10 ways to live a purposeful and extraordinary life – bringing your uniqueness and contribution to the world

I’m often asked what I do to live such an extraordinary life and I am almost everyday told that I am lucky traveling on my 1 year “Treasure – Change the World Tour” contributing, empowering and reminding people I meet on the way that we can live an extraordinary life AND make the world a better place at the same time. Yes, I do feel privileged and I feel the magic everyday but I also allow the unexpected every second. Furthermore, I sold everything that I owned – even my bed and my bedroom lamp and I don’t know if I will start with nothing once I end my journey – but I have acted on my guidance and hope to contribute as much as possible on the way and already now I have learned, seen, experienced and met so many amazing people that I am way richer in my heart and soul. I have my journey – but living my life wouldn’t be the purpose for someone else. So what is your purpose? What is your dream? What is your contribution?


Christel Rosenkilde Christensen on her "Treasure - Change the  World Tour"

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen on her “Treasure – Change the World Tour”


Actually I meet people all the time that have everything to live an extraordinary life – in fact we all have. They are simply not conscious of the fact that their lives could be different or having the courage to go and make that change that will make a big difference and their lives and the world around them. I also meet many incredible people who has chosen to live and extraordinary life and to contribute.


Here from Melbourne on my “Treasure – Change the World Tour” I will share 10 of the many things I do myself and that you can do to live and feel extraordinary bringing your uniqueness to the world making a difference everyday:


1. Believe you CAN live an extraordinary life

“Your belief (conscious or subconscious) can give you power, but you have to accept that this carries responsibility, When you encounter a situation you project your beliefs and energies onto this event and interpret it based on your ideas. But your energy is about a journey. Focused attention provides a tremendous resource, treasure it – value it above rubies – the power to make a change, to make a difference…” – from my book The Treasure – how to change the world. (Energistic Leadership™ as an agent for visionary change.)

Believing expands your energy field and your are more inclined to sense your guidance and direction. Take responsibility for you own destiny and dare to believe!


2. Focus on opportunities

Look at what is possible – don’t focus on limitations and dead-ends. Start talking about what you can do – for yourself and others. If we only see limitations our lives never change. What am I good at, what are my skills, what can I offer to the world, who needs me, how can it be applied in a more beneficial way for myself, for the realization of my dreams, and how can it support more people? Your energy flows where your focus goes.


3. Create healthy routines in your life that gives your extra energy such as meditation, gentle and regular exercise, sleep more, eat consciously, stop the excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, coffee, hard sports such spinning/running or mix it with more gentle forms of exercise that increase your awareness of your body and unlocks your physical tensions. The above things only numb your senses and awareness. Not that you necessarily should stop to enjoy a good glass of wine or a good coffee yet be mindful of what your choices does to your energy. The healthier choices, the stronger the energy.


Christel Rosenkilde Christensen and her health practices on her "Treasure - change the world tour"

4. Choose to talk to and spend time with positive people

I have amazing friends – I feel I am more because of them. We have inspiring conversations, challenge one another and bring new perspectives to our lives. We laugh and we cry together. We also support each other to turn a negative into a positive and remind one another to aim high. Yet, I always know that I have a responsibility – a responsibility to keep it that way. Know that you have a responsibility to change conversation and energy – as long as you are participating in the conversation you are a part of feeding negative energy. You can always suggest a different direction of conversation.


If you have family suggest and remind each other to keep a positive and supportive language. Not said that we shouldn’t address less positive topics or feelings. Yet, be constructive, supportive and loving – don’t get carried away. Stay away from or spend less time with pessimists if your above efforts does not bring any change – they bring your focus in the wrong direction. Have you reassessed your friendships lately or assessed your chosen focus in your group of friends. Remember that by addressing it you have the opportunity to bring everybody higher. Positive focus strengthens your energy and makes your visualized outcome more likely to occur.


5. Dare to be different!

Bring in YOUR passion and do more of what YOU love. Anything you love to do adds to your positive energy pool. Let go of or change routines that drains you and do not try and fit in. Your difference and your weirdness are what you are supposed to bring in to this world –  your unique point of value to this world (what I call your UPVW). When being everything that you are your energies and focus are strong – and that combined with service and belief – there is no stopping for you to live your best life.


Click one the below picture to see the most meaningful speech from Vox.com about making a difference “Being Weird, Being Different” at the Oscars when Oprah hands over the Academy Award to Graham Moore, the writer of the Imitation Game:

Graham Moore "Stay Weird . Stay Different."

Graham Moore
“Stay Weird . Stay Different.”

The above picture is a screenshot from when reading the Huffington Post last night.


6. Dream, go crazy and remember to have fun.

Use your imagination and have fun – suddenly reality and imagination will meet Eg. Create a vision board and change it every 2nd year. Focus on your ideal life as if you had no limitations. You actually don’t have any limitations only beliefs – but your dream board will help you to release your psychological and energetic blockages and false perceptions of reality. False perceptions and negative beliefs lower your energy frequency, you feel more drained and tired, and have a harder time to manifest your goals. The more personal awareness you have the more authentic choices and the higher energy frequency – which you need to thrive and to achieve your goals.


7. Find solutions and start to invest in your new life.

Stop focusing of what you think you cannot afford. What if you stopped using money on mediocre things and started investing your money in your dreams and passions. For some people it means to use some of ones savings, for some it means to sell things you don’t need, for others it means to stop spending money on what is not needed, for others it is daring to seek the people for advice, for a new job, seeking people who have the money to invest in your ideas and dreams. But for all people we should at least ask ourselves every 2nd year whether what we have now is yesterday’s dream? If our life is not aligned to our dreams and visions the energy we emanate is sending mixed signals. Aligning your energies makes your message and energy clear to the point and you attract people and opportunities that are aligned with your purpose.


8. Be inspired

Find people you admire, read about them, contact them and meet them if possible, follow them, study them. Read about a new science that intrigues you, a new line of business, new technologies. Read about something new outside of your normal field of work or interest. I myself spend 1 day a week, meeting interesting people, reading magazines and books, watching TedTalks, a museum visit or anything else inspiring  that is outside ‘my box’. It fills me up, it makes my world bigger and adds new ways to look at life and expand my perspective. Not least does inspiration ignite my passion, make my resilience and energy stronger and I ‘run longer on the mile’.


