaction from the side of nature to fight to survive as much as to create life giving solutions. In our world we have the resources to surpass survival for the entire human race if we dared to let go of fear and egocentric decision-making and dared to trust that we would be able to create abundant and worldly innovative ideas, creating results above imagination whilst making the world a better place – separating our intuition and gutt-feeling for a better and more happy life for ourselves and for a positive outcome and impact in the world in which we co exist and we co-create no matter if we choose survival or life-creation.


The choice is ours, the capacity is within and our individual impact is greater that anything we ever dared dreamed of.


Have a nice day.


Best of Energies

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen


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First impressions in Bali – yet there is so much more to be said…

Arriving to Bali has been a most positive and surprising experience – my first time here. Its invigorating visiting a place I have never seen before and so welcoming and high energy. From early years I have traveled the world with my parents, studies, global positions in conglomerates and just in general always been curious about new grounds. Here I am meditating, observing, visiting incredible places I will share with you during the next posts, researching, meeting locals and global travelers and passionate people. Next week, I am hosting a mini “Treasure – Change the World Tour Convention” here at Bali gathering like-minded – I am experiencing so many wonderful things here.


Bali has something magical about it and when I speak to locals they are all asking me:”You do know this island is magical don’t you?”. Yes, is my answer. They ask me is I know magic and I offer them an intuitively guided message or advice – and their exuberance and receptivity is obvious and heart warming. For them negative thoughts, jalousie, and wishes for others that something go wrong is negative black magic – and if extended my a holly man devastating. And white magic is healing and supporting energies. Knowing about energy and the way our thoughts generate energy that travels and impact whether we are conscious enough it is a beautiful experience to meet people who are so aware without necessarily knowing quantum physics.



Christel Rosenkilde Christensen in Bali


Upon arrival I have met the most helpful people – genuine people that turned up out of the blue like angels laying out a path in front of me in my challenges of lost luggage, key to the house that had disappeared and my exhaustion from the threat of the past month to loose both my mum and my grandmother (who are both well now). The kindness and wish to connect is one thing, but the island itself seems to give you what you need rather than what you want.


Due to my lost luggage several days and had to cope with next to nothing and buy some new dresses that actually matched the warm and humid weather better than anything in my suitcase, I ended up in a small guest house with the most friendly Balinese family in a little alley where a kind Balinese man and his employers helped me to as he saw my distress in the street in front of the house a dear friend from Norway had lend me. He drove me on the back of his scooter with my hand luggage winter jacket and boots and me with a nervous smile on my face thinking – what am I getting myself into. I did see a Hyatt sign further down the road – but the kindness and actions of this man made me take him up of his offer. The next day I saw the Hyatt was closed for renovation – so thankfully I didn’t go in the 35 degrees to look for it tired and exhausted the day before but instead choice in the moment to follow kindness and support getting a room in the local guest house for 15€ a night – which was a great experience in itself.


When returning a week later to offer my thanks and bring some Danish cookies I brought for the occasion – the man was not there but I spoke to his employer and her daughter who promised to pass on my thanks and my small appreciation – the family who opened their doors for me as Made (if I spell his name right) – the Balinese ‘angel’ arranged for my accommodation. This family most certainly made a difference for me. I can’t wait to get to know them more. The daughter of the family turned out to be a young world renown artist Natisa Jones who believes – as I do – that life is a process not a final goal – if we focus in getting there we will never be happy – focus on what makes you happy and you will be. “Are we there yet?”

 Natisa Jones and Christel Bali Natisa Jones' art Bali

In our conversation, we all agreed that to meet the human in people as a first is the most important thing in our world – often forgotten in our transactions. If we purely transact we might be successful in the transaction itself but what when we are out of energy and resources we collapse. Loved that exact observation from Natisa’s mother. That’s when relationships would have helped instead of major collapses. Good relationships are true treasures – making a difference in this world every day. When I named my company 7 years ago, “Treasure” – it was to remind my audience to treasure each and every relation, interaction and product and regard our surrounding may it be our society or our planet: to respect and to value our lives, who and what in it. That’s how I believe and constantly experience with my clients, we will move far beyond creating exceptional results and start taking proper responsibility once we connect and contribute rather than separating ourselves only creating for own benefit.


