New beginnings and choices for me, you and the world

Today is the first travel day of my “Treasure – Change the World Tour” – I left Copenhagen this morning happy and excited.

Hilton Copenhagen Airport - leaving for the Treasure - Change the World Tour


It was a tough choice to make in terms of traveling and leaving the security of income, leaving my dream home, and leaving my Danish friends and family behind. Yet, it also felt and feels so right – to travel the world and connect with people to share the message that we CAN change the world, our lives and our choices for the better. Its all energy and it is a choice to act for life…

Waking up this morning in a hotel bed for the first time was both nerve wrecking and exciting as I was finally settled to go on a tour I consciously only chose to do for 3 months ago – for the past weeks I have had my mind full of practical matters, my retreats, sessions and moving – trying at the same time to see family and friends. So being at a hotel room with nothing left to think off than my up coming trip the questions started to show up. Will I make a big enough difference on my trip? Will I be able to earn my way through the trip, get enough stays and flights sponsored? Will my niece and nephew grow to fast and forget about me? Will I remain strong enough to listen to my intuitive guidance and make the right choices – or will I need the title for my next book suggested joking by Lizl Rand; ‘Fuck Intuition’ if it all goes wrong – she made me laugh. Having meditated since I was 12 and followed my intuition in all areas of life as long as I remember, I know that it will all be good – and whatever happens, happen for a reason… I also know that if we allow our fears to rule we will always be holding back on our true purpose, whether it is business, relationship or personal decisions. I am ready to travel in complete trust and allowing all good to happen for me, for those I meet on my way and for the world.

As a bonus this morning, I was in good surroundings waking up after having handed over the keys to my home – Hilton at Copenhagen Airport had invited me to stay for easy access to my flight that morning. I was encouraged when going for a shower a note from the staff  met me – Make a Difference – then I was back on track again. Luckily, I also had access to their business lounge – because last papers had to be printed and signed and sent off. So I was helped and even a nice security man in the airport offered me to send my letters as I was running late – a true symbol of being assisted along the way and that there are so many good people out there willing to help and support.

 hilton executive lounge Hilton Executive Room

Now, I have just arrived to Toronto… my first stop and I am excited to see what I will experience here… I had a long talk about world peace and the power of meditation with the taxi driver driving in from the airport – as I tomorrow will meditate with Deepak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, India Arie, Maya Tiwari for the world largest global meditation for world peace here in Toronto. You can join from where ever you are in the world – Toronto Time 11:30am.


It is a new economy, it is a new time, it is a new beginning. A choice to act for life…

The best of energies,
Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

Stay tuned and stay well… I will keep you updated on my tour.

How the energy that surrounds us has an impact on our lives and performance

Energy in places is strong and can have a great impact on our performance and well -being. We all know how it feels to walk into a room emanate of positive or negative energy or when we arrive to a place with a great setting. It can be an office with water view, a hotel in the mountains or a breath taking building. It makes us feel good, it does make an impact and it is most certainly worthwhile being aware of this undervalued fact. It all matters in terms of our personal well being, our motivation but also our organizational performance and our inspiration and ability to tap into creative energies that helps us to create long term sustainable solutions for ourselves and the world we live in.


When I travel I always try and stay at places that enhances the purpose of my trip. For holidays I choose peaceful settings and for business I look for energies of comfort, authority and mindfulness. For my “Treasure – How to Change the World Tour” I am looking to stay at high quality and energy places having considered the environment and the social environment in their strategies. I will share my experiences here on my blog with you to give you examples. Also will I share my experiences about high-energy places and meetings with people making a difference and transmitting and energy of positive influence and change in our world.


Most hotels make an effort to set a certain exceptional ambiance with decorations, sounds, smells, flowers and so forth. In our private lives we clean, scrub, decorate and redecorate when we move into a new place to create a certain energy and look that we call our own. The same efforts are worth it in our organizational lives.


The Dolder Grand is an good example of a hotel with an exceptional energy all around… service, quality, situated in a beautiful location in the mountains overlooking a lake, well thought of decorations, with thought of the environment, and their spa products inspired by nature and the intrinsic energy found in all things, produced by people who wish to make a positive impact on people and the world.