Below some examples of people we all know who’s work has inspired me on my trip; ObamaOprah, & Mandela – not to forget all the other people I have met so far on my “Treasure – Change the World Tour”:

Barrack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Nelson Mandela

Barrack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Nelson Mandela


9. Ask yourself, “how can I contribute? How can I use my passion to change the world?”

I always ask myself this in various situations during my day. Any action to be at service brings good to someone else and once you feel you made a difference you can’t stop. It feels amazing to do good in the world. When I work with my clients be it organization, athletes, entrepreneurs, actors or alike I always work with optimizing their ultimate capacity, performance and how they can contribute simultaneously – with no exception. In my mind – capacity equals responsibility and responsibility empowers. So if you want to be empowered – take responsibility and belief that you can live an extraordinary life and make a difference at the same time. Contribution is the highest form of co-creation when I talk about energy – when you wish something good for other people, choose to do it and act on it you are creating an alignment of good, a connection of soul purpose, your gift – your treasure given to share to this earthy realm, and the need of others – integrating that into your daily activities will create more energy and than it is possibly human to comprehend. Those of you who have experienced this will understand and know that there is hardly more giving energy to be a part of.


10. Breathe – no I’m not kidding!

Have your checked your breathing during your day? Are you in your head and short breathing to your chest only. Allow life, allow your feelings to guide you, allow your body and mind to be fully energized by allowing maximum intake of oxygen. It also makes our thoughts and intentions a part of our own lives. We automatically listen to our own needs – so that we not only work, create and contribute to something outside of us. We are born to live, we are able to thrive, we owe it to ourselves and the world to life the most extraordinary life on our life journey. When we breathe properly we have a deeper connection to our intuition knowing what is right for self and others (See my blog on Intuition vs Gutt-feeling for greater results and contribution). With a positive thought, wish, dream in mind –  take a deep breath and you can make more magic in your life than with a whole life of planning. Breathe and allow yourself to bring your unique contribution to the World.


“There is no passion in playing it small – settling for a life that is anything less than you are capable in living”

– Nelson Mandela, a quote from the book The Treasure: How to change the world.


Change your life – Change the World

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen  Owner & Energistic Insignia Expert Advisor™     World class trusted executive advisor, facilitator & Energistic Excellence Mentor™ for the elite in various industries, politics, sports and education.  - today’s challenge, tomorrow’s miracle…  Speaker & author of the book: The Treasure: How to Change the World on Energistic Leadership as an agent for visionary change

Best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

Energistic Insignia Facilitator

– International trusted executive advisor, teacher and intuitive mentor for the elite in various industries, sports and education. Pioneered Energistic Leadership™ in 2007. Speaker & author of the book: The Treasure: How to Change the World on Energistic Leadership™ as an agent for visionary change

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Conscious Insomnia – How to stay energized with restless sleep?

You might ask yourself  – what has sleep to do with changing the world – but it has everything to do with it. When we are tired our energies are low, and when our energies are low we start acting in survival mode making short term decisions as an opposite to us being energized and acting out of a long term perspective making wise and conscious decisions. Exactly what we need to make our lives and the world a better place.

“Sleep is not only an upgrade to 1st class. Without sleep we do NOT fly.”

– Russell Foster, a circadian neuroscientist at Oxford University


We need our sleep to be at the top of our game during our everyday life and most of us will know what it means to be awake during the night worrying about not getting enough sleep. Sleep is as important as water and food. Sensitive people or people suffering from stress in their everyday lives often either sleep lighter or wake up with the change and shifts of energies. It is important to understand and to simply go with these natural sleep disruptions. It is natural and we will have to find alternative measures to get our needed energy boost. On my “Treasure – Change the World Tour” I constantly experience changes in my sleep depending where I sleep, what I have experienced and who I met during the day. All travelers will have experienced this – and no it is not only jet lag that disturbs your sleep when traveling.


Tossing and turning in your sleep? Improve your energy  with Energistic Sleep Advice™ by Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

Tossing and turning in your sleep? Improve your energy with Energistic Sleep Advice™ by Christel Rosenkilde Christensen


Energistic Sleep Advice™ – my advice for you to strengthen your energies when lack or disturbance of sleep:

1. Relax and breathe when waking or being woken up – allowing yourself to be agitated or irritated you are only draining your energy and making relaxation and rejuvenation impossible. Take 3 exceptionally deep breaths emptying out all energies stressing you and breathing in new energy cleansing and restoring your energy to be able to fall back to sleep. our sleep is our brain’s detox and our energetic release of energy disturbances – energies we caught up during our day. so utilize your breath to let go and let new and fresh in. Don’t stress about not sleeping. Even relaxing and being ‘in the zone’ strengthens and nurtures your energies.


2. Feel if any inspiration comes to you and write it down, then let it go. don’t engage in how’s except if that is the given.  Depending on the time of the night great energies are to be harnessed and you receive great new ideas or solutions. There are often a reason for why we wake up – as soon as we get the message we will be able to sleep again – sometimes it is as simple as a reminder of something you let go of in your subconscious mind during your ‘detox’. The best way to listen is to breathe and let whatever thoughts come and write it down. If you start to worry it’s because you don’t breathe properly and not surrendering. Go to step 1 again and then step 3 directly to not waste good energy.


3. If you are trying to ‘force’ sleep lying awake at night start by breathing deeply, allowing yourself to feel grateful that you are awake to make a conscious choice of an even better sleep the rest of the night. Breathe in and imagine that calming energy comes in from the top of your head, filling you up with oxygen, a silent energy, a beautiful light and when breathing out imagine yourself to let go of energies that kept you awake or woke you up. When having replenished your body with a soothing light that slowly emanates from your body and imagine that a protecting ball of light is around you to make you sheltered from the energies around you. you can now go to sleep untouched by the energies around you, taken care of knowing that the energy and light will around you to support you sleep with healing and light. If you are meant to sleep you now will sleep. With the above advice you can stay energized no matter how you slept during the night. For traveling the same advice goes.