During my stay at this beautiful island – I have met so many people that over and over surprise me and teach me. As a local manager at a hotel driving me to the city, embarrassed that he had to drive me since the driver was missing and complaining that he had a hard boss. I replied – being the owner of my own business I know everything about doing everything myself needed to complete a task for a client – and more over having a hard boss. I told him that my boss was the toughest I ever had because not for a minute would my boss leave me to relax and not think of how I could contribute more, make new strategies, write a new post or do something to change the world for the better… the hotel manager was laughing back at me and with the kindest attitude and understanding he said:


”Oh yes Crystal, fighting yourself is a fight you will never win”…


…that was very much true and I decided to stop arguing with my self, be a more loving boss to myself, be more supportive and accept that I have needs as all other human beings and give myself more time to relax and have fun. Bali has everything that you need to relax – so it is a refreshing place to be, learn and teach.


Toni and Christel Bali

I must say having my dear friend Toni Reilly to join me here for 10 days, creating our own personal retreat, meditating, doing energy work, working on future visions and strategies, sharing our work, exchanging life altering sessions and advice – we also make time to laugh, enjoy the sunset and lie in the sun and relax – so maybe we only work 8 hours of the day… but as much as possible our office is the beach, it is the poolside, it is the balcony of our hotel, it can be anywhere we find internet, or peace and quiet for our sessions and confidential sharing… are you allowing yourself alternative work routines, even shifting into a nice meeting area to do some of your introvert tasks? It doesn’t have to be a beach – make it with what you have and see how your work day changes.


For me on my “Treasure – Change the World Tour” it is all about making a difference – living a happier life whilst creating a positive impact in the world we life in. So I guess the question is – how can you as an individual, you as an executive group and  you as an organization make such a difference – for yourself, your employees and the world you live in?


I will return with more stories from Bali…

Magical energies from Bali,


Remember to listen! You might end up exactly where you wish to be – for both personal and professional reasons

I would like to share with you a personal example of my gratefulness to be able to be traveling the world knowing with gratitude that I will make wise decisions guided by my intuition to be where it matters.


Every day on my “Treasure – Change the World Tour” I am reminded of the strength, the importance and great impact using our intuition – a guide to creation and support of life in all areas of our daily practices. I am allowing myself on this tour to be 100% guided by my intuition doing only what feels right and following every hunch even when it comes down to turning left or right, what country to visit, what to do the very day, the very second – and it is magical – the people I meet, opportunities that present themselves and experiences I have along the way is truly a treasure…


I continue to be grateful and amazed… buying my first plane tickets for my tour I didnt know why I should be home the 8th of October but I felt right to take a 3 weeks’ stop in my home country Denmark after the first 2 months. I didn’t know why but I sensed that was the right thing to do. I have now been in Denmark 4 weeks and once again I see the magic of intuition. On arrival, my mother told me that once again cancer cells was found in her body, that she was having a surgery already the following week. First fear overwhelmed me, fear for loosing my mum, a dear friend and important teacher of unconditional love. Then an immense sense of gratitude took over to be able to be there, to be with my family and be able to support my mother. How privileged was I that my intuition guided me to be exactly where I was supposed to be and would wish to be even before knowing why.


Luckily, we were told after her operation that the cancer cells were caught in early stages and her operation will most likely be enough and as the doctors said she would be back on her feet after more or less 3 weeks. The 3 weeks I was first guided to be in Denmark – i still waited to book my next flight another 10 days felt right.


Being in Copenhagen for meetings two days last week I had several invitations to great events and dinners with my dear close friends, yet I had an inner feeling that I should go home – again without knowing why. Driving back my mother calls – I could hear something is wrong. “Im not doing well honey – I am admitted to hospital again”… a couple of hours later I was with my dad going to see my mother who was struggling with side effects from her surgery. Luckily, we could take her home same night – if she would rest for 1-2 weeks – where I luckily would be able to be with her. She is now getting better and I have started to plan my next part of my journey now that the winter starts here in Denmark.


My "Change the World Crystal Ball" - wonder where to go next?
My “Change the World Crystal Ball” – wonder where to go next?