As individuals we have to be aware of a such energy and to choose to be at high-energy places – not necessarily 5 start hotels, or change the energy – and we CAN change the energy:

“The energy of the place you find yourself in has enormous influence on the way you work there. We have to acknowledge the energy that surrounds us has an impact on our lives and performance – and we are not victims of what energy we allow ourselves to work in and, in most cases, we are able to change and optimize that energy in existing facility: no matter how good it is, we can always improve and prepare the energies to support our highest purpose in life and work.”

The Treasure: How to Change the World

Sometimes it is not the cleaning, nor the decoration that helps. We can change the energy in places with redirection, resetting and intention. We also use the different energies in different places to support our goals and purpose. I myself try to make an effort to be in specific energies for different needs. For reflections I will make sure to be alone – the view over the ocean to me provides the energy of unlimited inspiration and inspired input. When having to answer emails and communicate in writing sitting in a nice café with people coming in and out, chatting away and some having deep conversation is a great enhancer for my productivity. When brainstorming either by myself or with others I make sure to have some lounge music with a beat in the background and/or sitting in a room with different art on the walls and if possible an open view. For researching the energy of a library is the best.


Paying a visit to the New York Public Library the energy emanated of inspiration and knowledge. What a treasure! It was great inspiration walking in the energies of thoughts and insights that had come into writing by thousands of great soul. I enjoyed blending with the energies and felt the expansion of awareness and consciousness and inspiration instantly came to me and I felt like staying and putting my thoughts into writing or sitting down and reading one of the many books.


 NYPL Studyhall NYPL 'Basement'

A CEO sitting in his big office never leaving his chair will never be as effective as somebody who changes his ways – walking around in the company sensing the energies, taking some time by himself with his note book, etc. In general everybody would benefit from taking some time to figure out what, where and how we work best, when and in what energies. When that is said one can impact the energies in a certain place. See below my signature for some simple reminders and advice regarding energy in places.


I am looking forward to traveling the world and experience all sorts of energies. I will keep you posted on my up coming trip.


Have a fantastic weekend.

Best of energies

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen





Places have energy:

Where do your live, where is your office, where do you choose go in holiday. Does the energy of the place support your purpose, your vision and the type of performance and results you wish to create?


Things have an energy frequency:

Be aware what your things do to you. Do your energy frequencies improve or do they drop? Sell and throw out if they do not serve your energy.


You can change the energy:

Changing energy is more difficult. Here you have to be good at managing your own energy – both in terms of strength of your energy (being built through meditation) and the focus of your energies (built through visualization and practice). From a science based perspective you can read more about Extended Mind Theory by Andy Clark and David Chalmers (1998)

When both are strong you can start by attuning your energies and visualizing a certain energy being built in the room and by repeating this several time you can build a new energy in places, buildings, rooms and offices. The stronger your energies are the quicker and more strong your energy work manifests. I have done lots of this type of work for clients over the years with great results. I have a case study in my book The Treasure: How to Change the World.

Courage to Dare – a choice and opportunity to make a difference and to ‘act for life’

After having spent a week back in Denmark after my attendance at the “Zermatt Summit – Humanizing Globalization” I have the whole time had the conference in the back of my mind, processing all the inspiring impressions. This year the theme of the conference was ‘Courage to Dare’.


Christopher Wasserman, amongst others Founder of the Zermatt Summit, co-founder of the foundation Ecophilos - whose credo is that the human person is not incompatible with success in business enterprises - and president in TeraLab Surface Group in Switzerland.

Christoffer Wasserman – Founder of the Zermatt Summit

This was my 3rd year as Danish representative and every year I am reminded and supported in my view that ‘there is an urgent need in the world to replace the old paradigm of greed and welcome instead visionary change’.


Inspiring speakers shared their stories of how they had dared to make a difference, some even risking the safety of their lives, and all participants from around the world was invited for the same reason – all game-changers wanting to make a positive impact and most certainly all have ‘the courage to dare’ to make a difference. In an ideal world we would all be considered normal – not avant-garde as journalists call us, we would not be asked constantly ‘how dare you or what drives you?’. Because all we do is to combine what we do and choose to combine it with the ‘act for life’.