4. If you did not manage to sleep or still tired during the day there are several ways to stay energized and on the top of your game you can do one or both of the below: A. Make time to a half or one hour meditation some time during the day, you can download my guided visualization that takes 23 minutes to support you to boost your energies and strengthen your intuition: “The Treasure: A guided meditative journey” in iTunes. With meditation we often only need to work 4-5 hours achieving what would normally take us 8-9 hours due to efficiency and a strengthen intuition. That will also make your body and mind restitution almost just as good as if having a whole night sleep. B. If you will not prioritize for a longer meditation settle with taking 3-5 small breaks of 30 seconds with deep breathings during your day, which will boost and strengthen your personal energy and the same apply if you had a good night sleep. then you are simply taking it to the next level with your breathing – tapping into your intuition. No one will notice if you are 30 seconds late. You can do it in your car, at your toilet visit, in your office chair, taking a short break in your cooking putting your hands at the kitchen table, closing your eyes and do your breathing. Even the people around you will benefit – so no excuses. It works more than you can ever imagine!


If you are wondering why we sleep here is an interesting TedTalk by Russell Foster:


As mentioned above, I on my “Treasure – Change the World Tour” constantly experience change in my sleep depending where I sleep, the energy of the place and the room, what I have of experiences and who I met during the day. So when traveling it is not only the times zones and jetlag ‘messing’ with your sleep – so does the different energies of cultures, the energies left by the previous people who stayed in your hotel room. How to deal with that energy is another post or you can read my book “The Treasure: How to Change the World” on how to manage your energy and that around you.


Now you have a good base for keeping your energies high even deprived from sleep – so you go and make your game-changing mark on the world.

Sleep well and feel rested throughout your day.

Change your life – Change the World

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen  Owner & Energistic Insignia Expert Advisor™     World class trusted executive advisor, facilitator & Energistic Excellence Mentor™ for the elite in various industries, politics, sports and education.  - today’s challenge, tomorrow’s miracle…  Speaker & author of the book: The Treasure: How to Change the World on Energistic Leadership as an agent for visionary change

Best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

Energistic Insignia Expert™

– International trusted executive advisor, intuitive mentor for the elite in various industries, sports and visionary entrepreneurs. Pioneered Energistic Leadership™ in 2007. Speaker & author of the book: The Treasure: How to Change the World on Energistic Leadership™ as an agent for visionary change

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Think Twice, make it another day in paradise – Available resources and capacity carry the gift of meaningful change

Think Twice – and make it another day of paradise… When we pass someone in need – even having the energy to notice something is wrong means that we have available resources. In my opinion available resources and capacity carry responsibility and the gift of meaningful change. In our everyday life it also means taking care of those around us.

Phil Collin sang one of my favorite song “Another Day in Paradise” – and still when I hear it I wish I could have helped more people I met in the street, or even people around me reacting strongly to something showing me that they were out of balance. I know myself when I am out of balance I less of the person I wish to be that when I am happy and doing well.

Think twice. The people around us all go through different emotional, physical or spiritual challenges and therefore are we all at some point in our lives in need of caring support. If we wish to change something there are only two options creating a crisis or overwhelming someone with understanding, love and encouragement. Fear feeds negative energies pushing people father out of their comfort zone and creates a downward spiral of eclipsing people in a box, making them unable to think creatively and find new ways. They might find a solution, yet it is one of survival and never the best option.

Encouragement and the attempt to understand the other party feed positive energy and hope. Hope and positive energy create an up-ward going spiral of openness to new ways, innovation, a sense of a bigger picture, longterm solutions benefitting all parties involved. These solutions leaves people and organizations energized and building new options where everyone involved live a more wealthy lives; wealth as in happiness, energy to follow their dreams, for those who do business it additionally makes their finances stronger.

Think twice. In business, it is not just ourselves building a stronger personal leadership. We need to care for our entire stakeholder-chain. It can be our suppliers who need a little less squeezing on prices as they already have given what was possible during the crisis, it can be our clients who is in either personal or corporate stress and need new solutions, services or products to find energy to what we already offer, it can be your own boss who has been under extreme pressure from a divorce and scrutinized by the shareholders who now have little energy for you and your challenges – whomever we are faced with reacting in a negative, a pushy or retiring manor, think twice – and reach out in a caring way.

We are all human – we are all here to learn and to grow, hence we are all challenged in our own ways. Some are more conscious about the reasons for the different challenges than others and some challenges feels more overwhelming than others.

Think twice. Rich or poor – the only difference is that rich have more financial resources and can help with little effort of having the mental resources and awareness to notice.
Think twice… No matter who you are. 

On my “Treasure – Change the World Tour” I meet many different cultures, see many different people in various settings and talk to high and low, broad and narrow. I have met CEO’s, actors, film producers, people in the street, students, cashiers in banks and supermarkets, waiters, housewives of fortunate and less fortunate families, children, etc. They all have one thing in common – they all wish to be acknowledged, taken notice of, be taken care of and to be able to take care of those they love and care for.

Think twice… and we will together care for a better world.

I care for you!

Best of energies,


How snow reminds us to ‘act for life’…

Here in the north in my home country
Winter is a season of reflections and celebration.
The darkness falls early in the afternoon
and the stars are clearer and brighter
above us than any other time of the year.
In the frosty and sharp air
ice covers the naked crowns of our trees
with its beautiful white sparkle –
every first glance makes me smile to my core.
It’s a sparkle that amazes and spread wonder year after year.
Walking in the Snow - a treasure of inspiration

Walking in the Snow – a treasure of inspiration

The days where the sun is shining
it’s beautiful rays covers the heavenly clear and blue skies.
Lakes and streams sparkle frozen,
hard yet perfectly and appealing
as if Mother nature has shredded her diamonds.
While the low standing sun
shines its light and leaves us in awe and admiration
its rays also create long and deep shadows
and long winter nights that brings out
the forgotten sadness and confusion of our souls.
Winter depression is what we call it
this remarkable syndromeof the shadows
– yet when the snow flakes fall
and the ground turns from grey to white covered by a surface of innocence
we are taken back to our childhood.
Taken back to the young years
where only joy, wonder and laughter were a constant.
When we trusted life and the people around us
was there to protect us, teach us and guide us
in an unconditionally loving manor.
Let us recall that feeling
and start to build a life and a society
where love, trust and laughter guide us and protect us.
Where our actions are guided
from a deep sense of willingness and choice to ‘act for life’.
Let the snow flakes remind us
of the innocence and courage of our hearts.
Let us dare to care and having the courage
to be the treasures that make a difference
– creating a positive impact in the world.
by Christel Rosenkilde Christensen
with her best of energies

Do you confuse important with urgent? How to build resilience and positive impact in our lives and the world.