Having been aware of energies around me since a little girl, meditating since I was 12, and having been sharpening and working my intuitive skills since always and now using these in my professional life – there were no surprises in this beautiful experience of intuition guiding me home and this very time. Yet I never cease to be amazed, each time in awe, grateful, feeling a deep-rooted sense of peace in my heart knowing that when following my intuition, acting towards my goals and visions in my everyday I am making a difference in my personal life and in my work. That is also why traveling the world right now feels right. I sense it in every cell in my body and I follow every hunch I get on the way to make the contribution I was set here to do – which for the moment is traveling the world to remind people that we CAN make a positive change and it is always a choice to listen to our inner voices and to do the right thing.


It is also a great sense of security for me to time and time again see proof that listening to our intuition always brings us higher, into a better place, into a state of higher consciousness and a state of wellbeing and more energy to make a difference for ourselves and the world around us. That is why I love what I do in my everyday life sharing this and supporting individuals, organizations and performers to create meaningful success, results beyond imagination whilst creating a positive impact in the world. Using our intuition will always only bring us happiness, bring out the best in us and creating healthy and sustainable solutions for everyone around us and in our stakeholder chain.


That is what it is all about – our happiness, the difference we can make and the impact we can have in this lifetime.


I am happy – being here in Denmark for a time being supporting my mother and spending time in her wonderful company. My mother is strong, has made courageous choices and does what it takes to heal and live. She is a great source of inspiration reminding me about the important things here in life.


Have a great day and remember to listen – you might end up being exactly where you wish to be – be it for personal or professional reasons.

Best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

You are welcome to write me if you want more information on how to master your energies to change your life, your company and the world – and how to separate gut-feeling and intuition for amongst other a sharper  decision-making , innovation, and personal happiness. Email: or you can also buy my book The Treasure: How to Change the World on Energistic Leadership

Use what you got to impact & influence – genius or not!

I spent several days in the ‘Genius’ table in an Apple Store in LA – my computer had been down for several weeks and was now finally in the hands of an expert (even though I would love to think that I was the genius they referred to when asked to proceed to the Genius table to meet the young Daniel Villegas – after enjoying his professional, patient and kind service and successful assistance I must admit that he was probably the one they referred to by the title Genius;)


Sharing David’s expertise with Kristin Davis we had plenty of time to talk after a short session/reading that only confirmed how wonderful she is as a person and how many talents and facets she possesses. Sitting around waiting for our computers to be treated and cured Kristin shared her passion creating awareness of the potential extinction of elephants as a patron for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust saving the lives of hundreds of elephants in Kenya alone. She told me that within 10 years the elephants could be extinct if we do not stop the industrialized killing for the sake of money over life. Be aware that if there is no demand, the locals would not kill these precious animals to earn money to survive and thrive.


Kristin Davis and Christel Rosenkilde Christensen


I was very inspired to hear how she used not only her fame from amongst others the Sex and the City television series and movies (giving a new spark to the friendships of millions of women around the world – friendships that make us laugh, connect to our souls and grand us the strength to continue to make a difference no matter what life brings us) but also Kristin’s skills and scarce time to make a difference like many of her colleagues. Most of you probably saw my post on Facebook about about Matt Damon and his participation in the Ice Bucket Challenge on Facebook for ASL creating awareness and find solutions for his passion to find solutions for the more than 750 million people on our planet living without access to clean water being the co-creater of the organization

Matt Damon’s Ice Bucket Challenge with a twist of awareness (click on the picture):

Matt Damon - water bucket challenge


We do not need to be famous to make a difference – in future posts I will share some examples of some exceptional projects helping people around the world created by inspiring people I have met on the first part of my Treasure – Change the World Tour,  amongst other a project in Africa and in Haiti supported by two strong woman from Cleveland and Ojai, California. There are so many people who use their time and resources to do good, to care and create a positive change for those in need around the world. I would like to be a catalyst for awareness of the positive efforts to support the projects but also to inspire and to ignite a spark in everyone to connect with our soul purpose – why are we here, why are we good at what we are good at and how can we apply that to co-create a better world. This is amongst others what I do for a living to support this process for individuals and for organizations – it is my passion and my life to empower, remind and to facilitate an energy for this initiation.


The first meeting and introduction Kristin Davis had with an elephant she was warned/reminded – take a deep breath, the elephant looks straight into your soul. So powerful. The elephants are moreover known for the qualities of being co-operative spirits, wise, reliable, stable, patient, conducting themselves with grace and respecting their surroundings and honoring its like and strangers. All virtues that would only make our world a better place if these were taught in schools and trainings in all cultures and expected as a given from people around us – that would create harmony, co-creation and we would support each other instead of fight our differences.