All participants and speakers come from different fields of business and like everyone else they are making a living and participating in creating growth and/or support for people in their countries and the world and have great success in their different areas of lives. What was different in this group than most business settings is that they combine what they do with creating a better world – being aware of their choices and the impact they can create in the world we are living in for a ‘common good’. For me personally it was a great atmosphere at the summit of daring to speak about growth, finance and humanity at the same time – and the fact that it can all co-exist. As I write in my book The Treasure: How to Change the World:


“There is an urgent need in the world to replace the old paradigm of greed and welcome instead visionary change to create a positive impact as we go about in our daily business. This way we are supporting the society we live in and still earning an acceptable return on investment. In quantum physics, equal attracts equal, so by investing in life, we will always attract solutions to expand our life force by creating growth with new innovative solutions. There is a choice and opportunity to act differently from how we did before.”


 Jochen Zeits, Co-founder of the B-Team with Richard Branson to to help transform the future of business, founder of the Zeits Foundation for Intercultural Ecosphere Safety to support sustainable solutions that balance conservation, community development, culture, and commerce. Hisham El Sherif, Chaiman of IT Investment Group and founder of Nile online

 Jochen Zeits Co-Founder of the B-Team and Hisham El Sherif.



The conference itself I believe to be a spiritual version of Davos – very forward thinking discussions on growth from the development of new leaders, how common good is essential in political leadership, positive journalism as it impacts our motivation and engagement, innovation for social and human development, servant leadership, the courage leaders need to challenge, capitalism and the purpose for business enterprise, empowering leaders for global change, and to encouragement of integrity and ethics in politics, business and civic organizations. In essence I am always surprised that we can continue to drive change compartmentalized from life it self – in my point of view life is what we are here for, what at least fulfill me – to do something meaningful that benefits the people I work with and surround myself with. It is fulfilling to have the opportunity to share the responsibility to support positive change, social and sustainable growth. And more than ever is it necessary.


In the below picture I am at a ‘casual’ evening function with the winner of the Social & Business Co-Creation Prize at the Zermatt Summit: Ana Bella Estevez, founder of the Ana Bella Foundation enabling abused women to empower themselves as global change makers and Ester Ezquerra, responsible for CSR from Danone. They won the competition with the co-creation of the project ANA BELLA SOCIAL SCHOOL FOR WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. This project is co-created by the Ana Bella Foundation, led by an Ashoka Fellow, and Danone. It aims at empowering women victims of domestic violence by creating useful and qualified jobs while providing a better performance for the company in promotion activities. Fact: 1/3 of women worldwide still suffer in abusing relationships, and this is just the official number. I sincerely hope that initiatives like the above and the many other impressing initiatives in the competition can help lowering numbers like above. Furthermore, I see an increase the awareness of the fact that the urgent need for co-creation and social enterprises is there now.

Zermatt Ana Bel Danone


The greatness of these initiatives is that they create a ripple effect of inspirational energy for some to take the first steps in creating similar co-creation in there own areas. Secondly, many of those I spoke to at the conference felt similar to me that through these examples we are reassured and gained renewed strength to put the extra effort into our work to make a difference, not only for own benefit but for the good of all. Empowering more people in the world will also mean more demand, new jobs and completely new markets – it’s a win win creating hope and opportunities instead of greed and old ways trying to get more for a few that in the long run creates more desperation, more ego centric behavior and lack for everyone – dare to care and make a difference even though it might feel strenuous and hopeless. It is worth it in the long run.


An observation I made this year, the last day of the conference, was a change in energy – a more heavy energy surrounding the participants for a shorter while. Most participants – all leaders in their own countries and used to handle great challenges – I spoke to had experienced an unknown feeling of sadness, sorrow, or tiredness in their bodies. When I took my time to sense and interpret the energy it was clear to me that these amazing and inspiring people either on a conscious or sub-conscious level realized that also they had to do things differently, whether it was a rethink of process, communicating, financing, listening to that inner voice more or alike. The energies was picturing the group of 180 people more or less ready to let life go as they knew it, and to be guided towards new ways and living life fully while creating the results they wish for in the world. That experience was important and left me with a privileged feeling that a place like that exists so that great minds and souls can meet, recharge and find the courage and new solutions to take the next necessary steps also in our lives. After the walk-and-talk the last hours the energies was once again high and the participants were leaving, more inspired and light at heart – as almost healed by the summit itself to be ready for new chapters. This observation was of the energy, not the ambiance nor the content. The day was full of inspiration, network and professional presentations.