Our choices and how we manage our lives – are determining our energy levels and our quality of life. Our level of awareness when it comes to  our personal responsibility is facilitating our degree of judgement of what truly matters – the impact of our choices. Our level of consciousness is creating a deep-felt connection to meaning of life and creates an urgency to positively impact our lives and the world for the better. If both levels are high I can guarantee great results in life – and a deep felt peace and happiness.
Yet, in our daily lives many try to please and service the urgencies of others and do everything possible to survive the external pressures of our world. To build our resilience for ‘stormy weathers’ it all depends where we focus our energies. Is what I focus on important? Does it matter to the greater picture, our goals and dreams? A big mistake I see many make in their lives is to confuse what is important, what is urgent and what is prioritized.
One rule of thumb:
Breathe! Never make someone important to you feel unimportant – being busy with urgencies is just a bad excuse for not prioritizing appropriately.  We all have responsibilities and to do lists…
Align your energies for resilience in stormy weather

Align your energies for resilience in stormy weather

I believe many people go through life being too busy forgetting the important things in life. Some show appreciation nor prioritizing what is important because of urgent matters. I feel sorry for the industries or group of people where it has become celebrated to ‘be busy’. We are only in touch with our core and our values when able to breathe, when able to feel our own need and sense the need of others and the world around us.
“98% of the world’s population is using 98% of their time on things that do not matter.”
– Neal Donald Walsh from the movie E-Motion
Check next time you deal with an urgency, whether it is as important as urgent. Does it matter… and even more importantly are you stressing over urgencies not even your own? Our energies levels changes in life and many successful people experience being drained – not because of age as many believe, but because values and dreams are changing – for many on a subconscious level. New and different components are often needed to be fulfilled to feel happy and to reach new levels of impact and happiness. Suddenly old important urgencies have lost their meaning. If not aware we continue to focus on priorities that is no longer relevant and drains the life energy out of us and waste our time and that of others’. Make sure you have re-assessed what is important to you, for your work and for the world around you – starting to live a life that matters to you.
I hope we will start to see more people and organizations prioritizing what is important and rather than what they perceive urgent.
Best of energies
Christel Rosenkilde Christensen
Suggestion for strong personal relience:
Here and now:
Take a deep breath
Do you confuse important with urgent? What is important to my happiness and feeling successful? What matters to the greater scheme of things in your life? What are your greater scheme? What are your dreams? What makes you happy now?
What I can do for you:
Strengthen your energies with meditation. You can download “The Treasure: A guided meditative Journey” for peace of mind, stronger energies, and a purposeful focus. Book a Skype Session today to create clarity of direction personally and professionally: info@treasureconsulting.com

2015 Energistic Predictions and Guidance: Choose wisely – then live life as if your happiness was depending on it

2015 Energistic Predictions and Guidance:

Choose wisely – then live life as if your happiness was depending on it…

As tradition bids, I welcome you to my 2015 Energistic Predictions and Guidance. The goal is to share my insights on tendencies and how to best harvest the energies of the up-coming year… And no, the title is not a joke – we have to start realizing that it is our own choices and actions that make our happiness, that of our own, of our loved ones and of the people co-existing with us on our planet.


Christel Crystal Global 2015 Predictions and Guidance


What would be your ’cause’?

If you had all the resources in the world, were told that the more you did for other people, the more success you would have and ultimately the more money you would generate – what would your ‘chosen cause’ be?

I am asking you because I have seen this happen again and again with my clients. The stronger clarity they have got on their purpose, the easier they channel useful and invigorating energy and the stronger the focus on the essentials – ultimately creating greater achievements and results. When looking into the energies of 2015 purpose, values and contribution become more crucial than ever.

From a societal perspective, we will this year see people more than ever stand up for what they believe in. Which have the risk to and already resulted in stronger polarization, more focused choices according to values, and actions to achieve a wanted outcome. There is a bottle neck of energy after years of great change, financial market crash, Arabic spring, more open markets – and due to change people haven’t quite yet seen the result of all their hard efforts hence the degree of patience and understanding is rather low. Our resilience is under pressure. The present case in France with 12 journalists killed for standing strong on their beliefs that provocation is a matter of freedom of speech has not only cost lives but marked an entire country and has touched millions around the world. I believe it is time that we stand together across religions, cultures and countries about shared needs to be respected, to feel compassion and to offer information to increase understanding of differences. Freedom of speech is not only a human right. It is also a responsibility. In the schoolyard in Denmark, provoking other children’s trigger points are called mocking and taken quite serious – it is not celebrated to be the use of freedom of speech. Lets have the courage to care and use our freedom of speech constructively – the same way we teach our children then we can achieve results out of this world.

From a personal leadership perspective, the energies of this year will exert pressure on our values and personal integrity. It will divide waters as some will react to fear and manipulate forces of greed, exercise strong control and try to dominate where as others are moved and touched by the disasters and loss around the globe and start to open up, to start questioning the status quo and create new standards for own life, happiness and for how they choose to live their life, buyer behavior will change in a more value based and ideological pattern. The new and progressively forward marching tendency worth to mention is that people will start to regard others as ‘outsiders’ if considering themselves successful only due to bottom line with no meaningful nor contributing purpose in life and may even put employees, the community or the environment at risk. People will to a much greater extent considering the good of all and being at service. Yet, to act on new measures we need energy, we need to build our resilience.