Elephants Kristin Davis "Treasure - Change the World Tour"


I believe in working for the good of all only creates excess wealth and health for everyone involved. Several of the case studies in my book The Treasure, shows financial benefits from focusing on healthy growth and sustainability for our entire stakeholder chain and that this will leverage the wealth in all levels in our society, our organizations and our lives only creating more opportunities and positive results for everyone. Negative focus on competition, scarcity and short term gains will only create a ripple effect of less for all. Competing and taking from others instead of creating new and unique ways will in the end only create erosion of capital, human and natural resources and life leading everyone into an emotional and physical space of survival, fear and war. Lets follow the example of people who prioritize time and resources to make a positive difference. Sometimes all we need is to smile at a stranger – other times we need to make a turn around in our lives and/or our organization and create those new ways.


We can only gain – when choosing ‘to act for life’ – my humble call to action for today.


Have a wonderful day.

Best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world

Today I had a beautiful moment of peace seeing the beauty of our world…

After hosting first day of my workshop here in Ojai, California, I drove around in the area for an hour. I had several stops to admire the view and the energy of this special valley, enjoying the sunset around me in the mountains and later when it got dark I stopped my car in an orange field. The stars in the sky showed themselves in millions… what an energy, a treasure – rarely have a seen so many stars. I was ‘star struck’.

Ojai Workshop Energistic Leadership


Traveling the world reminding people that we CAN make a difference, empowering people to be at peace, be centered to be strong to make the right choices, be courageous to care, and to dare to make a difference. Having spent the day with amazing people in my workshop today, receiving meaningful emails from people I met on my way with encouragement and gratitude – I  stood below the stars tonight feeling a deep-felt peace and gratefulness. Feeling that I am living my purpose, having no regrets and knowing that I have told the people that I love how I feel and if there was no tomorrow – I would have peace in my soul.

Rene Norman, a skilled and soulful artist from Ojai has invited me to stay while hosting my course here – I am so privileged to sleep in the high celling atelier with tens of windows facing the beautiful maintains. When I wake up at night I am looking up into the stars and wake up in the morning with the sun rising behind the mountains. Coming back from my drive today ‘star struck’, emotional and vulnerable – a wonderful organic vegetarian meal was served and we shared some of our favorite poetry as a continuation of my reflective mood after my drive. I am now in bed writing this post looking up into the stars.


Ojai Atalier


Below you find the first poem shared by Rene by Max Ehrmann. Take a deep breath and allow the words to lead you into the peace of your soul:



Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible, without surrender,
be on good terms with all persons.

Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even to the dull and ignorant;
they too have their story.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons;
they are vexations to the spirit.

If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain or bitter,
for always there will be greater
and lesser persons than yourself.

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your own career, however humble,
it’s a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your business affairs,
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals,
and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself.
Especially do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love;
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment,
it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.

Nurture strength of spirit
to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive him to be.
And whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life,
keep peace in your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy.

Author – Max Ehrmann (1872 – 1945)


I hope this poem and this blog will support you in finding your peace, your purpose, encourage you to take a minute or two under the stars no matter where you may be tonight…it is still a beautiful world.


To find peace of mind you can also download my guided meditative cd: The Treasure: A guided Meditative Journey.



Best of peaceful energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

Care as a main driver in life…

I’m flying to Los Angeles from New York to host a workshop – Your Energy Is Key. A certifying education in Energistic Visionary Leadership™ for professionals and private individuals wishing to implement this life changing mindset in their own lives and businesses. What I love about this program is that I get 2 days to care for the participants and guide them how to apply the Energistic Mindset in everything that they do – last time I hosted this workshop was in Melbourne, Australia in May, Everybody agreeing that the beauty of the awareness of energy is that there is no way back once we have become aware of how energy truly works and can be applied in a most caring matter in all areas of life and performance. Our lives will truly be changed.