I feel privileged to once again this year having been invited for these 3 exciting and important days. The opportunity to act differently from how we did before is there – it is only a choice away.


Have the Courage to Dare and Dare to Care!


Best of energies

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen








 The upside of awareness of energies – positive change in your life, your organization and in the world 

Our ‘human energy’*, the energy we transmit through our thoughts, choices and actions is the only permanent energy resource we have. It is also the only energy source that on which we as individuals have 100% influence.


The impact of our energies on a daily basis is immense and nothing we do, say or think is without a consequence – positive or negative, our choice. Yes, you heard me right – awareness of our energies can give us a competitive advantage and a way to influence not only ourselves but also the world around us.


Today I visited a hospital for a routine check. The positive attitude of the doctors, their willingness to explain what happened through the actual examination, and their deep felt wish to make me feel comfortable throughout my stay was exceptional. The whole time I felt safe and cared for. Also did their personal questions make me share about my work, my passion and life mission. A routine check for breast cancer, could have been associated with my fearful and negative emotions and the experiences with my grandmother and mother’s history of breast cancer if I had been met with a negative or less caring attitude at the hospital visit. Leaving the room, declared healthy and well, I heard one of the doctors saying: ‘what an great person’. I was inspired by their wonderful ways and so were they. A mutual build of positive energy where I initially was low in energies due to nervousness. We truly can change lives with a positive energy.


Obviously, if we are stressed, unaware of our own energies we never feel what drains us and what strengthen us, what creates results and what creates barriers. And we do create our own pitfalls – take all conflicts in the world I would be able to tell you how it was built and how to resolve it – of course depending on the willingness of the parties to cooperate.


Working with clients on performance (Energistic Leadership & Impact Performance™) I see great results daily. An example in the corporate world is when we create results in sales way beyond expectation by creating awareness on how to mange own energies, the energies in strategy, relations and in our complete stakeholder chain and those tools are indispensible once known to you.


Once you become aware and become capable of managing your energies you also become aware of the ripple effect of the energy you transmit and your responsibility to create a positive impact, not only in your own surroundings but in the world you live in. Acting ethical, with integrity and making wise long term decisions become the most natural thing in the world – and a positive side effect is that it all comes back to you.


Energistic Leadership™ that I have developed and shared for more than 6 years now – teaches you how to mange your energy in your life, business, and organization creating a ripple effect of positive change. In my book ‘The Treasure: How to change the world’ you get some cases, examples and tools.


It is my passion to share the message on the importance of awareness and taking responsibility for our energies – because we can change the world, doing what we do best while making a positive impact in our own life, in our organizations and in the world.


Below you hear an example from the medical arena building awareness on how positive energies affect healing. Oprah talks with Dr Jill Taylor about hospitals should preserve energy instead of taking it. “Take Responsibility for Your Energy – Super Soul Sunday – Oprah Winfrey Network” – Click on the picture to see the short film:




I encourage you to start preserving and build the best possible energies – for yourself and for the world we live in.


Best of Energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen


*Human Energy is how Angela Ahrendts describe the energy we create and transmit trough our thoughts, emotions and actions in her TedXtalks The Power of Human Energy

Dear introvert and shy friend – what you need to know about the vulnerability of extraverts to feel better about yourself

The other day I spoke to a dear friend – he is shy, introvert – an amazing person that im happy to have had in my life always. He shared how awful it feels at parties when people after a while leaves for the toilet and don’t come back – no matter how hard he tries he doesn’t seem to feel as though he has anything to offer.


He does – he has a great personality – he often sits and says little or nothing at parties. He is such a nice man who wishes the best for everyone, he listens, he hears the stories people share – he doesn’t fill his mind with what interesting story he could tell as many extraverts do who forget to listen or simply listen to be able to tell a better story afterwards. When in a safe environment my friend talks and has interesting thoughts, feeling and things to say.