From an organizational perspective; the shifting paradigm and the need for purpose in life will create a pressure on brands, employee engagement, attracting the best employees, clients choosing from a more aware standpoint in the purchasing process and so forth organizations has a lot to loose. It is not new, yet the degree of awareness is becoming more apparent due to the last decade of constantly trying to create more transparent structures. Yet, still many organizations are lowering living standards and the health of their employees and the community, and the wealth of our planet – whether it is the inability to create a stress-free, motivational and a meaningful work environment, or it is from a planetary and societal perspective where the community around factories and the natural environment is endangered – there is a lot to be done taking integration of a more positive impact of our resources at hand serious and the integration of Corporate Social Responsibility into strategies of companies, governmental institutions and political decision making processes world wide.

There are already great initiatives around the world of meaningful businesses and channeled abundance into the communities. So we do have alternative bench marks for successful and meaningful business. Being representative for 3rd year in a row at the conference Zermatt Summit – Humanizing Globalization, I meet and are presented to many people and projects world wide as the case I mentioned in my blog last year about Danone and the Ana Bella Social School for Women Empowerment empowering women to leave abusive relationship, create a new foundation by becoming the most engaged sales people creating exceptional bottom line results for Danone. Why not start to act now, especially when it can contribute to your bottom line. The outsiders of our future I believe will be those who put purpose and service secondary – as individuals or as an organization. It is now… we need to act for life.

…And the great news is that it is ‘you’ as individuals that can make the change. It all starts from within. Awareness and energy is key to make game-changing choices.


Short cuts – tapping into infinite resources:

I know, we are all tired after the past years of financial worries, lots of change, fear, trying to gain control etc. I wish I could take everyone under my wings, teach you jow to manage your energies and build your resilience as I do with my valued clients, yet I will try to my best ability to contribute by sharing useful insights with added value to your personal awareness and organizational strategies – and leave you replenished with energy and new inspiration.

I often see exhaustion – especially when first introduced to a new executive group facilitating a workshop. When I tell them that they can achieve higher goals and a higher level of personal happiness and at the same time making the world a better place they often look at me with despair and resentment for a short moment then when they hear that I can offer them a ‘short cut’ they listen. Let me tell you something nice – we do not need to do more, the energies, the tendencies and trends in our society are creating a pull. You simply need to do the right things, change perspective, work with awareness and create a rise in personal and organizational consciousness and you will automatically and invigoratingly start to do things differently. You and your organization cant help but to change, but to contribute, but to create larger numbers at that.

…And there are short cuts, yet deeply profound ones with wisdom and game-changing solutions. When learning to tap into to the energy and information available to us within and around us, and subsequently realize that we are co-creating our results from the mere energy we transmit through our thoughts, choices and actions – then change happens by itself. For millenniums, we have listened to our intuition, listened to an inner voice or sought the advice of ‘wise women’ to please our curiosity and inspiration that showed us new and different ways. We have tapped into something greater than own ego and instinct of survival. It may be slightly intangible talking about energy. Yet, once you learn to distinguish between three forces of energy or abilities we are all born with: gut-feeling, that of our instinct, intuition, our inner GPS to the energy around us combined with our deep-rooted wisdom and the third skill, what I work with Energistic Clarity – a capacity to see beyond the limitation of our minds, tap into the field of possibilities and game-changing solutions – often to be found when verifying emotional blockages, distorted perspectives or mismatch and misalignment of strategy, people and purpose.


Uniqueness and ability to contribute: 

When you learn to separate and utilize the three together or separately you are able to navigate with a stronger agility and adaptability to market as an individual and as a large organization. You have a stronger connectivity to the need of your employees, your organization, your market and the global needs and obstacles so that you can act more timely to market, avoid pitfalls and build sound and healthy businesses – striving and contributing. Also, are you able to built, re-create and uphold an energy and a strong resilience to anything exterior and focus on your uniqueness and ability to contribute, be at service and have your needs met, in your private life and in our daily work.

The later centuries, we have tried to uniform education, government and almost to ridicule ‘to have a feeling’, many have gone to university, business schools and or other streamlined form of education – learned to benchmark and work according to certain acknowledged principles. As a generalization, obviously not representative of our world, many have become uniform to the extent that even our children have become afraid of being different and to even think that there is no box. People have become numb to the feeling of what is right for themselves and for the world we live in and therefore feel a misconceived need to follow a stream-lined so-called path of success to have a steering point in life. A steering-point, a success, that destroys our planet, where some people win at the costs of others, build organizations that protect those who were strong enough to participate leaving others out to deal with their own suffering… That is to me, more than counter-intuitive, it is down right wrong.

Treasure Globe Boardroom Table


A stronger pull from within to make a difference:

The global consciousness is rising and changing – so it is time to choose side and direction. We are constantly challenged to stay true to our values. If not doing so the physical health for example, can be our personal whistle-blower, for others stress will strike, conflicts and discontinuations of contracts might occur. However, either made by self or external forces, any kind of pain or discomfort might actually be a blessing in disguise highlighting what doesn’t work for you and it is time to take drastic measures changing what you do, how you do it and with whom you choose to do it with. We need to realize that we as individuals are able to create, co-create and co-exist – we are able to drive positive change. We need not even make an extra effort but to listen, to choose and to act.

We have all the resources at hand. All we need is to tap into an infinite source of energy. You as an individual are a channel of the infinite resources that it takes to make a difference – blessed be organizations having whole pools of people if guided and trained will capitalize abundantly of the infinite resources. To tap into this energy we will need to prioritize to practice these skills that creates a competitive edge, that supports us in finding wise and possible solutions, that creates a deep sense of purpose, passion and happiness and a sense of pride, belonging and strong motivation for your employees.

We can no longer deny the fact that our clients and employees are changing their preferences and demands and we as leaders has a great responsibility not only for the green figures of the bottom-line but to inspire, to navigate a purposeful and meaningful direction. We will all experiences a stronger pull from within to make a difference and to be remembered for doing good – don’t get me wrong – financial success is also an important factor, with large numbers on a bottom-we can serve a bigger purpose. Yet it is the purpose that is important creating bottom line is simply an urgency to create a higher degree of safety and contribution. The how and why is what makes us happy.