Back in Ojai for my workshop
Back in Ojai for my workshop

Once we realize our own responsibility and co-creation in what happens around us, how the imprints of energy from experiences in our past prevents us from living our ultimate life and optimum performance, how blockages in our surroundings, relations, perspectives, strategies, leadership and choices that prevents everything we dream of coming true and to assess if our dreams, visions and ideals are what we want. Essentially, it all comes down to caring enough for one self and the world we live in to make the right choices and act upon them accordingly. Most times we all need a push, all need a new level of awareness to move on, new energy and new ways to handle our challenges and live our lives to the fullest creating the results, excellence and happiness we desire.


The past week I have had many of my Executive Advice Sessions over skype with clients from around the world, but also calls with friends and family. Most calls this past week has been around having to stand strong in own energy in conflicts either at work or in their private lives. Again, it most calls it all came down to care – caring enough to be in a conflict, start a conflict or be in a conflict… On my last visit in Los Angeles on my “Treasure – Change the World Tour” I met with Gnell Abracosa, hotel director for the successful boutique hotels; Mosaic Hotel and Hotel 140 in Beverly Hills, LA.  In the middle of our conversation about service and team work she takes a deep breath and share her take on conflicts: “I always remind my staff that conflicts arise because people care, we just have to figure out what the other person truly cares about and respect it”.


I loved that perspective as it is so true. Look at wars, look at political conflicts, look at the political games in the corporate and organizational organizations but also in our homes and in our friendships – all fighting or acting for what they care for. If too much distance of values, choice of destination, distance because of lack of trust either because of past experiences between the parties or from individual experiences in the past, stress making people unable to relate to each other but only act from within own experiences or stress of the society creating constraints instead of opportunities when pressured because of economy or old traditions not willing to see new ways. Essentially, we all react, act or don’t act because we care.


When I spoke in Greenwich – Riverside north of New York City this Monday everyone agreed that energy is universal and that whatever conflict is created and resolved in comes down to caring – only the context and people’s backgrounds are different.


Walking to the station after speaking in Greenwich/Riverside - back to NYC
Walking to the station after speaking in Greenwich/Riverside – back to NYC

What we care about is different for each person and most of the time we react due to energy imprints in our energy – subconscious memories from the past. Therefore, conflict is such a vulnerable place to meet as there are many factors to take into consideration of not managing the underlying energies right and caring for both self and the others. When I act as a mediator in conflict resolution, negotiations etc on all levels, I always take both culture (personal, organizational, and national) and feelings into considerations other than the actual challenge at hand. I see the energetic blockages that prevent the most optimum outcome and am able to provide insight to action and new synergies – energy is a strong tool to not only solve conflict but also if managed without care to create conflicts. Many of my executives are clueless to begin with about the energy they transmit subconsciously and the conflict they create. Once they become aware of the responsibility but also the immense capacity to drive healthy and positive change – I am amazed by the results they create in their own lives and for that of their companies. Remember, energy does not know distance and a thought can impact your team or your clients no matter where you are.


Yes, there are many ways of caring and experience conflict – sometimes it is because we care about the people we work with, are friends with, live with and other times we have locked ourselves in a certain pattern of thinking that makes it seem impossible to come up with a solution. And luckily sometimes conflict arises because we finally care about ourselves enough to assert ourselves to improve our situation – whether that means to either to find common ground or being ready to break free and move on and find new ways.


New ways always gets us out of comfort zone, makes us feel life – Susanne Møllegård, a successful executive from Denmark who has chosen to add care, insight and awareness into her journey, reminded me the other day that Osho (a progressive Indian guru) always encourages us to go towards what scares us the most. The comfort zone makes us lazy, makes us live a life of robots, makes us believe that the norms set by society and most times by our selves – is our future.


Let us all start to sense what is our individual truth and start to act upon what we truly care about and wish for in life. We actually can change our lives for the better, change the lives of those around us, provide a different perspective and thereby create a ripple effect for positive change and impact in the world we live in. If we care and we make an effort to also care for those with influenced by our choices we co-exist whether we talk about national, organizational or personal change, there is always a way that makes life better for all parties. We might not be able to see it while first out of comfort zone because that is where most people are afraid. To beat fear a first step is always to take a deep breath, which will help us take the next step and the next … First, when we let go of fear, let go of what prevents us moving forward we are ready to create something new and improved, or even radically different to anything we ever dared to dream of. That is how we as grow, as society, as organizations and individual and move forward in great leaps – lets allow ourselves to let go of fear for the unknown and create healthy change and quantum leaps forward.