Introverts make the energy balance to extraverts – imagine if no one listened to the extravert. He or she would be very low in energy and his self-esteem would go low and he would start to feel very insecure. He would loose his energy, loose his magic – extraverts often feeds of the energy transmitted by the introverts. Visa versa – introverts feeds on the energy transmitted by the stories and lively energy of extravert.


That is what happens when extraverts are suddenly faced alone with introverts and shy people. When there is a mix of introverts to listen and extraverts to loudly laugh, discuss and confirm what the extravert is talking about (mirror the energy transmitted by the extravert) – the extravert is assured all is well, that they are good enough, that they have a reason to exist.


The extravert feels awkward when not reassured. When alone with an introvert, that laughs discretely, listens and not necessarily needs or dares to say something – then the extravert is not reassured, not fed with energy, not knowing whether he/she is good enough… The extravert feels awkward – not thinking the introvert is awkward. Suddenly the insecurity and vulnerability is feeding one another and both party feel insecure. The extravert try to run away from that awkward feeling not to be good at talking to the person in front of him/her. He starts to feel not good enough.


Yes, there are people in this world who are not nice – but they are not nice to extraverts either. So dear introvert please do not take it personally if they make an arrogant gesture. Most of the time it is actually people with a very low self-esteem yet a high self-confidence – they need to push the responsibility away, then they need the story, the blaming that it is the other people that is wrong not themselves.


Extraverts need to learn that with no introverts there would be no balance in the world, no one would listen, no one would fill up those chairs of ‘audience’ to their many stories and need to interact and to share the center of attention. Extraverts would benefit a lot from inviting the introvert to join when going to find more extravert people to interact with.


Actually what would assist both parties is to learn how to stand strong in own energies, to breathe and to connect on a deeper level than at the surface. I know it starts simple, yet starting to breath deeply, and allowing your breath to balance your energies, to make you feel at peace, feel strong and to feel that you are able to connect with people at an energetic level, at soul level. You suddenly sense the purpose of your own and the other persons reason for being right there at the right moment and you benefit from meeting one another.


Introverts you do have lots to offer – when you finally are asked a question you might give the most valuable response all night …or you might say ‘I don’t know’ – but extravert would see wonders by waiting an extra second and you will start to share. Extraverts having the extra patience makes introverts feel safe and welcome. Remember, introverts spent all their energy listening to extraverts, so they didn’t have time to consider what their opinion is, and they are not used to being asked. It doesn’t mean that they do not have an opinion.


Dear introvert, don’t believe that extraverts necessarily feel better about themselves or are better people than you. Extraverts also need help to converse, to feel valuable, to feel heard and understood. Should the conversation stops and you are at a party or network event – dare to with an encouraging smile propose to the extravert “come, lets find some fun and interesting people” or “lets powder our nose and then go find some new, nice and interesting people to talk to”. Then you are in the game not feeling outside the game and you help them by inviting some extraverts into your conversation so the extravert feel reassured again.


The smart and nice people see you and recognize you. And they are the only ones you want to be in the company of anyways. You are the strong one – you don’t need the attention.

Know that you matter – you are a treasure!

Best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen


(I am strictly writing the above from my own observation and work with energy. I know I am generalizing – I could write a whole book on this topic and the energy of extraverts and introverts and how we would have a better world if we all took and extra moment to understand each other – this is not only between introverts and extraverts. In my daily work with the elite world of business, politics, sports etc I meet many introverts. In the board room it is not always the one that shouts the most that has the most world changing views. So if you are an introvert leader the above article can also show you how to support and help your extraverts coexist and cooperate with introverts without loosing their self-confidence and build a strong team.)

Suggestions: Meditation helps you feel more balanced and secure about yourself.  Also reading the book Personal Power through Awareness by Sanaya Roman makes you understand your own personal power and give you example on how you with energy and visualization can change the energy between you and other people. You can also read my book The Treasure: How to Change the World. The book does not talk about insecurity nor shyness however it suggests way to manage and to change energy in situations, places, and in relations to achieve a given goal for good of everyone involved. it could give you some inspiration to how to optimize your own energies in your work-life as much as your personal life – to stand strong and to be everything that you are to create a ripple effect and co-create a better world. You can also download my guided meditation: “The Treasure: A guided Meditative Journey” on iTunes Store.