Serve to grow (growth is a totally different discussion):

It is now! “Are you working for the right company?” was today’s question at a post on twitter by the World Economic Forum. Governments and large-scale corporations might not listen to facts and experts but when clients and employees are becoming aware and choosing from a more transparent and clearer picture they are choosing side of their values and ideal. It is time to listen, time to detach from our pre-conceived ideas about the how, the now and the future. It is time to connect to a field of unlimited information, guidance and energy to get the right things done.

We have to be courageous once we start to listen. Sometimes the guidance does not fit according to society, traditional business ideas, nor with what your colleagues and friends expect you to do or say to fit into the group-energy you have built over the years.


So why am I writing this in my 2015 predictions? Because this is what I see – that aligned and purposeful energy is rewarded. That all the meaningful seeds planted the past 7 years will sprout and come to its fruition. Below you have 7 easy action steps to wiser choices that makes happiness apparent, bottom line stronger and prepares you to make new choices that benefit the good of all.


  1. Prioritize quiet time, time for reflection, meditation – for yourself and your teams minimum 10 minutes every day
  2. Set your priorities – happiness, purpose and pride are key to great passion and motivation (Your choices are crucial whether personal or corporate – be aware that of the ripple affecting the people you love no matter what you do or where you are in the world)
  3. Align your priorities with your actions
  4. Be courageous and make choices that matters – we cannot always agree but we can make a difference
  5. Make ‘care’ an emphasis in all discussions and negotiations – acknowledge that people are as tired as you are
  6. Sleep, eat, and exercise in healthy measures. To little or too much of anything creates an imbalance.
  7. Breathe – it surpasses any measure of personal balance and sharpness of decisions days of struggling, thinking, and trying to control any outcome. Once you breathe deeply, you will be able to listen to your intuition that guides you to live and make wise choices


If you should wish a 2015 assessment of your strategy, leadership or project, or wish to go deeper with any of the topics in the above text and give yourself and/or your team a unique way to start the year, revise your strategy and develop the important skills to leverage your energies, your resilience and the energies of 2015 please write or call me – I would love to work with you, globally and locally.


Ways to enhance your organization, impact, and happiness with me in the new year:



Happy New Year – living as our happiness was depending on it.



Best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

Energistic Insignia Facilitator

– International trusted executive advisor, teacher and intuitive mentor for the elite in various industries, sports and education. Speaker & author of the book: The Treasure: How to Change the World on Energistic Leadership as an agent for visionary change


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We are the ones who can create peace – we are the ones who can change the world for the better. 

Humanity includes all religions, faiths and color. We need to make the tragic shooting in France be an opportunity to stand together and avoid polarization and war that extremists try to create. We are the ones who can create peace, we are the ones who can change the world for the better.

“The Quran says… A muslim is one from whom all is safe. This is not about religion. It is about political power and ignorant uneducated young people being manipulated” … A quote from the article below. Read more about how Muslim outrage about the tragic shooting in France.

Act for life


A good friend of mine said something wise yesterday:”let’s not make freedom of speech and democracy our ‘religion’ and justify killings like extremists around the world.”

I agree. Let’s care about peace as much as we do for freedom of speech and democracy – then we might also take the responsibility it takes to be blessed with freedom of speech and not abuse that right. My experiences on my “Treasure – Change the World Tour”  has moved me lot – we all know that are people dying in thousands every day because of tyranny, dictators, hunger and thirst – many of us are privileged living a more safe and different kind of life. Lets use our freedom of speech and democracy to support the people inn suffering not just to exert a privileged right.

Let’s not waste our privilege. Provocation and picking on people’s vulnerability in the school yard is called bullying – not praised as a use of freedom of speech. Maybe we should try and understand each other’s values and vulnerabilities and we would maybe start to wish to shelter and care for each other more.

Let’s have the courage to care and create a positive ripple effect of peace.

Have a nice day and be at peace.
Best of energies,

How to change your results and our world for the better – separate your Gutt-feeling and Intuition now!

World Economic Forum was twitting an article today “Why we need a global view on human behavior” about the importance of understanding global human behavior and the different reasons and actions from gutt-feeling and intuition depending on cultural background. And yes, cultural differences and the importance to understand these are important when working in a global world to resolve conflict and to achieve any positive results in negations, in business, and in any given matter of performance and personal leadership is crucial.


However, I argue that we would have a better world if we could all separate our gutt-feeling and intuition – we would also achieve positive results beyond our imagination in any given challenge world-wide and surpass cultural differences be it personal, organizational or in global political matter.


Our entanglement of our Gutt-Feeling and Intuition surpass any cultural differences and challenges in personal and organizational leadership. Hence the importance of separation the two very different things and the reason for why we sometimes despite incredible track records of success and extensive experience in any given field make mistakes and enter conflict that could be avoid because Gutt-feeling is based on past experience and Intuition is based on present and future solutions for the good of mankind – whether we talk about decision-making, negotiation, innovation, leadership or simple reactions in personal relationships.


This groundbreaking information and tools to overcome this challenge, I apply in my advice and executive mentoring in my daily  work with executives and top performers around the world and first found and developed in my research development of Energistic Personal & Organizational Leadership back in 2007 (also mentioned in my book “The Treasure: How to Change the World”).


Now that I have committed 1 year of my life to travel on my “Treasure – Change the World Tour” to remind and empower people ‘high or low’ that we have the capacity and responsibility to can change the world for the better, I see proof to this everywhere I go talking to everyone from the man in the street, to world famous actors, executives, politicians or the lady in the cash register in the local bank. Everyone is burden by this entanglement and therefore also have little energy nor ability to handle the actions it takes to create that positive change, because Gutt-Feeling is preventing people from having any trust in self nor others others to create sustainable positive change.