I promise you I have taken some deep breaths the past months – letting go of my home to travel to spread the message that we can change the world, trusting that enough people along the way will feel an impact from my speeches, meetings, our conversations that they make a conscious choice to care, to make an impact, trust that enough people and companies wish to support my trip through sponsorships and donations, to trust I will be taken care of and that I will have a secure final destination of my tour. Almost every day my tour changes and proves to be different to how I thought it would be, almost everyday something new happens that makes a positive impact on me, my plans, my perspectives. Every day, I take a deep breath, creating positive change, allowing myself to be guided 100% intuitively, opening my heart through meeting so many amazing people on my way – because this is my path, that is my purpose right now.


Breathing, meditating, trusting that acting in a mix of care for both ourselves and the world will lead us exactly to where we are supposed to be. Until now I have only been positively surprised by each new day. So I am with you all in the stepping out of comfort zone, I am with you all and have been ‘scared’ for various reasons along the way but I am also living everything that I am, living my purpose, daring to care, caring for myself and the world around me.


I hope you are choosing to do the same – choosing to live the life you are meant to live.


Best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

Remember Joy No Matter What

Last Monday evening, I spoke on a conference call in an inspirational global network for women – for mutual empowerment to fulfill their dreams in life and in their carreers.

I was invited to talk about my “Treasure – Change the World Tour”, my experiences and choices in life that brought great transformation, and the work I do with individuals and companies with Energistic Leadership and Impact Performance™.


One of the thing that moved me speaking to these women in the particular group was that they emphasized joy as an important part of our journey. On my tour I have been so blessed that friends from around the world has joined me – so while speaking, doing sessions, meeting with various interesting people – I at the same time synchronistically get to spend time with good friends.


The Guitar Man in Central Parc NYC

How joyful is that to have left my home, my country, to travel the world with one message – that we CAN change the world, to empower people and to remind people that is it worth it. Trusting my intuition and guidance and hoping that my trip will be sponsored and believing in this project is worth it. AND suddenly being surrounded by wonderful people but new and old friend that all now have a place in my heart. Friendships and having fun is an incredible creator energy providing a strong ripple effect our lives – it leaves you to feel that you can walk on water knowing that there are always someone there for you. What a support carried to me – beyond what I ever foresaw. I can’t wait to look back at this journey to re-experience the joyful moments having donated a year of my life to encouraging positive change in our world.

Thank you – to all of you supporting my trip, family, friends, sponsors, private people donating to support my trip.

Have a nice evening.
Best of Energies,

The Star Walk in Hollywood – reflections on what is real success?


One afternoon I was taking a walk in Hollywood on the Star Walk – “Walk of Fame”. I was impressed by the successes behind the names engraved in the sidewalk. At the same time along the walk, many struggling artists was trying to catch our attention with their various gifts – whether they were singers, actors, dancers etc. It was quite a touching experience that for some there was still a long way to the stars and for others they might only be one more song or performance away from the big breakthrough having their dream come true… Yet, how often is it true happiness we get when we get what we want? Is success really the way we define it? Do we always follow our hearts and act in alignment with our values and ethics when achieving what we hoped for?




The same day at the Walk of Stars, there was a memorial for Robin Williams. Robin, who ended his life with a suicide due to mental illness and depression. His name was there amongst all the other prominent personalities from Hollywood lucky enough to have their success engraved in the pavement. So many people were standing around the ceremony – some curious, others trying to push their ways through to get on to camera hoping to be spotted to some day become as known as Robin Williams. But was he happy, was fame his ultimate success? We can only second guess what truly made him happy when alive.

Many on that stretch at least, believe that once they have money and fame life is good. I remember myself in the beginning of my 20’s that my goal in life was to succeed in business and have a good career was happiness – until I realized the immense human suffering in organizations and that I wanted to make a difference – support companies and individuals finding new ways to succeed and be everything that they can become whilst contributing to the world we live in (Hence, Energistic Leadership & Impact Performance™ that I developed and offered to market back in 2007). When they only strive to achieve short term success for their company or so that they can keep their jobs and some, so that they can climb the latter and become managers and head of their organizations with no consideration of the world around them I believe that we are not fully standing in our full capacity – we are so much more and meant to do so much more. There is a purpose to life and the more freedom and opportunities we have – the bigger the responsibility.