I myself loves to network, to be in conversation, to listen and to observe:

Christel conversing in a bar

“Shining Star” – by a Sprouting Visionary

As the days go rolling by

You have to keep reaching for the sky

Let no one steer you off course

Cause you are your only energy source

Keep your soaring both near and far

Your light constantly shines

You are a shining star

– Written by Ada Vines, age 8

I was so inspired and impressed last night when a dear client in Australia sent me this poem written by her 8 year old daughter, Ada Vines.

You all know about my favorite spare time occupation, my program Sprouting Energies® – Energistic Leadership® for children and teenagers – supporting their awareness of own and other’s energy to develop and strengthen their self awareness, self-confidence and self-worth living a better, more positive and happy life – to be everything that they dream of and more – for them to become Sprouting Visionaries.

Let us all be reminded by this beautiful poem written by Ada Vines, to keep reaching for the sky and let no one steer us off course – allowing our light to shine to be a star.

Best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen


Quantum Entanglement vs Energistic Entanglement – a guide to a better life?

In my book The Treasure: How to change the world, I write about Energistic* Leadership® that I developed in 2007 and one of the challenges, Energistic Entanglement – which is when our energies that we we transmit through our thoughts, feelings, choices and actions are intertwined and leaving us entangled and less empowered and less capable of acting out from our own needs and starts to act out from what other people want. The energy transmitted is the energy Angela Ahrendts refer to in her TedxTalks as human energy: The Power of Human Energy. When our energies are entangled we loose focus and track on own needs, we stop to listen to our inner wisdom, and either try to take control of our outside world or give in and follow the streams of other people’s hopes and dreams. The energy itself builds up between us and other people, places and situations and it get harder, harder to gain anything constructive  results and no matter how hard we try it feels as though nothing really works (parents with teenage kids are the first to agree on this point – it can be helped, I do this all the time both in business, performance but also with my Sprouting Energies program for children and teenager in my spare time).


The Energistic Entanglement happens when we stop listening to our selves and start to guess and/or control what the other person think or should think and/or do. In that very action we transmit energy towards the other person or situation with a want, a demand, an imposing energy. Subconsciously that other person feels that energy and rebels and/or struggles to be freed from that imposing energy. Most people feeling compromised unwillingly will ‘fight back or run’. This is what starts most fights, battles, and alike to be free from an imposing energy which will feel like an opponent in the real world. So we suddenly subconsciously fight to win and to be back in control and if possible being the one with the power.


If unaware of this entanglement and it is not undone, this is what is creating distances and unresolved issues between people and relationships. This all happens unconsciously for most people. (An unconscious entanglement can happen through true forgiveness.) Once aware of your own energies, how to manage own energies and untangle own energies from others’ will be truly free and be able to feel own emotions, sends what is rights for others and how to interact in all given situations. Essentially, we are then able to create the life we truly want for ourselves while creating a better life and world for others. This works in all fields of life: work, strategy, performance and our private life.


The ability to not only entangle or untangle energies, but also to manage these energies and to create a certain result and learning to sense and being consciously aware and able to transmit impactful energies to make a positive change is what I call Energistic Leadership and Impact Performance®. Once we refine our Energistic skill set we can and will improve our relationships, our creativity, our ability to manifest our visions and what we dream about will happen much faster in better ways than we dare to dream about.


Well, what the above has to do with quantum entanglement? What Gregg Braden, other philosophers and many scientists are talking about is the fact that we are all connected through the energies we transmit. When undefined and no demands nor expectations are cluttering up our energies we are still sending our energies with our thoughts, emotions, choices and actions. Therefore, I also argue that every one of these create an impact. We can choose the impact in accordance to what we allow ourselves to think, feel and choose.