I argue that both Gutt-feeling and Intuition are essential parts of our natural given gps to avoid same mistakes or crisis to happen and to find new and better ways. It is our gps using our 5 senses we have used through the space of time capturing the energies around us and within us transmitted through our own and other people’s thoughts, choices and actions to make wise short term and longterm decisions securing our survival and creating life. One, our inner warning system that works through our emotions and past experiences hence our Gutt-feeling and the other, through an inner innovation system assessing of best possible outcome and good of all parties involved from a global best case and care for our evolution, hence our intuition.

(If curious the research of quantum physics and time space and space time is relevant to understand that energy does not know time nor distance hence the great importance and global impact even of our everyday thoughts and local actions.)


Briefly, I will below mention a few and not exhaustive list of my distinctions of the two concepts Gutt-feeling and Intuition. Note that it is never wrong to use either or, yet the awareness of the differences and learning when to use what is both urgent and crucial in todays globally inter-related, inter-depent and fast paced environment.



  • Emotions
  • Instinctual focus on survival
  • Triggered by fear
  • Short-term actions
  • Activated when experiencing perceived danger interpreted from past experiences and cultural predispositions
  • Control of external environment
  • Triggered by emotions



  • Senses
  • Creation of life
  • Developing trust to self and surroundings
  • Long-term solutions
  • Focus on the present and the future
  • Positive impact on external environment through our inner choice (based on the good of both own interests and the external environment)
  • Openness and ability to think outside the box
  • Our 6th sense yet felt through our 5 physical senses to impact the outer environment



As the above bullet points indicate both Gutt-Feeling and Intuition are important tools to manage our own lives and that of our society and organizations. The awareness of the difference and the ability to use both is crucial. Because the constant unaware and entangled use of both confuses and drains even the best of us and creates internal and outer conflicts in crucial decision-making and leave us feeling drained and in some cases exhausted to the extent of inability to make any wise short term let alone no wise longterm decisions.


I am often used as confidential mediator and observer in important meetings, negotiations and processes to distinguish between the two because the more emotional engaged we are and the crucial importance of the outcome the harder the distinction between the two it is. It is a natural reaction from the side of nature to fight to survive as much as to create life giving solutions. In our world we have the resources to surpass survival for the entire human race if we dared to let go of fear and egocentric decision-making and dared to trust that we would be able to create abundant and worldly innovative ideas, creating results above imagination whilst making the world a better place – separating our intuition and gutt-feeling for a better and more happy life for ourselves and for a positive outcome and impact in the world in which we co exist and we co-create no matter if we choose survival or life-creation.


The choice is ours, the capacity is within and our individual impact is greater that anything we ever dared dreamed of.


Have a nice day.


Best of Energies

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen


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First impressions in Bali – yet there is so much more to be said…

Arriving to Bali has been a most positive and surprising experience – my first time here. Its invigorating visiting a place I have never seen before and so welcoming and high energy. From early years I have traveled the world with my parents, studies, global positions in conglomerates and just in general always been curious about new grounds. Here I am meditating, observing, visiting incredible places I will share with you during the next posts, researching, meeting locals and global travelers and passionate people. Next week, I am hosting a mini “Treasure – Change the World Tour Convention” here at Bali gathering like-minded – I am experiencing so many wonderful things here.


Bali has something magical about it and when I speak to locals they are all asking me:”You do know this island is magical don’t you?”. Yes, is my answer. They ask me is I know magic and I offer them an intuitively guided message or advice – and their exuberance and receptivity is obvious and heart warming. For them negative thoughts, jalousie, and wishes for others that something go wrong is negative black magic – and if extended my a holly man devastating. And white magic is healing and supporting energies. Knowing about energy and the way our thoughts generate energy that travels and impact whether we are conscious enough it is a beautiful experience to meet people who are so aware without necessarily knowing quantum physics.



Christel Rosenkilde Christensen in Bali


Upon arrival I have met the most helpful people – genuine people that turned up out of the blue like angels laying out a path in front of me in my challenges of lost luggage, key to the house that had disappeared and my exhaustion from the threat of the past month to loose both my mum and my grandmother (who are both well now). The kindness and wish to connect is one thing, but the island itself seems to give you what you need rather than what you want.


Due to my lost luggage several days and had to cope with next to nothing and buy some new dresses that actually matched the warm and humid weather better than anything in my suitcase, I ended up in a small guest house with the most friendly Balinese family in a little alley where a kind Balinese man and his employers helped me to as he saw my distress in the street in front of the house a dear friend from Norway had lend me. He drove me on the back of his scooter with my hand luggage winter jacket and boots and me with a nervous smile on my face thinking – what am I getting myself into. I did see a Hyatt sign further down the road – but the kindness and actions of this man made me take him up of his offer. The next day I saw the Hyatt was closed for renovation – so thankfully I didn’t go in the 35 degrees to look for it tired and exhausted the day before but instead choice in the moment to follow kindness and support getting a room in the local guest house for 15€ a night – which was a great experience in itself.


When returning a week later to offer my thanks and bring some Danish cookies I brought for the occasion – the man was not there but I spoke to his employer and her daughter who promised to pass on my thanks and my small appreciation – the family who opened their doors for me as Made (if I spell his name right) – the Balinese ‘angel’ arranged for my accommodation. This family most certainly made a difference for me. I can’t wait to get to know them more. The daughter of the family turned out to be a young world renown artist Natisa Jones who believes – as I do – that life is a process not a final goal – if we focus in getting there we will never be happy – focus on what makes you happy and you will be. “Are we there yet?”

 Natisa Jones and Christel Bali Natisa Jones' art Bali

In our conversation, we all agreed that to meet the human in people as a first is the most important thing in our world – often forgotten in our transactions. If we purely transact we might be successful in the transaction itself but what when we are out of energy and resources we collapse. Loved that exact observation from Natisa’s mother. That’s when relationships would have helped instead of major collapses. Good relationships are true treasures – making a difference in this world every day. When I named my company 7 years ago, “Treasure” – it was to remind my audience to treasure each and every relation, interaction and product and regard our surrounding may it be our society or our planet: to respect and to value our lives, who and what in it. That’s how I believe and constantly experience with my clients, we will move far beyond creating exceptional results and start taking proper responsibility once we connect and contribute rather than separating ourselves only creating for own benefit.