Are we aware when building strategies that we need to contribute to a sustainable growth for all parties in our stakeholder chain, when we build performance that we need to build of both spiritual, mental and physical endurance and stamina to ensure not only positive results for our bottom line but also happiness and wellbeing for everyone involved, are we aware that every single thought, choice, action and interaction with other people have an impact – that it is our conscious choice to make a positive difference from when waking up in the morning and either smile or rush at our family members creating two very different scenarios and lives for ourselves and our children?

Do we make a conscious choice on what is our own Star Walk could look like? If each star along your personal star walk would be something you did to make a difference to the world around you, something that made you happy, something that made other people happy what would be in your stars?

Pierce Brosnan Starwalk Hollywood


Contributing has many colors – the smallest kindness can have the strongest impact on all levels in life. The Star Walk in Hollywood also reminded of meeting Pierce Brosnan once and of how intuition, curiosity and expressing admiration for the work of others can make a much greater difference in their lives and can take you unexpected places. When I was only a young woman (which I of course still am just a decade or more older) in college studying in London on an exchange program, I was taking a walk and saw a man in the street making an impressive peace of art. I felt an urge to compliment him and ask him about his work. Before I knew at it I was standing talking to Pierce Brosnan and being a taxi passenger in a James Bond movie – The World is Not Enough. It was incredible days. The painter was truly happy to be acknowledged for his work as he was always backstage and the actors always got all the attention – so he wanted to give something back.

It turned out the man painting in the street was making settings for the movie and was so happy about my interest that he introduced me to his friend, Pierce Bronsnan’s stunt double and he then invited me to the set. When he was working, I had a chance to spend some time talking to Brosnan. It was very interesting and I still remember till this day his humbleness and kindness to me making me feel that I was important. In the above example, it shows how many things can happen from reaching out, paying attention – simple act of kindness – it didnt take any effort from my side, I never expected anything in return. The compliment came from the bottom of my heart and I had no idea what it was. Kindness creates a ripple effect and everything can change in a split second. I till this day do not know what ripple effect I caused little or a lot in the painter’s life. Making him happy, feeling acknowledged maybe gave him the courage to take his work further, he maybe had more energy for his family coming home. You never know. It is now important. Yet, seeing his willingness to make my day special tells me something about the impact the attention had on him.

Sometimes we don’t need to overcomplicate contribution and making a difference. Just be aware that little effort can make a bigger difference that we ever imagined. Following your intuition and talking to people when inspired can make a big difference in yours and other people’s lives.

Robbin Williams

Having felt energies since I was a young girl and meditated since I was 12 my intuition has always been sharp yet alone now one of my strongest tool to support people to take optimum advantage of their full capacity in life creating exceptional results and not only living parts of their potential. I believe that being the best you can be – includes having the biggest impact on the world we live in – why else were we born. Robin William that I mentioned in the beginning of this blog, did not only make a difference when alive always fighting for the weakest, offering reliefs in the hospitals and helping unemployed people, his story fighting depression now helps to make awareness in the in tire world on mental health. He was certainly a man with great impact before and after his death using his fame to create a beautiful ripple effect of abundance and awareness in our world. Read this lovely article on’s website: some ask for private jets others for homeless people to get a job!

I hope the above blog will inspire you to follow your inspiration, creating your own Star Walk, knowing what really matter and dare to define what success truly is for you – then having the courage to act on it and dare to care for yourself and for other make a difference through being who you are and what you were meant to be.


Best of energies

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

Next stop Los Angeles – “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

The next stop of my “Treasure – Change the World Tour” was LA. This stop was behind anything I have imagined and made me add a little to my tour. I met so may inspiring people with meaningful projects that I decided to start writing about those that I met along the way even though I know my version of their stories will never make them justice – yet what an energy, a ripple effect beyond words created by people and their good intentions, actions and choices.


The Treasure in BeverlyHills


The first people I met out of the airport and immediately found to be trusted was two young men on their way to a finance conference. They wish to stay anonomous for the sake of their clients. Every day they work to change the world hired by a corporation supporting families and individuals in need to set their finances straight and to get back on their feet financially. It was quite interesting to talk to them and hear about their jobs. Also to observe them in the streets of LA – the way they were determined to make those feeling inferior or struggling in the streets feeling worthy, feeling that all hope was not lost and that they were important. I was very impressed by these two young men, their attitude to the world and their view on life.