If untrained in sensing energies, we can still time to time feel when something is wrong, get a hunch what to do or not to do, we ‘know’ there is a certain ambiance in the room, and we most of the times ‘know’ how our lived ones feel when in the same room with them. Yet do we start to guess, control etc.. the entanglement begins. Darling what are you thinking of? Nothing! Nothing? You can’t think of nothing?! And then the pushing and running starts… That aside we also sometimes ‘know’, dream, or feel something is wrong or right around our loved ones far from us. That is what the short movie below is showing us. I love there is a movie about quantum entanglement. Further down I am telling you my personal story of how this can work in a most positive way to create a better life when trained and aware of energies around us.


Click on the picture to see the short movie (1:31 min) Tales of Everyday Magic – Entanglement:
Tales of Everyday Magic - Entanglement

Here are a few examples of Entanglement from my life: 10 years ago I lives in China. I knew my oldest younger brother was traveling to South America with his girlfriend and family in law. One night I dreamt he was afraid, ill, crying, curled up in my lap as a small boy – not as the young man he was/is – he was in danger. Waking up I called home, called him, wrote an email. Tried everything I could to be sure he was alright. A week later we got in touch with him. We were told he had climbed a mountain too fast, was really ill up in the heights but was then down and ok. The same thing happened just this very weekend. I dreamt one of my best friends cried and needed support to walk and to live. I wrote her from Norway saying that I was there for her if she needed me. She answered – thank you having a most emotional weekend. It helps just hearing from you. These are just a few example from my life as highly intuitive. It’s all the time… It also saves me from trouble;) once I dated a man, he was perfect I thought, one day working with a client doing intuitive work with a business clients and his strategies, I suddenly saw a picture of the man I dated, a woman, and looked at the time. I then set aside the image to focus on the work with my client. When I saw my date that evening I asked him if he was sure he was single? And asked him what woman he was talking too at 2pm that afternoon. It was his wife… had I not been trained I might have ignored the thought and simply believed it was my insecurities that had played me. But having trained and worked with my Energistic Skills, intuitive and psychic abilities I was sure and questioned him with an assertiveness that could not be brushed away with a smooth smile.


In case you are wondering, I stopped dating him immediately and felt grateful for my trained intuitive and psychic abilities not only work when advising my clients but also supporting and guiding me in my private life supporting me in living a safe, healthy and happy life.


I daily experience this and obviously work with my intuitive and psychic abilities for a living… I see these skills as a natural ways of sensing Quantum Entanglements and Energistic Entanglement. Therefore, I love it when science make it natural. That is why I can train people in this – as much as its a gift it’s also a skill and the energy is there for a fact and we can go beyond sustainable and healthy growth once we learn to navigate in this new field – a field actually known to man for thousands of years yet first being accepted by society now science can start to explain some of it.


An important thing to remember when working with energy is that what you transmit you also attract– the law of attraction, simple and well known quantum physics. The key is that the more ethics, discipline and heart put into your work with energy and the skills to manage the energies, the sharper and clearer your skills get – but also the more happy and self aware we get. Because if we make wise and compassionate decisions in our lives these are the people and situations we attract.


So being aware of Energistic Entanglement – how to stay free of attaching your energies to other people and staying free of other people’s transmitted energies is the first step  to living a better life. Then second step is training your awareness and ability to read the energies around you. Mainly, if you start with ethics and discipline you will always be centered in your own energy and will attract less and less energies to be entangled in in the first place – if all people learned to stand strong in own energies and stay detangled from the energies of others we would have a better world with no or little conflict. its a responsibility but also an immense capacity where we can create almost everything we want.


Talking quantum physics, energy does not know distance – so everything is possible anywhere in the world! Not even the sky is the limit – but then we are starting to talk about multiple realities and dimensions etc… and that is another post another day:)



The best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen


*the term ‘Energistic’ is the concept I developed back in 2007-8 and use for courses and workshops to assist my clients. ‘Energetic’ is what people normally refer to when they talk about energy.


Dare to care to make it fair – hallelujah

“I felt that we should change the world, dare to care to make it fair. But you didn’t really care about people did you? Well it took a breath, a fourth and a fifth before we saw the major lift – a new world awakening Hallelujah.

Our need to rule and build a wall, before we did all hear the call. The power and our fear overthrew us. We fooled ourselves created a war, inside ourselves and fought our kin – until our souls cried out Hallelujah.