During my stay at this beautiful island – I have met so many people that over and over surprise me and teach me. As a local manager at a hotel driving me to the city, embarrassed that he had to drive me since the driver was missing and complaining that he had a hard boss. I replied – being the owner of my own business I know everything about doing everything myself needed to complete a task for a client – and more over having a hard boss. I told him that my boss was the toughest I ever had because not for a minute would my boss leave me to relax and not think of how I could contribute more, make new strategies, write a new post or do something to change the world for the better… the hotel manager was laughing back at me and with the kindest attitude and understanding he said:


”Oh yes Crystal, fighting yourself is a fight you will never win”…


…that was very much true and I decided to stop arguing with my self, be a more loving boss to myself, be more supportive and accept that I have needs as all other human beings and give myself more time to relax and have fun. Bali has everything that you need to relax – so it is a refreshing place to be, learn and teach.


Toni and Christel Bali

I must say having my dear friend Toni Reilly to join me here for 10 days, creating our own personal retreat, meditating, doing energy work, working on future visions and strategies, sharing our work, exchanging life altering sessions and advice – we also make time to laugh, enjoy the sunset and lie in the sun and relax – so maybe we only work 8 hours of the day… but as much as possible our office is the beach, it is the poolside, it is the balcony of our hotel, it can be anywhere we find internet, or peace and quiet for our sessions and confidential sharing… are you allowing yourself alternative work routines, even shifting into a nice meeting area to do some of your introvert tasks? It doesn’t have to be a beach – make it with what you have and see how your work day changes.


For me on my “Treasure – Change the World Tour” it is all about making a difference – living a happier life whilst creating a positive impact in the world we life in. So I guess the question is – how can you as an individual, you as an executive group and  you as an organization make such a difference – for yourself, your employees and the world you live in?


I will return with more stories from Bali…

Magical energies from Bali,


Remember to listen! You might end up exactly where you wish to be – for both personal and professional reasons

I would like to share with you a personal example of my gratefulness to be able to be traveling the world knowing with gratitude that I will make wise decisions guided by my intuition to be where it matters.


Every day on my “Treasure – Change the World Tour” I am reminded of the strength, the importance and great impact using our intuition – a guide to creation and support of life in all areas of our daily practices. I am allowing myself on this tour to be 100% guided by my intuition doing only what feels right and following every hunch even when it comes down to turning left or right, what country to visit, what to do the very day, the very second – and it is magical – the people I meet, opportunities that present themselves and experiences I have along the way is truly a treasure…


I continue to be grateful and amazed… buying my first plane tickets for my tour I didnt know why I should be home the 8th of October but I felt right to take a 3 weeks’ stop in my home country Denmark after the first 2 months. I didn’t know why but I sensed that was the right thing to do. I have now been in Denmark 4 weeks and once again I see the magic of intuition. On arrival, my mother told me that once again cancer cells was found in her body, that she was having a surgery already the following week. First fear overwhelmed me, fear for loosing my mum, a dear friend and important teacher of unconditional love. Then an immense sense of gratitude took over to be able to be there, to be with my family and be able to support my mother. How privileged was I that my intuition guided me to be exactly where I was supposed to be and would wish to be even before knowing why.


Luckily, we were told after her operation that the cancer cells were caught in early stages and her operation will most likely be enough and as the doctors said she would be back on her feet after more or less 3 weeks. The 3 weeks I was first guided to be in Denmark – i still waited to book my next flight another 10 days felt right.


Being in Copenhagen for meetings two days last week I had several invitations to great events and dinners with my dear close friends, yet I had an inner feeling that I should go home – again without knowing why. Driving back my mother calls – I could hear something is wrong. “Im not doing well honey – I am admitted to hospital again”… a couple of hours later I was with my dad going to see my mother who was struggling with side effects from her surgery. Luckily, we could take her home same night – if she would rest for 1-2 weeks – where I luckily would be able to be with her. She is now getting better and I have started to plan my next part of my journey now that the winter starts here in Denmark.


My "Change the World Crystal Ball" - wonder where to go next?

My “Change the World Crystal Ball” – wonder where to go next?


Having been aware of energies around me since a little girl, meditating since I was 12, and having been sharpening and working my intuitive skills since always and now using these in my professional life – there were no surprises in this beautiful experience of intuition guiding me home and this very time. Yet I never cease to be amazed, each time in awe, grateful, feeling a deep-rooted sense of peace in my heart knowing that when following my intuition, acting towards my goals and visions in my everyday I am making a difference in my personal life and in my work. That is also why traveling the world right now feels right. I sense it in every cell in my body and I follow every hunch I get on the way to make the contribution I was set here to do – which for the moment is traveling the world to remind people that we CAN make a positive change and it is always a choice to listen to our inner voices and to do the right thing.


It is also a great sense of security for me to time and time again see proof that listening to our intuition always brings us higher, into a better place, into a state of higher consciousness and a state of wellbeing and more energy to make a difference for ourselves and the world around us. That is why I love what I do in my everyday life sharing this and supporting individuals, organizations and performers to create meaningful success, results beyond imagination whilst creating a positive impact in the world. Using our intuition will always only bring us happiness, bring out the best in us and creating healthy and sustainable solutions for everyone around us and in our stakeholder chain.


That is what it is all about – our happiness, the difference we can make and the impact we can have in this lifetime.


I am happy – being here in Denmark for a time being supporting my mother and spending time in her wonderful company. My mother is strong, has made courageous choices and does what it takes to heal and live. She is a great source of inspiration reminding me about the important things here in life.


Have a great day and remember to listen – you might end up being exactly where you wish to be – be it for personal or professional reasons.

Best of energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen

You are welcome to write me if you want more information on how to master your energies to change your life, your company and the world – and how to separate gut-feeling and intuition for amongst other a sharper  decision-making , innovation, and personal happiness. Email: info@treasureconsulting.com or you can also buy my book The Treasure: How to Change the World on Energistic Leadership

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