They were living life with little boundaries decided by the norm of our society but of what made them feel alive.  At one point I said to one of them:”You are beyond crazy”. He replied:” You are the one traveling the world, having given up all stability and possession in your life to try and make a positive change, to make people aware that we can change the world – and spending your time with two young men that you have never met before. I don’t know which one of us are most crazy.” Touché…

Their great passion was to be on the side of those in need, fighting against banks and other industries that they perceived keeping people down and from paying back their loans due to high interests rates calculated and determined by mechanisms only serving those already on top of their games – earning money from those who have nothing amongst others due to the unnatural high interest rates set by banks and other financial institutions. I hope that we can some day create a system that support the banks, their clients and the world – so that all parties win. Whatever is the whole truth to this perspective and whatever way you twist or turn it – I was just happy to meet such inspirational young men living to make a difference.


Waterfront in Los Angeles


After having spent some time with these men, who challenges my perspectives on many levels (which I see as a positive when traveling and wanting to create change – if I shouldn’t be challenged in my perspectives then who should).

As Einstein said; “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”. So we need to allow ourselves to be challenged on our status quo of this world, we need to have the courage to dare, dare to care…

I continued alone in Los Angeles and met more and wonderful people making a difference. I am continuously amazed when speaking to many different people – I get to see how many amazing people really strive to make a difference on so many levels while doing what they are good at, creating exceptional results for their companies, for the people in their stakeholder chain and the world we live in.

Best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen



A World Treasure – Niagara Falls provides strength, cleansing and abundance

Visiting Niagara Falls I was taken by surprise – I will call it a World Treasure. A place that carries so much energy and if aware of the energies we as individuals change simply just by visiting this place.

First the touristic scenery, almost made me drive back to Toronto even before reaching the falls. Then, reaching the falls, another great and positive surprise presented itself – I was impressed and touched. The longer I stayed the more impressed I was – with the constant stream of that amount of water running over the sides with such a deep and powerful fall creating a mist way higher than the fall it self.

Niagara falls with a rainbow

It was an energy of constant renewal – like life no moment was the same. It was constantly new water, new energy, new shapes and colors as the wind carried the mist in different directions, as the sun or clouds were mirrored in the surface of the water and depending on the wind, the sun and the movement of the mist a beautiful rainbow marked itself on the sky… it was beautiful. At a certain point the mist came at my feet and so did the sun – so I was standing at the end of the rainbow and it felt amazing.

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen at Niagara Falls

I sat down at the side of the falls – with my back to the tourists and my face to the falls – I allowed my energies to blend with the in tire Niagara Falls and meditated – a strong meditation with strong feeling rolling over me – feeling the strength, the power, and the destruction of all old not useful any longer. I felt a strong sense of abundance, a cleansing, a detoxification of my energies… sensing the purpose of why to be here at the beginning of my “Treasure – Change the World Tour”.

Treasuring Niagara Falls - The Treasure How to Change the World

Poseidon is known for safe travels and the ability to shake the world and we know it. Which is perfect for my tour and purpose. To be safe and to remind as many people as possible that we can change the world. Also do I wish to extend this energy to all of you starting a new life journey – whatever that may be in your lives.

Poseidon at Niagara Falls

I was truly enjoying the elements of the Niagara Falls: the water, the power, the strength but also the healing, nurturing and cleansing qualities of water which I believe are necessary if we want to change the world.


An Energistic Meditative Visualization you can do at home to experience some of the same energies:

Starting taking deep breaths – breathing out negativity and energies of no use in the next chapter of your life.                                                           For each breath, imagine yourself sit at the side of the falls and for each breath you take imagine a light filling you up from the inside of your heart and out. Slowly, for each breath, you feel the energies expand and blend with the air around you, with the mist created by the falls, and the water. Feel a part of the entire Fall – allowing your energies to be cleansed, fell the strength building up inside of you and a feeling of oneness with nature. Feeling at peace, having the feeling of rising above all current challenges and fears.                                                                  Allow yourself to feel safe, to feel that your world has been shaken, your worries has drifted away with the waters.                                                     Feel that your life has changed and that each breath you take change the world –                                                                                                                             feel the immense positive impact bouncing back and forth between you and the world…

Niagara Falls

Take care, feel abundant and be at peace.

Best of Energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

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