Maybe there is hope for us – a treasure of light, of peace, of love. A choice of life – conscious contribution. A fire that sparks, starts from within. An energy on angel wings. Its a mended and united Hallelujah.”

An inspired poem I wrote after listening to Andrew Cohen’s song Hallelujah at the ‘God Goes Deeper’ event by Majken Matzau & Co last Friday.

Best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen


It’s a choice to act for life – psychopaths in managing positions?

May we all be in our right mind, heart and energy and responsibly ‘act for life’ – always!

A well respected danish news paper Børsen has today run an article encouraging psychopaths in management teams. Wikipedia’s definition of psychopath traits: “Pervasive pattern of disregard for, or violation of the right of others” – how would that ever be good in management?! People spending most of their time at work to deliver and to be at service for others to earn a living to lead a happy life – and now a psychiatrist apparently with no thoughts of humanity has argued the above and a newspaper has a chosen to share this.

Well here is the deal. With balanced leadership and the ability to manage your own energies you will be just as capable to make tough calls and take risks as the psychiatrist argues are the positive traits of a psychopath. Choosing balanced and aware managers however, will be done with sustainable and human consideration. It is even scientifically proven that ethical and responsible leadership leads to more satisfied employees, improved sales and better client satisfaction. As a trusted leadership advisor I assist these strong and balanced leaders with their integrity, self respect and respect for others intact to make wise choices and take inspired action – and be between the argued 3% of the world population who dare to act according to values in good and in bad times.

Börsen on Psychopaths in Management

I’m sending healing energies to those who have had a boss, parent or alike as a psychopath with their self worth destroyed and quality of life immensely deteriorated – I have in my work assisted quite a few well qualified executive almost broken in a situation like this and successfully sent them back in to leading positions creating healthy growth. I send energy of change to newspapers and other media around the world to take responsibility of their content and be aware of the impact it has on its readers – some people unfortunately take everything they read in well respected media as the truth. I send transforming and expanding awareness of energy to those who believe in the content of the article attached – may they never be exposed in their lives of a such relationship involving a psychopath or may they be cured if they suffer from a such disorder…

Psychopathic traits is a side effect, cause, of a person who has suffered from milder or severe degree of humiliation, suppression, neglect, psychological and/or physically abuse. Will we allow our decisions and companies to be run by these negative energies transmitted by a cause of such negative experiences or will we take action when detected to take care and support these people so that this suffering can have an end and not affect and reach our employees, clients and stakeholders? I see it as a responsibility of any organization to protect people depending on us and trusting us with their lives when working for and with us to be cared for and to be boosted with as much positive energy and resources to make everything possible. When in that positive state of mind, creativity and resources for action is released and we see new thoughts, ways and solutions appear and not only our lives but also our bottom line is improve drastically.

I encourage everybody to act for life, to act for humane and ethical decision making and perspectives in management and organizational behavior and most of all I encourage a ‘call to action’ that we all act in respect and care for our own rights and the rights for others.

Best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

My first blog-post and how to deal with ‘nervous perfectionism’ in the cause of contribution

Dear all,

Welcome to my new blog – a blog where I intent to share my experiences, insights and perspective of the world, my life and my mission spreading ‘The Treasure’ and my concept ‘Energistic Leadership & Impact Performance®’ that I have built and shared since 2008 – to share how our awareness of energies and our ability to manage them – CAN change our world.

Nervous perfectionism has prevented me from allowing a flow of insight being shared in a blog and probably also from doing some other things in life. However, as from today I am taking the plunge and I promise you the blog and its content will only be improved, changed, and develop as time goes.

What I always do when I am nervous about doing something and in few occasions allow my perfectionism to slow me down or almost take my power – then I take some extra deep breaths and I change my focus to being at service and on contribution… for each breath my ego slowly fades to the background, my energies expand and I am able to blend and connect my energies to a higher level of inspirational energies constantly available to us – guiding me to provide the insights I am meant to provide in any given situation. In the end, I always perceive contribution more important than being perfect… Being perfect and striving to be the best we can be are fundamentally two different energies – where I try to always make an effort to do the latter.

I hope you will be inspired and that some of my content can be a treasure in your world.

Best of energies,




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